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Librarian asked me to turn off a piece of medical equipment

Dear Annie: Shortly after I had knee surgery, I went to the library wearing my (prescribed) compression wrap to prevent blood clots. This compression wrap makes an intermittent humming sound. A few minutes after entering, the librarian walked over and asked what the humming noise was. I showed her the compression wrap and said that […]

Horoscope: Feb. 8, 2016

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Should you ride the trend or should you lead it? Right now, your conviction level is still at about a six (out of 10). Wait until your conviction is so strong you can’t help but rush forward. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You’re in the mood to take a risk, throw your […]

Clinton’s New Hampshire challenge: Winning trust

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — The private email server. The Wall Street ties. The evolving policy positions. The speaking fees. The concerns vary, but Hillary Clinton seems to be having trouble earning the public’s trust. Ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, the Democratic presidential candidate is trying to convince voters that she is authentic. Rival Bernie Sanders […]

Chicago officer sues estate of teen he shot, claiming trauma

CHICAGO — A white Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black 19-year-old college student and accidentally killed a neighbor has filed a lawsuit against the teenager’s estate, arguing the shooting left him traumatized. The highly unusual suit was filed Friday in the middle of the city’s effort to grapple with serious questions about the […]

Adele might not like it, but Donald Trump can use her music

NEW YORK — While waiting for Donald Trump to take the stage this week at a campaign rally in Exeter, New Hampshire, fans listened to a few hit songs by Adele, “Skyfall” and “Rolling in the Deep.” That has apparently hit all the wrong notes with the British superstar: She has said she’d like Trump […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets some roast with his Hasty Pudding

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Joseph Gordon-Levitt is getting a little roast along with his pudding. In keeping with tradition, “The Walk” actor is set to be feted — and roasted — as Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals Man of the Year on Friday evening. The collegiate theatrical organization says it selected the 34-year-old Gordon-Levitt as its […]

Samantha Bee’s ‘Full Frontal’ on TBS ready to cause a buzz

LOS ANGELES — After a day of dutifully answering reporters’ questions about her new TBS show, “Full Frontal,” Samantha Bee confesses to an urgent desire. “I want a ponytail so badly. I want my hair out of my face. I want my jeans on and flat shoes,” says Bee, glammed up at the moment in […]

Airline CEO: Explosive residue found in Somalia incident

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The head of the airline whose jetliner was damaged in an explosion shortly after takeoff from Somalia said Thursday that investigators have found what appears to be residue from explosives, though he cautioned that the findings were inconclusive. Still, the preliminary discovery lends weight to the possibility that a bomb […]

US struggling to build anti-Islamic State strategy in Libya

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is struggling to find the right mix of military and diplomatic moves to stop the Islamic State in Libya, where the extremist group has taken advantage of the political chaos in the country to gain a foothold with worrying implications for the U.S. and Europe — particularly Italy, just 300 […]

Europe’s new ‘privacy shield’ looks leaky

The European Union and the United States reached a new deal Tuesday on privacy protections for Europeans’ data that gets sent to U.S. servers. The agreement, to be called Privacy Shield, replaces an agreement repudiated by the European Court of Justice in October. That’s good news for major corporations like Facebook and Google that want continued […]

Perils of political hindsight in Iowa

On to New Hampshire. But first, before it fades, here’s what’s in the rear-view mirror in Iowa. 1. For the Democrats, there are two ways of interpreting what was basically a tie. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won on spin because the “Sanders surges, Clinton in trouble” story is irresistible for the media. But former Secretary […]

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Fairfield council action benefits drug dealers most

While the California Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative awaits a ballot title and summary for inclusion on the November ballot this year, the Fairfield City Council slammed the door on cultivation, dispensaries and delivery of marijuana in a 3-0 vote this week. Reefer Madness is alive and well in 2016 in some folks. What […]

Recaptured jail fugitive’s torture trial delayed

SANTA ANA — An inmate who led authorities on an eight-day manhunt after escaping from an Orange County jail got his trial on kidnapping and torture charges delayed Tuesday as his lawyer raised concerns about his ability to find an unbiased jury to hear the case. Hossein Nayeri, 37, appeared inside a caged area of […]

Water officials: California misses water conservation target

FRESNO — Residents of drought-stricken California used 18 percent less water in December and for a third straight month fell short of the 25 percent conservation mandate set by Gov. Jerry Brown, state officials said Tuesday. However, the State Water Resources Control Board reported at a meeting in Sacramento that California will likely beat its […]

California officer stabbed multiple times in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — An attacker stabbed a California Highway Patrol officer multiple times Tuesday in San Francisco and was caught at a bank just over a mile from the city’s Super Bowl festivities. CHP Chief Ernie Sanchez and an agency spokesman say the officer was stabbed in the neck and arm but was expected to […]

Question of the week: Would you support a state ballot initiative to free certain felons earlier?

