Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Google unveils app for managing Gmail inboxes

SAN JOSE — Google is introducing an application designed to make it easier for its Gmail users to find and manage important information that can often get buried in their inboxes. The service, called Inbox, can sort electronic receipts and bank statements into bundles so they can be quickly fetched. This method is similar to […]

Government ups air bag warning to 7.8M vehicles

DETROIT — The U.S. government is now urging owners of nearly 8 million cars and trucks to have the air bags repaired because of potential danger to drivers and passengers. But the effort is being complicated by confusing information and a malfunctioning website. The government’s auto safety agency says that inflator mechanisms in the air […]

Camel maker Reynolds snuffs out workplace smoking

RICHMOND, Va. — Camel cigarette maker Reynolds American Inc. is snuffing out smoking in its offices and buildings. The nation’s second-biggest tobacco company informed employees Wednesday that beginning next year, the use of traditional cigarettes, cigars or pipes will no longer be permitted at employee desks or offices, conference rooms, hallways and elevators. Lighting up […]

BofA to refund Apple Pay customers charged twice

SAN JOSE — Bank of America apologized Wednesday for a double-billing glitch that affected some customers who made purchases with Apple Pay, the new mobile payments service that Apple launched this week. Some customers have reported they were charged twice for the same purchase when they used Bank of America debit cards with Apple Pay. […]

Hummus and chocolate together? Deliciously so!

J.M. Hirsch Admittedly, it sounds like a Halloween trick. Chocolate hummus. It’s either disgusting or just a cruel joke, right? Neither, actually. But when I first saw it sold alongside “real” hummus at the grocer, I decided it had to be one of those. There was no way a traditional hummus base — with all […]

Easy slow cooker chili that lives up to the hype

J.M. Hirsch Slow cookers have legions of fans. I am not among them. It’s partly philosophical, partly practical. Let’s start with the latter. Truth is, I’m just not good at producing food that tastes all that great in a slow cooker. Whatever I make ends up either tasteless mush or wildly overcooked or — on […]

Roasted beets can brighten up any holiday table

Melissa D’Arabian Beets are the perfect addition to bountiful fall feasts. They are satisfying without being heavy, and their rich ruby and golden tones add visual interest to any seasonal color scheme. Plus, beets are incredibly flexible on temperature — serve them warm, room temperature or chilled — which is a huge bonus when planning […]

Randall: Birthday a reminder of lessons that last a lifetime

My daughter has a birthday coming soon. As birthdays go, it’s a pretty big one. At least, it was for me when I was her age a lifetime ago. We will celebrate the day with joy and thanksgiving and a little party and a lot of cake, as if it were the only birthday in […]

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Horoscopes: Oct. 21, 2014

On the astrological frontline, the sun, the moon, Mercury and Venus stand guard in the realm of beauty, partnerships and politics. All this Libran energy is about to change over, so today and tomorrow are really focused on working closely and cooperatively with others to make life more functional, beautiful and peaceable. ARIES (March 21-April […]

Bridge Oct 21

THE NEA BRIDGE by Phillip Alder IS IT OBVIOUS TO DO THE “OBVIOUS”? Alfred North Whitehead, an English mathematician and philosopher who died in 1947, said, “It requires a very unusual mind to make an analysis of the obvious.” If that is true, bridge players need unusual minds because sometimes the obvious is wrong and […]

Market week ends on high note

What a week! The market closed Friday up 263 points. OK, it’s not back to 17000 yet, but a few good days would put it there. So what’s going on? Well, if you find out, let me know. However, we could look at history to get an idea what’s going on. By now, you probably […]

Architecture that inspires present for all to see

The recent remodel of the historic neoclassical 1911 Solano County Courthouse in downtown Fairfield inspired us to take a brief look at how buildings evolve over time, especially commercial buildings that need to meet corporate branding programs, follow design trends and “freshen up” a structure’s design and function. We thought we would also take a […]

On the money: Can you go solar? Leases, loans make it possible

Jonathan Fahey NEW YORK — A new financing offering could make home solar cheaper and more attractive to homeowners, and keep the adoption of home solar growing. The offer, announced by SolarCity this week, is a loan that allows homeowners to install their own solar system on their roof for little or no money down, […]

