Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mortgage options include positive, negative outcomes

It seems that you cannot listen to the radio for more than a few minutes without hearing the pitch from some mortgage company about how they can give you an unbelievable deal on refinancing your house. Since interest rates are rising slightly but still low and most people have refinanced, the dynamics of the mortgage […]

Wiseman moves ahead with new office building

FAIRFIELD — What has become a rare sight in recent years can be seen along Interstate 80 at Hilborn Road – a new commercial office building is under construction. Fairfield-based The Wiseman Co. is constructing the two-story, 30,000-square-foot building at 2470 Hilborn Road. The building is next to The Wiseman Co.’s existing Westside Professional Center. “The two […]

Of mutual interest: Corporate eye on expansion could benefit funds

Stan Choe NEW YORK — After years of funneling cash to investors, companies may be looking to spend more on themselves. Mutual fund managers are cheering, even if those dollars could have gone directly to them through dividends and stock buybacks. That’s because increased corporate spending on new factories, equipment and computers could help push […]

Great stretch gives Tiger Woods good start

HOYLAKE, England — The warm ovation Tiger Woods heard walking up the 18th fairway at Royal Liverpool sounded familiar, even if the circumstances were not. Eight years ago it was because he was about to win the British Open. Thursday was because he played. Woods returned to the majors for the first time in 11 […]

Vanden 1984 title team holding reunion

FAIRFIELD — Fresh off a 1-5-3 campaign in 1982, his first year as Vanden High football coach – after having replaced Ed Serpas, the only coach in school history to that point and his coach with the Vikings nearly two decades earlier – Ron Beverly had some doubts. But only a few. He knew a […]

After All-Star party, baseball gets back to work

Sure, it was great for a couple days. The cheers for Derek Jeter. The power of Giancarlo Stanton. The excellence of Mike Trout in the American League’s 5-3 victory. Baseball’s All-Star party in the Twin Cities was a long series of smiles for players and fans. But the break is over now, and the real […]

McIlroy and Woods deliver at British Open

HOYLAKE, England — Rory McIlroy had everything go his way Thursday in the British Open. A lovely summer day in England with abundant sunshine and minimal wind allowed him to attack Royal Liverpool. He made half his six birdies on the par 5s and kept bogeys off his card. And on the day Tiger Woods […]

49ers open posh, high-tech stadium in Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA — San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York got a little teary on his drive to Levi’s Stadium on Thursday. His voice cracked while talking about taking his young son to games at the stadium for years to come. Others had a different reaction upon walking into the building: Wow! With confetti streaming down under a […]

An impressive way to grill a whole cauliflower

Last summer, the hip way to handle cauliflower was to treat it like a steak. It was a trick that started in restaurants and quickly trickled down to home cooks looking for fresh ways to make an often overlooked vegetable a little more interesting. Most recipes call for cutting a head of cauliflower into thick […]

A summer primer to grilling backyard barbecue ribs

It was one of those culinary epiphanies. I realized you rarely get great barbecued ribs from a restaurant. They have to come from backyards. My rib-awakening came during the world’s largest barbecue contest, Memphis in May. All it took was that first bite of a grill-smoked rib for me to recognize the real deal. There […]

New Cosby show could debut as soon as next summer

BEVERLY HILLS — Bill Cosby could be returning to the network with a new comedy as soon as next summer. The series, described as a “classic, extended-family sitcom” with Cosby as the patriarch, is currently in the writing stage, NBC executives said at Sunday’s session of the summer TV critics’ tour. It was first announced […]

‘Planet of the Apes’ thumps chest with $73M debut

NEW YORK — The monkey business is a good business to be in at the box office. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” roared to $73 million on its opening weekend, one of the summer’s best debuts, according to studio estimates Sunday. The 20th Century Fox sequel easily surpassed the $54.8 million opening to 2011′s […]

County has $10.2B in assessment appeals

FAIRFIELD — Solano County industries, businesses and residents are contesting $10.2 billion in assessed value, with Genentech alone contesting more than $5.6 billion for its Vacaville plant. This is a cumulative total over 11 years and involves 771 properties. By comparison, the entire assessed value for all Solano County properties in 2014-15 is $44 billion. At […]

