Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: Macs, mobile unite with Yosemite system

Anick Jesdanun CUPERTINO — If you’ve upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8, the new software update for Mac computers will seem familiar. The Yosemite update to Apple’s OS X system, available as a free download, adds several features to bring the Mac in line with last month’s iOS 8 update for mobile devices. […]

Recalls this week: Arctic Cat all-terrain vehicles

Certain models of Arctic Cat’s all-terrain vehicles are being recalled because a component failure can cause a loss of control. Here is a more detailed look: ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES DETAILS: Model year 2008 and 2009 Arctic Cat single-rider and 2 UP style ATVs. They were sold at Arctic Cat dealers nationwide from May 2007 to October. […]

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40 years later, ‘Power Broker’ is standard reading

NEW YORK — Carl Weisbrod was two years out of graduate school, planning a career in law, when a new book about municipal builder Robert Moses changed his life: Robert Caro’s “The Power Broker.” “It had a profound effect on me,” says Weisbrod, now the chair of New York City’s planning commission. “It really got […]

Review: Stir Kinetic smart desk makes you stand up

Peter Svensson NEW YORK — You may want to sit down for this. Then get up. Then sit down again. That’s because there’s a desk out there that tells you to do exactly that. The Stir Kinetic is probably the world’s first “smart” desk. It has a built-in touch screen, so you can see this […]

Smart Spending: A spin with Wal-Mart’s savings app

Michael Lee Price-matching at the grocery store has always promised to save some money — and create a lot of work. The Savings Catcher service from Wal-Mart promises to do some of that work for you on your weekly trip for bread, laundry soap and shampoo. And it succeeds, but not without a few hiccups […]

Digital Life: Pay by phone or just keep using plastic?

Anick Jesdanun NEW YORK — PayPal, Apple and others are betting on billions in mobile payments. But so far, trying to use my phone to pay at restaurants and retailers has been frustrating. It’s easier just to pull out my plastic credit card than to figure out which card works with which app and which […]

Olive Garden seen through an unlimited pasta pass

NEW YORK — The “Never Ending Pasta Pass” card from Olive Garden not only promised weeks of unlimited pasta, but a look into why the chain is fighting to hold onto customers. The Italian-themed chain sold the $100 card last month that allowed 1,000 people to dine on endless pasta, breadsticks, soup and salad for […]

Recalls this week: shears, helmets

Nearly 300,000 shears that can break are among this week’s recalled consumer products. Others include potentially faulty helmets and hanging lamps. Here’s a more detailed view: SHEARS DETAILS: Fiskars 32-Inch Bypass Lopper Shears with model number 6954. They were sold at The Home Depot Inc. stores nationwide and online at from May 2011 through […]

Recalls this week: Hooded sweatshirts, sneakers

Separate brands of children’s hooded sweatshirts that pose a strangulation hazard and children’s sneakers with a piece that poses a choking hazard are among this week’s recalled consumer products. Other recalled products include lawn mowers and women’s scarves. Here’s a more detailed look: HOODED SWEATSHIRTS DETAILS: Boys Fission zipper hooded sweatshirts made of 100 percent […]

Messaging app seeks to bring voices back to phones

SAN FRANCISCO — Longtime technology guru Ray Ozzie wants to bring back the emotions of the human voice to phones. His mission began more than two years ago as Ozzie noticed people were increasingly communicating through texts, emails and social media posts instead of calling each other. “When you see nothing but words and numbers, […]

Digital life: Ways to hide, secure data on phones

Anick Jesdanun NEW YORK — Apple got a lot of attention last week when it released a new privacy policy along with a declaration that police can’t get to your password-protected data. Essentially, your photos, messages and other documents are automatically encrypted when you set up a passcode, with or without a fingerprint ID to […]

Constant phone calls allowed on European flights

BERLIN — European skies may soon be alive with the sound of small talk with new safety rules allowing the use of all portable electronics, including cell phones, at any time during flights. Under the guidelines issued Friday by the European Aviation Safety Agency, European airlines can allow passengers to use electronics during the entire […]

US tobacco growers brace for tougher competition

DANVILLE, Va. — Starting next month, America’s remaining tobacco growers will be totally exposed to the laws of supply and demand. The very last buyout checks, totaling about $916.5 million, go out in October to about 425,000 tobacco farmers and landowners. They’re the last holdovers from a price-support and quota system that had guaranteed minimum […]

Marijuana industry battling stoner stereotypes

DENVER — Tired of Cheech & Chong pot jokes and ominous anti-drug campaigns, the marijuana industry and activists are starting an ad blitz in Colorado aimed at promoting moderation and the safe consumption of pot. To get their message across, they are skewering some of the old Drug War-era ads that focused on the fears […]