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Officer charged with murder in teen’s death; video released

CHICAGO — A white Chicago police officer who shot a black teenager 16 times last year was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday, hours before the city released a video of the killing that many people fear could spark unrest. City officials and community leaders have been bracing for the release of the dash-cam video, fearing […]

US traffic deaths rise sharply after small decline in 2014

DETROIT — After declining for most of the past decade, traffic deaths spiked 8 percent in the first half of this year, prompting a call from the nation’s highway safety chief to find ways to reduce the human errors that cause most fatalities. The new estimate released Tuesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration […]

Is Syrian refugee tale a Thanksgiving story?

The Paris terrorist attack, on Friday the 13th, shook the civilized world because we were all reminded of how easily Evil can inflict great harm in a free society. For many of us, the events resonated internally with the fear and sadness we all felt on Sept. 11th, 2001. For others, the attack simply presented […]

Defeating ISIS, returning refugees home, most humane

The conflict in the Middle East continues to create more misery and despair. Many here acknowledge their harm, while some advocate bringing it to our shores to mitigate its impact upon its hapless victims. Millions in Syria have been displaced by conflict that began as a civil war that has escalated into an international crises […]

Wake up, and voice your beliefs

We let thousands of felons out of prison early, provide amnesty cities for those who broke the law getting here, refuse to support police to a point they have to second guess every move they make, then wonder why our streets aren’t as safe as they used to be. If you legally own a weapon to […]

Republican ‘prime directive:’ Preserve the wealthiest

Those who read the online comments in the Daily Republic have seen me refer to the “Republican prime directive” from time to time. It’s a construction of my own making, but it explains today’s Republican Party so well. I’ve found it a useful theory. It also explains one reason I switched from being a Republican […]

Sound off for Nov. 22

The Daily Republic asked readers if they would support an extension of the Measure P sales tax in Fairfield? Here are some comments: I just don’t like how the city moved money around to make it look like the public safety budget was underfunded and then yell the sky is falling to get us to […]

Is California’s economy booming? Not really

Kevin de León, the state Senate’s president pro tem, has been making his way slowly to a global conference on climate change in Paris next month. One of his stops, last week, was London, where he spoke to a group of British legislators and business leaders, touting the economic benefits of California’s efforts to curb […]

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Fairfield could be a city of dreams

Fairfield is currently considering plans for redeveloping downtown. In my opinion, downtown streets and sidewalks should be torn out and redesigned – preferably to a more conducive parking arrangement that accommodates every individual business along that stretch. Downtown has to have a safe, well-lit and comfortable feel to it with businesses that cater not only […]

Questions for the Trump

Crony capitalism is a term used to describe how business people connive with government officials to enrich both at taxpayers expense. The Republican presidential front-runner candidate and businessman Donald Trump brags about his ability to successfully negotiate deals with government officials, even foreign government officials. He also supports eminent domain, which frequently favors business expansion […]

Six reasons Ted Cruz is in trouble

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, despite good reviews in the debate and yet another immigration issue set up for him to exploit, has a rockier path ahead of the him than he did before the Paris attacks. Like a number of other candidates, he has a path to the nomination, but it is narrower than many […]

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Mandatory parental leave can pare gender gap

The World Economic Forum (best known for organizing the annual Davos shindig) just published its annual Gender Gap report. It makes for thoroughly depressing reading. On current trends, it will take 118 years before women’s salaries equal those of men; women currently earn what men took home a decade ago. So here’s a modest proposal […]

Thank you for your kindness, Kaiser

My wife and I returned from a three-week getaway in our motor home and began inspecting and processing a mountain of mail, which was mostly junk. One piece, however, received our attention and gratitude. It was a card from Kaiser Permanente, our health provider for a few decades, and signed by registered nurses Jane and […]

Fix Capitola Way

I read the article in the Daily Republic that the County Supervisors want to raise sales tax half a percent to repair streets within the county. If this occurs, I pray it will be better managed than Measure P funds which were supposed to be used for street repairs. Most of the funding was spent on […]

Wreath Project honors fallen

In October, 2006, a new national cemetery opened in Dixon, and about 300 wreaths were placed on gravesites there in December, in honor of the fallen resting at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery. This year marks the 10th year of honoring those fallen, and there are an estimated 16,700 wreaths needed now to commemorate each gravesite. […]

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