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Obama says parts of climate deal must be legally binding

PARIS — Parts of a global climate agreement being hammered out in Paris should be legally binding, President Barack Obama said Tuesday. His declaration was both a boost to climate negotiators seeking a tough accord and a challenge to Republican senators, many of whom don’t believe that global warming is real. Whether or not to […]

Cameron: UK must attack IS in Syria to deny group safe haven

LONDON — British Prime Minister David Cameron urged skeptical lawmakers to back airstrikes on the Islamic State group in Syria, saying Thursday that the Paris attacks have given the fight new urgency and Britain owes it to key allies to act. Cameron told the House of Commons that President Barack Obama and French President Francois […]

Turkey-Russia spat over downed Russian warplane escalates

ANKARA, Turkey — A tug-of-war over a Russian warplane downed by a Turkish fighter jet at the border with Syria escalated Thursday, with Moscow drafting a slew of economic sanctions against Turkey and the Turkish president defiantly declaring that his military will shoot down any new intruder. The spat reflected a clash of ambitions of […]

Tunisia detains 30, identifies bomber after attack

TUNIS, Tunisia — Tunisian authorities have detained 30 people suspected of having extremism links after a suicide bombing targeting presidential guards, and identified the bomber as a local street vendor. The Interior Ministry said in a statement Thursday that forensic police identified the attacker as 27-year-old Houssam ben Hedi ben Miled Abdelli by his DNA. […]

Putin vows to hunt down, punish those who bombed Russian jet

MOSCOW — A somber President Vladimir Putin vowed to hunt down and punish those responsible for a bomb that brought down a Russian passenger jet last month, “wherever they are hiding.” Intensified Russian airstrikes Tuesday hit the Islamic State group’s stronghold in Syria that also is being pounded by the French military. Russia’s FSB security […]

Israel outlaws Islamist group accused of inciting violence

JERUSALEM — Israel on Tuesday outlawed a leading Islamic group it accuses of inciting Arabs to violence in its latest attempt to quash a deadly two-month wave of unrest. The crackdown, which one senior politician tried to link to the global campaign against Islamic extremists following last week’s attacks in Paris, threatened to worsen already […]

Myanmar army to keep privileges even with opposition win

YANGON, Myanmar — Myanmar’s military-backed ruling party appeared set Tuesday for an overwhelming electoral defeat, but a victory by Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition National League for Democracy party would not mean the end of military involvement in the nation’s politics. Far from it. The military, which took power in a 1962 coup and brutally […]

EU tests new screening process on refugee-hit Greek island

LESBOS, Greece — A garbage-strewn hillside on this Greek island has become the European Union’s testing ground for a new fast-track registration process for migrants. If it works, authorities plan rapid expansion to other refugee “hotspots” struggling to cope with the influx of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty. Thousands are camping […]

US detects heat around doomed Russian jet just before crash

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — U.S. satellite imagery detected heat around a Russian passenger jet just before it went down in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, two U.S. officials said Tuesday. But the discovery doesn’t resolve the mystery of why the plane crashed, killing all 224 aboard. A missile striking the Metrojet Airbus A321-200 was ruled out because […]

Late Saudi king’s ‘secret wife’ gets huge UK payout

LONDON — A British judge on Tuesday ordered a huge financial payout for a woman who claims she was the “secret wife” of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. Judge Peter Smith ruled that Palestinian-born Janan Harb, 68, should receive more than 15 million pounds ($23 million) and two expensive apartments in London’s Chelsea […]

Israeli military raids, shuts down Palestinian radio station

JERUSALEM — The Israeli military raided a Palestinian radio station in the West Bank on Tuesday and confiscated equipment it said was being used to broadcast calls to attack Israelis. The military said it shut down the Al Hurria radio station in the city of Hebron overnight, accusing it of inciting violence. Israel says the […]

Freedom still eludes Moroccan held 13 years in Guantanamo

RABAT, Morocco — A former prisoner at Guantanamo Bay has been held for more than six weeks without formal charges in Morocco despite what his lawyers say were U.S. government assurances that he would be quickly released upon his return home. Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri, who spent 13 years in Guantanamo without being charged, is expected […]

Russian strikes take toll among Syrian civilians

KADIRLI, Turkey — The 4-year-old Syrian girl was ending her first trip to her grandparents’ house. Posing for the last family photos before returning to Turkey with her mother, Raghad dressed up in a pretty blue-and-white polka dot dress and put her hair up in ponytails with red barrettes. About an hour later, the family […]

Los Angeles council OKs measure on locking away handguns

LOS ANGELES — Handgun owners in Los Angeles will be required to store their firearms in locked containers or disable the weapons with trigger locks under a law unanimously approved Tuesday by the City Council. The council voted 14-0 in favor of the ordinance that also says owners must keep the guns on their person […]

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San Francisco OKs patient-dumping lawsuit settlement

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco supervisors accepted a $400,000 payment from Nevada Tuesday, settling a two-year dispute over allegations that psychiatric patients were wrongly shipped to California upon discharge. The settlement approved by the board also requires Nevada to provide transport back to California only for patients who are returning to a home address or […]