Here’s something rich: A whole list

I always get nervous when this issue of Forbes magazine comes in. It’s the annual America’s Richest Families edition. I open to the special section gingerly, because I never know if they’ve spelled my name right or used an old picture that makes me look overweight. Last year, I offered to let the photographer use my […]

On the money: Who pays your doc? Coming soon to a site near you

Matthew Perrone WASHINGTON — When many of us have a medical appointment we’re concerned about our finances: how much will we owe out-of-pocket? What’s our co-pay? But next time, you may also want to ask your doctors about their financial situation. That’s because nearly 95 percent of U.S. physicians accept gifts, meals, payments, travel and […]

When brain says buy, you may not know why

Billions of neurons fire in the brains of stock market traders as they decide whether to buy or sell shares in a matter of seconds. Some of these brain waves produce rational calculations about how best to make a profit, but others may not, suggests new research from the nascent field of neuroeconomics — a […]

Fairfield Pacific 11-12 All-Stars repeat as District 53 champions

FAIRFIELD — The Fairfield Pacific Little League 11- and 12-year-old All-Stars have a catchy team motto – “Who works harder than us? Nobody!” – and proved it on Thursday night. For the third straight game, unbeaten Pacific won in extra innings, this time with a walk-off single from Cameron Martin that gave it an 11-10 win in seven […]

Athletics beat Giants 6-1 to win Bay Bridge Series

SAN FRANCISCO — All-Star Scott Kazmir capped the best first-half of his career with one of his best starts yet. Kazmir struck out nine in seven scoreless innings to help the Oakland Athletics win the annual Bay Bridge series by beating the San Francisco Giants 6-1 on Thursday. “I felt good from pitch one,” Kazmir said. […]

German defender out of position comfortable facing Argentina’s Messi

PORTO SEGURO, Brazil — For a man about to face one of the game’s most prolific scorers, Benedikt Hoewedes is remarkably calm and composed ahead of the World Cup final. Even more so considering he’ll be playing out of his usual position. Hoewedes has been used as left back by Germany coach Joachim Loew during […]

Despite woes, Argentines united in World Cup run

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Soccer has once again emerged as the patriotic touchstone that unites Argentines as they teeter on the precipice, this time threatened by a debt crisis, soaring inflation and the scandal-plagued end to a 12-year political dynasty that has polarized the nation. The country’s World Cup semifinal victory over the Netherlands in […]

Losing the leafy greens for this fresh green salad

With salad season in full swing, it’s inevitable that you soon will be sick of your go-to mix of greens. Doesn’t matter if you favor romaine or Boston, herbed mixes or arugula, or even old-school iceberg. In short order, the idea of yet another bowl of greens will simply seem depressing and uninspiring. So we […]

Phyllo stands in for crust in healthy cherry pie

My all-time favorite dessert is cherry pie. Yes, I rank it higher than any chocolate concoction you can name. I even like the gluey, over-thickened versions served up in diners. But I admit I felt slightly virtuous when I discovered recently that cherries are such a healthy ingredient, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Naturally, […]

Give fruit salad zing with honey and black pepper

Looking for ways to jazz up your basic fruit salad this summer? Consider giving it a hit from the savory side of the food world. It’s not something we often think of, but ingredients we generally consider savory or spicy can provide a delicious contrast when added to a sweet and juicy fruit salad. Where […]

Horoscopes for July 8, 2014

Relationships intensify under this Scorpio moon. Emotional water-sign energy seems to form a swirling waterspout capable of pulling us into relationships too deep and too fast. Some react with abandon; others become private and protective of the status quo. Whatever your style, own it. This is no time to let yourself be unduly influenced. ARIES […]

Randall: Learning to love our country’s birthday party

Birthday celebrations are not always sparkling affairs. The day I turned 6, I raised my hand to announce to my fellow first-graders: “You are all invited to my grandmother’s house today at 4 o’clock to celebrate my birthday. She lives down the road from Smith’s Grocery. You can bring a present if you want, or […]

Bridge July 8

THE NEA BRIDGE by Phillip Alder DO YOU NEED TO WIN FIVE TRICKS OR SIX? Edgar Fiedler, an economist who worked under presidents Nixon and Ford, said, “Ask five economists and you’ll get five different answers — six if one went to Harvard.” In this deal, how would you play the club suit if you […]