Friday, January 30, 2015

Entertainment Calendar: Jan. 30, 2015

ART EXHIBITS Arts Benicia: Art of Community, through March 8; open noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday during exhibitions, 991 Taylor St., Suite 114, Benicia. Free. 747-0130, Benicia Plein Air Gallery: Diane Ringwood is February’s featured artist; reception 2 to 4 p.m. Feb. 14; open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, 307 First […]

BeeHype best-of blog shows mankind’s musical multitude

The human mind is an incredible machine. I’m endlessly impressed by the amount of knowledge we can store and retrieve. I can’t remember telling a friend the same joke two days earlier, but I can rattle off from memory every Radiohead album and its track titles – in order. Recently, I was struck by the way in […]

Week in preview Jan. 30 through Feb. 5, 2015

Fairfield 7:30 p.m. Friday Dad’s LPs Gordon’s Music and Sound, 810 Texas St. 422-0313. 6:30 p.m. Saturday Bob Muzzy Sticky Rice Bistro, 5030 Business Center Drive. 863-7500. 6 p.m. Thursday Tom Duarte Mankas Steakhouse, 2522 Mankas Corner Road. 425-3207. Benicia 8 p.m. Friday Steve Meckfessel First Street Cafe, 440 First St. 745-1400. 9 p.m. Friday […]

Personal computer revolution began 40 years ago this month

The January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics featured a cover shot of the Altair 8800, generally considered to be the world’s first personal computer, with the words “Project Breakthrough!” emblazoned on it. The microcomputer was built by former Air Force officer Ed Roberts and featured a rectangular body with switches and lights on its front panel. Before the […]

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Teens earn right to perform with symphony

FAIRFIELD — A 20-plus year tradition continues Feb. 7-8 as the first-place winners of Solano Symphony’s Young Artist Competition join the symphony in concert. Violinist Amy Rich and pianist Timothy Liu are on the program for the first time. Vocalist Aerial Wernecke returns for the third time. Liu is a senior at Armjo High School […]

Root of US political paralysis: Intolerance

For the next two years, the chances are good that the U.S. government will be almost completely paralyzed. After the midterm elections, power is more perfectly divided between a president and Congress that detest each other. Each sees its main job as blocking the other’s ambitions. The Republican majorities on Capitol Hill will pass bills […]

Woman’s story sheds light on Islamic State captivity

With the recent battlefield success of the Kurdish forces against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, some of the people held captive by this Jihadist army are now being released. This includes dozens, if not hundreds, of women who were pressed into a brutal kind of sexual slavery. This week I visited an encampment […]

Left’s missteps show themselves – given time

This bit of news is chilling. ” ‘We will cut off your head in the White House': ISIS threatens to behead Obama and turn the U.S. into a ‘Muslim province’ in new execution video.” Hearing that boastful warning, why did we hear a senior administration official refer to the Afghan Taliban as an “armed insurgency” […]

From classical to Queen: Chamber Players are ready

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE — The Kroc is going to rock Saturday. The United States Air Force Band of the Golden West Chamber Players will perform a free concert, which will include Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsoday,” with a twist. Rather than vocals, concertgoers will hear a quartet of trombones. Senior Master Sgt. Rick Thorp, a trombone […]

Today in History: Jan. 30, 2015

Today is Friday, Jan. 30, the 30th day of 2015. There are 335 days left in the year. Today’s Highlights: On Jan. 30, 1945, during World War II, more than 500 Allied captives held at the Japanese prison camp in Cabanatuan in the Philippines were liberated by U.S. Army Rangers, Alamo Scouts and Filipino guerrilla […]

State to move more than 2,000 inmates

SACRAMENTO — California officials will have to move more than 2,000 inmates from two Central Valley prisons because they could be susceptible to contracting a potentially deadly illness. Test results released Thursday showed that another 3,000 inmates have already been exposed to the soil-borne fungus that causes valley fever and could be moved to the […]

Senate passes Keystone XL bill, battles loom

WASHINGTON  — The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday approved a bipartisan bill to construct the Keystone XL oil pipeline, defying a presidential veto threat and setting up the first of many battles with the White House over energy and the environment. The 62-36 vote advanced a top priority of the newly empowered GOP, and marked the first time […]

McDonald’s under siege as new CEO steps in

NEW YORK — McDonald’s new boss must feel like a freshly crowned king under siege. The world’s biggest hamburger chain is facing an onslaught of competition, from better-burger chains like Five Guys to brands like Chipotle that tout the superior quality of their ingredients. Supermarkets and convenience stores are selling more on-the-go food, too. Last year, visits to convenience […]

Boy Scouts reaches settlement in sex abuse case

LOS ANGELES — The Boy Scouts of America settled a sex abuse case Thursday involving a 20-year-old California man who was molested by a Scout volunteer in 2007 — a decision that will keep years’ worth of “perversion” files detailing sex abuse allegations secret from the public. The announcement of the settlement in the Santa […]

Obama seeks spending spike for defense, domestic

WASHINGTON  — Declaring an end to “mindless austerity,” President Barack Obama called for a surge in government spending Thursday, and asked Congress to throw out the sweeping budget cuts both parties agreed to four years ago when deficits were spiraling out of control. Obama’s proposed $74 billion in added spending – about 7 percent – would be split about evenly between defense […]

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My cousin’s 14-year-old son sleeps in the same bed as his grandma

Dear Annie: Over the holidays, I stayed at my cousin’s home. My cousin has two children, a daughter and a son. The son is 14 years old. I noticed that the boy’s grandmother slept with him in the same bed. I think she has a weird obsession with the boy. She is constantly touching him […]

Doctors starting to shy away from non-vaccine advocates

LOS ANGELES  — With California gripped by a measles outbreak, Dr. Charles Goodman posted a clear notice in his waiting room and on Facebook: His practice will no longer see children whose parents won’t get them vaccinated. “Parents who choose not to give measles shots, they’re not just putting their kids at risk, but they’re […]

Protestors shun sister-city relationship

RIVERSIDE — Hundreds of people gathered in Riverside on Thursday to protest its new sister-city relationship with a city in Vietnam, arguing that nation’s communist government abuses human rights. Several hundred people, many bused in from the Vietnamese-American community in neighboring Orange County known as Little Saigon, gathered outside City Hall, chanting “freedom” and waving […]

Who wants a bite of Hershey…jerky?

NEW YORK — Hershey has a sudden hankering for protein, with plans to add jerky to its lineup. The maker of sugar-high inducing treats like Reese’s, Kit Kat and Twizzlers says it’s buying Krave Jerky for an undisclosed sum. Krave, based in Sonoma, California, positions itself as a premium jerky with no artificial ingredients and comes in flavors like black cherry barbecue, basil […]

Horoscopes: Jan. 30, 2015

Venus has been in Pisces for three days and is already shaking up the romantic scene, issuing demands and causing doubt. Weather this square of Venus and Saturn by calmly refusing to identify with another person’s expectation of who you’re supposed to be. Mercury and the sun align to highlight the importance of clear communication. […]

City event criticized for Mexican mafia connection

LOS ANGELES  — An ex-Mexican Mafia leader serving life in prison for murder was escorted by police to speak at a gathering of police chiefs and business leaders. The move on Wednesday prompted criticism and a call for a probe from the head of the civilian oversight commission for the Los Angeles Police Department, which […]