Flavors fuel food industry, but remain a mystery

NEW YORK — They help give Coke its distinctive bite and Doritos its cheesy kick. But the artificial and natural flavors used to rev up the taste of processed foods remain a mystery to most Americans. “Artificial and natural flavors” have become ubiquitous terms on food labels, helping create vivid tastes that would otherwise be […]

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Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner wins NLCS MVP

SAN FRANCISCO — The big man they call MadBum is a playoff MVP. Madison Bumgarner was chosen Most Valuable Player of the NL Championship Series on Thursday night following his latest display of postseason poise for the San Francisco Giants. The 25-year-old lefty tossed eight solid innings in Game 5 and took home the prize after San […]

Armijo girls tennis team ensures winning record

FAIRFIELD — The Armijo High girls tennis team ensured a winning record for the season after it defeated Rodriguez 5-4 in a Monticello Empire League matchup, Thursday. The Indians (8-5, 7-5 MEL) not only will have a winning record, but they now have the tie-breaker over the Mustangs, if necessary for a playoff berth, winning the […]

Wild World Series: Perfect Royals vs. tested Giants

Lorenzo Cain gearing up to run on Buster Posey. Pablo Sandoval trying to launch long balls, Alex Gordon banging into walls chasing them. Madison Bumgarner and James Shields starting big games, with lights-out bullpens poised to close ‘em. The playoff-perfect Kansas City Royals. The tried-and-tested San Francisco Giants. A pair of wild cards, set to open […]

Three homecomings scheduled on same night

FAIRFIELD — If it’s your goal to catch each homecoming for the four city high school football teams, get the helicopter ready. While Armijo celebrated last week, Fairfield, Rodriguez and Vanden are each having homecoming festivities Friday night. Yet it may be possible to take it two of the king and queen crowning ceremonies. Fairfield, […]

College notebook: Trio of former Bulldogs meet up in Reno

Three former Bulldogs, now Rams and a member of a Wolf Pack, squared off when Colorado State played Nevada in Reno, Saturday. The Rams came away with a 31-24 victory with former Vacaville standouts LaRyan King and Johnny Schupp playing a part for Colorado State (5-1, 1-1 Mountain West). The former had one solo and […]

A chicken satay with bold – and borrowed – flavors

This easy, weeknight-friendly chicken dinner is a bit of a cultural mash-up. Deliciously so. I started by bathing hard-to-overcook chicken thighs in a robust satay-style sauce. The sauce delivers a sweet-tangy-savory-spicy blend of flavors thanks to ample amounts of brown sugar, cider vinegar, fish sauce and garlic chili paste. And tying it all together? Finely […]

Tips for breaking through an artichoke’s armor

Artichokes are the armadillos of the vegetable kingdom. There is a tender and succulent heart at the center of each specimen, but getting past its armor of prickly leaves can be daunting. How tough are those leaves? In my innocent younger years, I once tried to pulverize some artichoke leaves in my kitchen sink disposal […]

Tomato rice soup: A speedy bowl of creamy comfort

When I was a kid, creamy tomato and rice soup was one of my go-to comfort foods. My mom would make it for me, and she would make it from a box. The soup was cloyingly creamy-sweet and the rice was overcooked and mushy. I didn’t much care. It was happiness in a bowl. I’ve […]

Horoscopes: Oct. 14, 2014

Home is more than a place; it’s the people we care about and the ways we connect. With the holidays hurling toward us, this homey Cancer moon will inspire even the most last-minute holiday planner to start wishing, hoping and plotting what might transpire between now and the end of the year. Get a jump […]

Life is messy, even when you mean well

Today – not for the first time and probably not the last– I was reminded of the epitaph I want engraved on my headstone: “Here lies Sharon. God bless her, she meant well.” The morning started quietly. I was sitting on the sofa, deleting junk mail from my laptop and trying hard to wake up. […]

Bridge Oct 14

THE NEA BRIDGE by Phillip Alder THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRICK-ONE COIN Charles Caleb Colton was an eccentric English cleric and author who died in 1832. He said, “Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity than straightforward and simple integrity in another.” This week, we are trying not to […]