Friday, August 22, 2014

Tell the story, don’t be it

SAN DIEGO — Here are four tips for young reporters willing to learn from the mistakes of those caught up in the events of Ferguson, Missouri. Learn how to cover a story without becoming the story. If you want to express opinions, become an opinion writer. But as long as you’re a reporter, keep your […]

Everyone can benefit from ‘the talk’

After the Trayvon Martin killing, there was story after story in the media about black parents having “the talk” with their kids. The talk goes back generations and it’s about how to act and survive. It goes back to Jim Crow laws. In modern days, it’s how to act when confronted by police officers. The talk […]

California needs pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods

Our politicians are pondering a multibillion-dollar Interstate 80 expansion. In my opinion, California does not need a multibillion-dollar expansion. In the near future, California does need pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. In pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, people, stores, schools, playgrounds, etc., could be housed in clusters of high-rise building complexes. Our society’s excessive spending on transportation could be reduced. In these […]

We’re spending way too much on raising our kids

The Department of Agriculture has released its annual report on the cost of raising children, and the upshot is what you probably already know: It’s expensive. This does not – as every article on the report has emphasized – include the cost of college, just the cost of raising them from birth through age 17. What struck me, […]

Love, a legend, come to theaters

FAIRFIELD — A hefty dose of love mixed with a legend make up the box office debuts this week. Chloe Moretz stars in “If I Stay,” a PG-13 drama in which she’s faced with deciding between her musical dreams and the love of her life. Then, her life changes in an instant and she has […]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson set for DC Comics film

MEXICO CITY — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he will play a role in an upcoming DC Comics movie adaption but has yet to decide between superhero Shazam and his arch-nemesis Black Adam. He may not have a hard time making a decision. He told The Associated Press on Monday that he has always been […]

Don Pardo, iconic TV announcer, dies at 96

NEW YORK  — Don Pardo, the durable television and radio announcer whose booming baritone became as much a part of the cultural landscape as the shows and products he touted, including “Saturday Night Live,” died Monday in Arizona. He was 96. Pardo died at his home in Tucson, where he moved after retiring from “SNL,” said his […]

Wife to bury Kasem in Norway, cites heritage

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — The wife of U.S. radio personality Casey Kasem has cited her Norwegian heritage as one of the reasons for wanting to bury her late husband in Oslo, a spokeswoman for the funeral service agency there said Tuesday. Kasem, the host of “American Top 40,” died June 15 in Washington at age 82. […]

Horoscopes: Aug. 18, 2014

It’s a dreams-come-true kind of day. The activities you’re doing for fun will be the main focus. If you’re not making money at it but are doing it because it’s just fun, strongly consider how you might someday do it for money. While lucky Jupiter and love goddess Venus are snuggling up in Leo, anything […]

My friend Mary is mad that we didn’t use her mortgage lender

Dear Annie: My husband and I recently purchased a new home. It took us a while to reach this point. In the course of trying to purchase, we were offered help by a good friend, “Mary,” who lives 1,500 miles away. Mary referred us to her mortgage lender, also 1,500 miles away. We engaged the lender, […]

Bridge Aug 18

THE NEA BRIDGE by Phillip Alder WE TRY TO CURE BAD BRIDGE HABITS In his “Comic Dictionary,” Evan Esar defined a zoo as an excellent place to study the habits of human beings. This week, we are going to study some of the bad habits of bridge players and try to cure them. First, we […]

Question of the week: Does school start too soon?

Fairfield-Suisun, Vacaville and Rio Vista schools all started last week and Travis schools open this week – far before the back-in-the-day starting date of Labor Day. Is it too soon? Participate in this week’s poll. Last week’s results: Do you agree with the decision to launch airstrikes on Iraq? Yes: 64 percent No: 36 percent […]

A festival fit for a glorious fruit

It’s all about the juicy red fruit in downtown Fairfield as the city celebrates the 23rd annual Tomato Festival. Tomatoes were once the top crop in the county. Today, that honor is held by walnuts. But that doesn’t stop people from paying homage to the item that graces everything from eggs to hamburgers. The fun […]

Bay Area Stage’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ worth the wait

VALLEJO — Usually when writing a review of a local theatrical production, I do my best not to divulge any specific plot points so as not to ruin it for theatergoers who may go and experience a particular work for the first time. That will not be a problem discussing Bay Area Stage’s current production, […]

Woman critical after drinking chemical-laced tea

SALT LAKE CITY — A woman drank sweet tea containing a toxic cleaning chemical, severely burning her mouth and throat, at a Utah restaurant after an employee mistook the substance for sugar and mixed it into a dispenser, the woman’s attorney said Thursday. Jan Harding, 67, is in critical condition at a Salt Lake City […]

‘Nashville’ goes live in new season premiere

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Actor Charles Esten has more at stake in the new season of the ABC drama “Nashville” than resolving the cliffhanger that left his character, singer-songwriter Deacon Claybourne, in the midst of a lyricist love triangle. During the season-three premiere, Esten, who sang in a band and stage productions long before becoming an […]

Let’s hear it for the boys at the box office

FAIRFIELD — It’s a manly takeover of this week’s box office debuts, with films featuring Sylvester Stallone, Jeff Bridges and Andy Garcia. Stallone pairs up with Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan and Dolph Lundgren in “The Expendables 3.” In this PG-13 outing, the men clash with younger, technology-oriented action heroes. Bridges plays The Giver in the PG-13 film […]

I don’t want my father’s prejudices to affect my biracial son

Dear Annie: I am the mother of a biracial child. My son’s father, “Derek,” and I are not currently together, as he resides some distance away, but we visit often so Derek and our son can have a relationship. Ultimately, we would like to be together. The problem is my father. He is not, and […]

Horoscopes for Aug. 11, 2014

Maybe you didn’t have a monumental party last night, but it still feels like you did. If the day after the full moon feels like New Year’s Day, the day after a supermoon feels like New Year’s Day in the year 2000. There’s a bit of cleanup and a lot of piecing the details together […]

Bridge Aug 11

THE NEA BRIDGE by Phillip Alder COUNT YOUR TRICKS, NOT YOUR LOSERS When you are in a trump contract, you start by counting losers. But on some deals (I estimate around 20 percent), you do better to count winners. So, in an ideal world, you count both before playing from the dummy at trick one. […]