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Stargazing returns Rush Ranch

FAIRFIELD — The last chance to get a good guided look at the plants, stars and constellations at the Rush Ranch takes place at 7 p.m. Sept. 12. The free event starts with a presentation at the Rush Ranch Nature Center by local astronomy enthusiast Jon Pannier followed by outdoor telescope viewing in the dark. […]

Putah Creek Council seeks volunteers to help harvest acorns

WINTERS — The Putah Creek Council is seeking volunteers to help harvest acorns Sept. 12 at Bobcat Ranch in Winters. This is a Yolo Creek and Community Partnership event, sponsored by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, according to a council press release. The oaks grown from the acorns will be planted along Putah Creek and […]

France train suspect watched jihadi video, prosecutor says

PARIS — Minutes before he slung an assault rifle across his chest and walked through a high-speed train, the Moroccan suspect in the foiled attack watched a jihadi video on his cellphone, the French prosecutor said in formally opening a terrorism investigation Tuesday. The actions by Ayoub El-Khazzani on the Amsterdam-to-Paris train Friday night and […]

Indonesian rescuers reach crash site, find plane destroyed

  JAYAPURA, Indonesia — Rescuers on Tuesday reached the site in eastern Indonesia where a passenger plane slammed into a mountain over the weekend, killing all 54 people on board, and found that the aircraft had been destroyed, officials said. More than 70 rescuers reached the crash site after being hindered by rugged, forested terrain […]

Iraq’s economy battered by Islamic State war, low oil prices

  BAGHDAD — In business since the 1960s, Karim al-Aboudi’s family has seen Iraq’s economy boom with oil wealth and bust through wars and the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, but today marks the worst downturn he’s seen in decades. Forced to fire 65 percent of his staff and close two of his six aluminum and glass […]

Welcome mat fraying as more migrants reach Greek island

  LEROS, Greece — The islanders bring food, drinks, clothing and necessities like diapers and toothpaste to the migrants huddled on this tiny outcrop in the Aegean Sea. The generosity comes naturally to residents of Leros: The island once took in political prisoners banished here by Greece’s former military rulers, a tradition that breeds a […]

Israeli opposition leader fears new Palestinian uprising

  JERUSALEM — Israel’s opposition leader on Tuesday warned that a new Palestinian uprising could be looming after a recent spate of violence and called on both sides to reduce tensions and restart peace talks. The appeal came during a meeting in the West Bank with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a rare face-to-face encounter after […]

Japan restarts reactor after break due to Fukushima

TOKYO — A power plant operator in southern Japan restarted a nuclear reactor on Tuesday, the first to begin operating under new safety requirements following the Fukushima disaster. Kyushu Electric Power Co. said Tuesday it had restarted the No. 1 reactor at its Sendai nuclear plant as planned. The restart marks Japan’s return to nuclear energy four-and-half-years after the […]

Fukushima update: Challenges remain at destroyed nuke plant

  TOKYO — As Japan resumed generating nuclear power Tuesday, restarting 1 reactor in the south, the destroyed Fukushima Dai-ichi plant in the northeast remains a highly radioactive site, more than four years after an earthquake and tsunami triggered meltdowns in three of its six reactors. A look at the status of the plant: Radiation […]

North Korean ship pursued for seizure in case

UNITED NATIONS — Winning a lawsuit against North Korea is rare. Collecting millions of dollars in damages from the isolated country? Pretty much impossible. But an Israel-based civil rights group thinks it has found a way, starting with a North Korean ship that’s been held, against Pyongyang’s wishes, in a Mexican port for the past […]

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Fighting between Turkey and Kurds escalate amid NATO unease

ISTANBUL — Fighting between the Turkish military and Kurdish rebels escalated Tuesday amid signs of unease from NATO allies attending an emergency meeting about Turkey’s conflicts with the Islamic State group and the Kurds. On a violent day, Turkish fighter jets pounded rebels from the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK after soldiers were fired on with […]

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Iran lawmakers said to need ‘at least’ 60 days for nuke deal

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s parliament will need “at least” 60 days to review a proposed final deal with world powers over its contested nuclear program, a prominent lawmaker said Tuesday, giving legislators in the Islamic Republic about the same time as the U.S. Congress to examine the proposal. But while hard-liners in Iran’s parliament could […]

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Israeli premier’s household spending facing criminal probe

JERUSALEM — Israel’s prime minister faced a new scandal Tuesday after the attorney general ordered a criminal investigation into excessive spending at his residences. While the investigation shows no sign of threatening Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hold on power, it nonetheless gave him a new headache at a time of growing international isolation and domestic […]

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Bombing shows Turkey a vulnerable target for Islamic State

ISTANBUL — Officials have raised concerns that a deadly bombing in southeastern Turkey is part of a campaign of retaliation by the Islamic State group for a recent crackdown on its operations in the country. If they are right, Turkey would be a particularly vulnerable target for the extremists. The country shares a 1,250-kilometer (775-mile) […]

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Nigerian leader: Forces ready soon to take on Boko Haram

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said Tuesday a multinational African force will be in place within 10 days to take the fight to the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram that has killed thousands and was behind the abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls. Buhari predicted in an interview with The Associated Press that Boko Haram would be […]