Gov. Jerry Brown’s latest attempt to reduce the state prison population is a ballot initiative unveiled Wednesday that aims to free certain felons earlier and have fewer juveniles tried as adults. Do you support Brown’s proposal? Take part in our poll. Last week’s question of the week: Does allowing crude-by-rail shipments to Benicia through Fairfield […]

Good idea to put certain things in writing for house sitters

Dear Annie: I was going out of town on business for a week, and a couple I know jumped at the chance to house sit. I offered to let them stay at my place in exchange for taking care of my cat. I asked in advance what staples they would want, so they wouldn’t have […]

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Horoscopes: Feb. 1, 2016

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Essentially, what occurs this morning is an impersonal set of circumstances that just happens to involve you. And yet in a strange way you will feel as responsible for this as if you had created it all by yourself. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). There’s strength in unison, but there’s beauty in […]

VEX Robotics returns for more challenges

FAIRFIELD — The excitement of the participants of the VEX Robotics competition ran like electricity through the air of the gym at Grange Middle School on Saturday. The kids were having fun and it showed. The VEX Robotics Competition, presented by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation, is the ultimate science, technology, engineering and mathematics activity […]

‘Teen Wolf’ Tyler Posey shows his funny side at Sundance

PARK CITY, Utah — Tyler Posey is having the ultimate Sundance experience. The star of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” went snowboarding in Park City, rubbed elbows with Spike Lee and showed off his latest movie role at the independent film festival. “I feel like I’m experiencing the epitome of Sundance,” said the 24-year-old actor, who was […]

Inquiry finds sales of concert tickets are a ‘fixed game’

ALBANY, N.Y. — Had a hard time getting a ticket to a concert or sporting event? New York’s attorney general says that’s probably because more than half of tickets to many events are held for industry insiders or otherwise unavailable to the general public. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a report released Thursday that […]

Robert Frank makes brief remarks to mark new retrospective

NEW YORK — At age 91, Robert Frank is happy to let others talk about his past. Hundreds gathered at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts on Thursday night to celebrate the opening of a new retrospective for the renowned photographer and filmmaker. Making a rare public appearance, Frank spoke briefly, saying he […]

Man with 2 handguns, partner arrested at Disneyland Paris

PARIS — A man who tried to bring two handguns into a hotel at Disneyland Paris was detained Thursday along with his female partner, authorities said, amid lingering jitters around the French capital following attacks last year. No one was hurt in the incident, and the park — Europe’s most-visited tourist attraction — remained open […]

UN health chief: Zika virus is ‘spreading explosively’

GENEVA — The Zika virus is “spreading explosively” in the Americas, which could see up to 4 million cases over the next year, international health officials said Thursday, announcing a special meeting next week to decide if they should declare an international health emergency. The warning from the World Health Organization came amid a call […]

How the case against Planned Parenthood backfired

The indictment of anti-abortion activist David Daleiden is a stark reminder that criminal law is a dangerous animal: Once it’s set free, there’s no telling who will be its target. Yet Daleiden is extremely unlikely to receive anything but symbolic jail time if convicted of the charge of making and using a false California driver’s […]

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GOP sees gain in anti-immigration stance

Three years ago, high-level Republicans declared that after losing the popular vote in five of the past six elections, the party needed to appeal more to Hispanics to win the presidency. Immigration was a threshold issue. Hispanics are the fastest-growing slice of the electorate. The 2012 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, took an anti-immigration stance and […]

No excuse for stupidity

An elderly Fairfield man (who has since died) used to regularly send me email and much of it consisted of forwarded solicitations from right-wing groups pushing crazy conspiracy theories about President Barack Obama. I’d always try to allay his fears by sending him factual information. There was no shame in his ignorance because we’re all […]

Question of the week: Does allowing crude-by-rail shipments to Benicia through Fairfield and Suisun City concern you?

Three tanker cars carrying sulfuric acid derailed this week near the Benicia Bridge. Does this concern you, in light of plans to allow crude-by-rail shipments to Benicia through Fairfield and Suisun City? Participate in our weekly poll. Last week’s question: Would you support a sales or property tax to pay for a regional park system? […]

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