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Food Day 2015 a time to add some green to your diet

Food Day is a movement that inspires Americans to change their diets and our current food policies. Communities from all over the nation come together every year on Oct. 24 to celebrate and enjoy real food while mobilizing to improve food policy and spread awareness about the importance of food education. Food Day is a […]

Horoscope: Aug. 30, 2015

The opposition of the sun and Neptune brings with it an interesting tension between who we are and who we want to be. Also, our dreams will seem to call to us from across the sky, begging us to join them. Ambitions rise and practicalities will get quickly worked out. It’s amazing what can come […]

I feel my son and his girlfriend are taking advantage of me

Dear Annie: My son, who is 18, finally has a girlfriend. Even though she is a year older, they are only children. Both are attending college, working toward their associate’s degrees. My son has a part-time construction job, and because it’s seasonal, he sometimes has to work weekends. His girlfriend doesn’t have a job but […]

Health happiness a task worthy of pursuit

We have believed throughout history that successful people are happier. It just so happens that the opposite is true: Happier people are not only more successful but more healthy. We often think the people who are happier at work, the ones who are smiling or joking more than others, are the ones who don’t have […]

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My now-married ex-fiance wants to stay in contact with me

Dear Annie: Years ago, I was engaged to a man who I thought was the love of my life. But at college, he ghosted me – leaving without an explanation. This was horribly wounding and I never recovered. I am still single, though I haven’t stopped looking for that special someone. My ex-fiance eventually married a […]

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Horoscope: Aug. 23, 2015

The sun stretches its rays into Virgo, the sign of growing up. The Virgo sun is like a gas card handed from doting parents to children in college. It’s assistance. It’s fuel. It will help out. It can’t be used for much other than the intended purpose, and that’s the beauty of it. The Virgo […]

Right at Home: new decor with a lighter, airier look

KIM COOK Associated Press There’s been a subtle shift in contemporary decor; it started to emerge at this year’s furniture and design shows, and continues to gain ground in retailers’ fall and winter collections. It’s a shift of light, in color and design. Hues are soft yet grown-up – snow, fog, lavender, blush. And after […]

Clothe your soil: Cover crops help enrich it

Cover crops are plants that gardeners and farmers have, since the beginnings of agriculture, grown not to eat but for the good of the soil. Blanketing the ground to hold soil particles in place, a cover crop prevents the erosive effects of wind and water. It helps nourish plants by pulling up nutrients from deep […]

Little green garden dinosaur boasts fascinating history

I thought I saw fangs last weekend while deadheading the dahlias. I didn’t. But it took some time to regain my composure. After all, I wasn’t expecting a green stem to lunge at me. This insect certainly caught me by surprise. During prior encounters with mantises I noticed their movements were usually slow and methodical, […]

Smart snacking strategies for Solano students’ school success

They say “you are what you eat.” It seems that lately “how often” we eat has made a big impact on our health. Americans in recent years have added the equivalent of a fourth meal to the day. We’re snacking more than ever, with nearly one-quarter of adults’ and children’s daily calories coming from snacks. […]

Horoscope: Aug. 16, 2015

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Once you know what you’re supposed to do, you’ll do it straight away. Getting to that point could take a while, though. The research and development will last at least five hours. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You extend the benefit of the doubt to people if there really is a doubt. […]

Readers invited to write patriotic column for next year

Dear Annie: I appreciate the patriotic intent of your July 4 column, but what would my daughter and seven nieces make of the mention of 27 men but just two women? The author overlooked Sacagawea, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the myriad other female contributors to our nation’s progress. Maybe next year you could […]

Steps to help your home appraise higher

How much is your home worth? Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. Whether you are getting ready to sell, looking to refinance or just getting some peace of mind, you want to get the highest appraisal possible. When refinancing or applying for a home equity line, a low appraisal can reduce the […]

Plastics: Health hazard or helper?

You may have heard throughout the years that the chemicals in plastics are leaching into our food and water. A new study released last month brings up the worry that items we use on a daily basis might be harming our health and the health of our families. There are many conflicting studies and opinions […]

Share your passion, learn something new

I’m a native and lifelong resident of Suisun Valley. Lanie is a Michigan native who resides in Vacaville. Paul is a native of the Midwest. Our group hails from all parts of the country but all reside in Solano County. We are working or retired educators, physicians, chefs, students and individuals from all careers. We […]

Horoscope: Aug. 9, 2015

Hear that warning sound? It’s much like the alarm of a garbage truck backing up. It means someone is about to dump problems on you that do not belong to you in the least. The Gemini moon provides the fuel for a quick response. Try this one: “I have the greatest confidence in your ability.” […]

How can I get my husband to keep his seatbelt on?