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Lawyers in theater shooting trial make final appeals to jury

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — James Holmes was legally sane when he entered a packed movie theater armed with an assault rifle, a shotgun and a pistol, intent on killing as many people as he could, a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday in closing arguments at the gunman’s trial. “That guy was sane beyond a reasonable doubt, and […]

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Taiwan pledges $1M to help build Eisenhower Memorial in DC

WASHINGTON — Taiwan is pledging $1 million to help build a memorial honoring President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Washington as the project organizers begin a fundraising campaign to complete the monument. The gift being announced Tuesday marks a critical phase for the Eisenhower Memorial after 15 years of planning. Organizers must determine whether they can […]

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Study: Early clue to why some children may have reading woes

WASHINGTON — New research suggests it may be possible to predict which preschoolers will struggle to read — and it has to do with how the brain deciphers speech when it’s noisy. Scientists are looking for ways to tell, as young as possible, when children are at risk for later learning difficulties so they can […]

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Teen in good spirits after surviving mountain plane crash

SEATTLE — With her step-grandparents dead or dying in the burning wreckage of their small plane, 16-year-old Autumn Veatch needed to somehow find her way off the remote, thickly forested Washington state mountainside where they crashed Saturday afternoon. Bruised by the impact, singed by the fire, fearing an explosion and knowing she couldn’t help the […]

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Pluto up close: Spacecraft achieves flyby, then calls home

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft got humanity’s first up-close look at Pluto on Tuesday, sending word of its triumph across 3 billion miles to scientists waiting breathlessly back home. Confirmation of mission success came 13 hours after the actual flyby and, after a day of both jubilation and tension, allowed the New […]

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Family: Settlement isn’t victory in NY police chokehold case

NEW YORK — The relatives of an unarmed black man who died after being put in a white police officer’s chokehold said Tuesday that the nearly $6 million settlement they reached with the city wasn’t a victory as they continued pressing for federal civil rights charges. “The victory will come when we get justice,” Eric […]

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Thousands evacuated as typhoon bears down on China

BEIJING — Chinese authorities have evacuated tens of thousands of people, canceled scores of trains and flights and shuttered seaside resorts as a super-typhoon with wind gusts up to 125 mph heads toward the southeastern coast. China’s national weather service said super Typhoon Chan-hom is expected to make landfall by early Saturday at the eastern […]

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Frustrations mounting as Iran nuke talks stall

VIENNA — The Iran nuclear talks shifted Friday to a blame game, as Iran’s foreign minister accused the United States of shifting its demands and dismissed a warning that the U.S. was ready to quit the negotiations. Hours after his comments, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met again with U.S. Secretary of State John […]

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Greek seniors could see pension cuts

ATHENS, Greece — When Greece imposed cash withdrawal limits, pensioner Roza Alverti stopped paying her utility bills and focused on putting food on the table for her two grown and unemployed grandchildren, who live in her spotless one-bedroom apartment with a sliver of a view of the Acropolis about 6 kilometers (4 miles) away. But […]

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Obama hosts Vietnam Communist Party chief at White House

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Tuesday that despite differences between the United States and Vietnam over “political philosophy,” the two countries are deepening cooperation on health, climate and other issues. Obama spoke following an Oval Office meeting with Nguyen Phu Trong, the head of Vietnam’s Communist Party. Trong is the de facto leader of […]

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Senators quiz military chiefs, criticize US fight against IS

WASHINGTON — Facing blistering criticism from Republican senators, Defense Secretary Ash Carter acknowledged on Tuesday that the U.S. has only 60 trainees in a program to prepare and arm thousands of moderate Syrian rebels in the fight against Islamic State militants. “That is a small class,” Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “This is […]

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Iran nuclear talks extended; Iranians meet key obligation

VIENNA — Pushing past a Tuesday deadline, world powers and Iran extended negotiations for a comprehensive nuclear agreement by a week as the U.N. nuclear agency prepared to announce Tehran had met a key condition — significantly reducing its stocks of enriched uranium that could be used for atomic weapons. Iran’s failure to comply would […]

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After Charleston, South revisits its many Confederate images

ATLANTA — Calls to remove Confederate imagery from public places multiplied rapidly across the South and beyond Tuesday, with opponents eyeing state flags, license plates and statues of Civil War politicians and generals. The startling movement, driven by the killing of nine black churchgoers in an apparent racist attack in Charleston, South Carolina, has made […]

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Federal agencies are wide open to hackers, cyberspies

WASHINGTON — Passwords written down on desks. Outdated anti-virus software. “Perceived ineptitude” in information technology departments. The federal government, which holds secrets and sensitive information ranging from nuclear blueprints to the tax returns of hundreds of millions of Americans, has for years failed to take basic steps to protect its data from hackers and thieves, […]

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US won’t threaten to prosecute hostages’ families for ransom

WASHINGTON — Softening longstanding policy, the Obama administration will tell families of Americans held by terror groups that they can communicate with captors and even pay ransom without fear of prosecution. The shift comes as part of a broad review of U.S. hostage guidelines that will be released Wednesday. President Barack Obama ordered the review […]

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