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High tides, swell could bring coastal flooding to California

LOS ANGELES — Very high tides and swell arriving from a Pacific storm will combine to bring the possibility of big surf and minor flooding of low-lying points along parts of California’s coast, the National Weather Service said Tuesday. Coastal flood advisories were issued for much of the shore from Los Angeles northwest to Santa […]

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400-plus small quakes jolt California city in recent weeks

SAN RAMON — The U.S. Geological Survey says 435 small earthquakes have rattled the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Ramon in the last two weeks. USGS research geophysicist Brad Aagaard says the small quakes have been recorded since Oct. 13. Most of them have ranged from magnitudes-2.0 to -3.0. The largest was a […]

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Grant Gustin gets boost of confidence in ‘The Flash’ suit

NEW YORK — Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on The CW series of the same name, says something interesting happens when he suits up as the DC Comics character. “I lose myself in it,” Gustin said in a recent interview. “I kind of have like this disconnect between myself and The Flash. … It’s […]

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‘Star Wars’ fans clamor for tickets, wonder where’s Luke

LOS ANGELES — Millions of fans cried out in joy after they saw the latest trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” but it also left more than a few wondering where Luke Skywalker has been during all the marketing. Twitter said there were more than 17,000 tweets a minute when the trailer aired Monday […]

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Witches, ghosts, Jem coming to theater near you

FAIRFIELD — The horror just keeps coming as Halloween draws near. Two of the five movies opening nationwide this week deal with witches and paranormal activity. Vin Diesel stars as an immortal who has been tracking down, and killing, evil witches for centuries in “The Last Witch Hunter.” The queen witch, who cursed him with […]

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Scottish prosecutors: 2 Libyans are Lockerbie bomb suspects

LONDON — A quarter century after one of the worst terror attacks in British history, prosecutors say they have identified two new Libyan suspects in the bombing of a Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, and want U.S. and Scottish investigators to interview them in Tripoli. Given Libya’s instability, that may be a remote prospect. […]

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Palestinians assailants often leave behind ordinary lives

JERUSALEM — They lived ordinary lives with ordinary ambitions — an electrician saving up to get married, a fitness buff, a worker in a butcher shop, a teen with plans for study in Europe after high school. But then these young Palestinians seemingly snapped. According to police accounts, some of them disputed, they stabbed Israelis […]

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Israeli leader vows ‘aggressive steps’ to halt fighting

JERUSALEM — Israel’s prime minister on Tuesday said he would take a series of “aggressive steps” to halt a wave of violence in Israeli cities after two attacks in Jerusalem left three Israelis dead. Three Palestinians, including two attackers, were also killed. The attacks in Jerusalem, including a deadly shooting and knifing spree on a […]

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Nobel Prize for missing piece in neutrino mass puzzle

STOCKHOLM — Japanese and Canadian scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for discovering a basic fact about tiny cosmic particles that whiz through your body by the trillions every second: They have mass. Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald were honored for showing that the particles, called neutrinos, spontaneously change from one type to […]

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Environmental groups seek end to all Arctic Ocean drilling

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Royal Dutch Shell’s decision to end its quest for oil in the Arctic waters off Alaska sparked jubilation among environmental activists, who said Tuesday that they will seize the opportunity to seek an end to all drilling to in the region. But while Shell’s move is a definite setback for oil companies, […]

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EPA sets stricter emission standards for oil refineries

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules Tuesday to reduce toxic air pollution from oil refineries by forcing operators to adopt new technology that better monitors and controls emissions. The rules will require for the first time that refineries install air monitors along “fence lines” where pollution enters neighboring communities. The monitors will […]

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Soul-searching in House as McCarthy tries to lock up top job

WASHINGTON — Stunned and divided, House Republicans sought a way forward Tuesday as Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy pledged to bring them together after Speaker John Boehner’s sudden resignation. The five-term California Republican moved aggressively to lock up support to move into Congress’ top job, second in line to the presidency. He faced little serious competition, […]

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South Dakota tribe to open nation’s 1st marijuana resort

FLANDREAU, S.D. — The Santee Sioux tribe has already proven its business acumen, running a successful casino, a 120-room hotel and a 240-head buffalo ranch on the plains of South Dakota. But those enterprises have not been immune to competition and the lingering effects of the Great Recession, so the small tribe of 400 is […]

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US intel official not optimistic about cyber deal with China

WASHINGTON — The nation’s top intelligence official said Tuesday that he’s not optimistic that an agreement the U.S. recently struck with China will effectively deter state-sponsored cyberattacks on business emanating from the communist nation. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping met last week and agreed not to conduct or knowingly support cyber theft […]

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Obama says fight against Islamic State group will take time

UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama on Tuesday pledged all possible tools — military, intelligence and economic — to defeat the Islamic State group, but acknowledged the extremist group has taken root in Syria and Iraq, is resilient and continues to expand. Obama spoke as chairman of a U.N. gathering of world leaders working to […]

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