Dear Annie: My husband likes to unclick his seatbelt as soon as we get out of traffic. Then the seatbelt-violation warning starts pinging, and goes on and on while we drive up our driveway or into a parking lot. I do most of the driving. I told him once that if he wants to ride […]

California native grasses might do the trick in your garden

I’ve been thinking about researching and writing about California native plants for some time. But I needed an inspiration, actually I needed a push. I got that push from a local resident who called the Master Gardener telephone hotline. She had questions about a plant I mentioned in my previous column. She’s also interested in […]

Turn summer slide into ladder up

Ah, summer vacation. I remember well how I felt during those seemingly endless days of sleeping in, playing outdoors and reading books in a sunny spot. But now that I am a parent, I worry that summer months represent a time for my children to lose academic ground and as a doctor, I know they […]

Horoscope: Aug. 2, 2015

ARIES (March 21-April 19). The thing that often stops you from moving forward is that you’re not sure which move would be most prudent. Let this liberate you: Today, any move is more prudent than waiting. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You have a list of rules to live by whether or not you consciously realize […]

Woman needs to tolerate children for husband’s sake

Dear Annie: My sister, “Helen,” and her first husband never had children. He died eight years ago. Helen has since remarried a wonderful man, a widower with two sons, a daughter and several grandchildren. He wants my sister to be a real grandmother to them. Helen is an extremely buttoned-up person. The daughter recently phoned […]

Head lice in children no longer stigma it once was

Being a parent has many rewards, of course, but it also can be stressful and difficult. A challenge that falls into the second category is when your child comes home from school with a letter which says, “Your child has been exposed to lice. . . .” School will be starting soon, and this means […]

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Is it wrong to want a verbal commitment from cheating husband?

Dear Annie: Last year, my husband told me that he was having an affair. I was shocked. All I knew was that he had been drinking excessively and I was concerned. He told me that the Other Woman “gets him” and that he is in love with her. She makes him feel young again. He […]

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Horoscope: July 26, 2015

The human tendency is to believe the thing that resonates with one’s instincts and disbelieve what doesn’t, truth be damned. It takes an open mind to fight this tendency and erase bias. As Uranus joins four other planets in their retrograde dance, there will be plenty of opportunity to detach, consider, reconsider and move closer […]

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Meet Penelope: A DIY’d trailer bringing craftiness to the streets

Penelope is pint-size, bright and cheerful, and she favors the color pink. She’s also completely portable, with two wheels and aluminum siding. You see, Penelope is a trailer. A pink vintage Shasta Airflyte-style camper, to be exact. “She’s a little bit quirky, but she’s also quite proper,” laughs owner Annabel Wrigley, an Aussie author, DIY […]

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Health risks remain with e-cigarette use

E-cig, vape, technofogger, hookah pen. By now, you’ve probably heard about electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). “It’s healthier.” “It helped me quit smoking.” “It’s water and nicotine, that’s all.” These devices are here to replace smoking, but how are they affecting our health? Electronic cigarettes have been around since inventor Hon Lik from China patented them in […]

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Hollyhocks a good option for garden height, color

After almost 15 years of writing gardening columns with the Master Gardener’s Program, I am sometimes stumped for a topic to write about. I enjoy doing research and I enjoy the writing process itself. Generating the ideas has been the difficult part for me. Recently, with a deadline looming, I decided to go for a walk […]

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I’m worried I may have to raise my stepdaughters children

Dear Annie: I have been married for 20 years. When I met my husband, he already had a grown daughter from his first marriage who was living independently in another state. “Beth” and I have never been particularly close. Seven years ago, Beth married a man who ran off within six months, and she has […]

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Horoscopes: July 19, 2015

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Winning at life calls for constant solutions. You’ll come up with more than a few today. What’s in your intellectual toolbox? That’s nothing compared to what’s in your emotional arsenal. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You are not your stuff. You are much more than your possessions. The feeling that you don’t […]

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