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Fairfield police log: Sept. 1, 2015

12:22 a.m. — Vandalism, 4300 block of CENTRAL PLACE 1:22 a.m. — Reckless driver, MARIGOLD DRIVE 4:43 a.m. — Vehicle theft, 2400 block of BALTIC DRIVE 6:09 a.m. — Trespassing, 500 block of MONTANA STREET 7:36 a.m. — Vehicle theft, RED TOP ROAD 7:48 a.m. — Vehicle burglary, 4400 block of CENTRAL WAY 7:53 a.m. — Vandalism, 300 block of STATE STREET […]

Fairfield police log: Aug. 31, 2015

12 a.m. — Indecent exposure, 1900 block of NORTH TEXAS STREET 12:56 a.m. — Trespassing, 2300 block of MALIBU COURT 1:42 a.m. — Battery, 1200 block of B. GALE WILSON BOULEVARD 2:14 a.m. — Battery, 1900 block of GRANDE CIRCLE 2:22 a.m. — Reckless driver, 800 block of FIFTH STREET 2:44 a.m. — Battery, 1200 block of B .GALE WILSON BOULEVARD […]

Fairfield police log: Aug. 30, 2015

1:50 a.m. — Shots fired, HIGHWAY 12 3:33 a.m. — Shots fired, 1900 block of GRANDE CIRCLE 4:12 a.m. — Reckless driver, 2400 block of CHUCK HAMMOND DRIVE 5:16 a.m. — Shots fired, 1800 block of CLARENDON DRIVE 8:49 a.m. — Battery, 3300 block of NORTH TEXAS STREET 9:08 a.m. — Reckless driver, HIGHWAY 12 9:18 a.m. — Vehicle burglary, 1600 block of GATEWAY BOULEVARD 9:51 a.m. — […]

Suisun City police log: Sept. 1, 2015

10:24 a.m. — Vandalism, 200 block of LONG STREET 10:42 a.m. — Reckless driver, FULMAR DRIVE / PETERSEN ROAD 1:34 p.m. — Reckless driver, HIGHWAY 12 / MARINA BOULEVARD 2:27 p.m. — Vehicle theft, 1600 block of VANDENBERG CIRCLE 5 p.m. — Vehicle burglary, 200 block  of CLOVERLEAF CIRCLE

Suisun City police log: Aug. 31, 2015

11:35 a.m. — Vehicle theft, 500 block of HUMMINGBIRD WAY 11:43 a.m. — Robbery, 100 block of SUNSET AVENUE 1:09 p.m. — Hit-and-run property damage, 800 block of POCHARD WAY 1:31 p.m. — Trespassing, 500 block of WOOD DUCK DRIVE 3:15 p.m. — Fraud, HARBOR CENTER 5:02 p.m. — Reckless driver, HIGHWAY 12 / WALTERS ROAD 5:28 p.m. — Assault, 200 block of WALNUT STREET 6:49 p.m. — […]

Suisun City police log: Aug. 30, 2015

5:26 p.m. — Hit-and-run property damage, SACRAMENTO STREET / MAIN STREET 6:35 p.m. — Fraud, 900 block of CANADA GOOSE DRIVE 6:47 p.m. — Vandalism, 800 block of YOSEMITE WAY 6:59 p.m. — Reckless driver, HIGHWAY 12 / SUNSET AVENUE 11:19 p.m. — Reckless driver, CHARLESTON STREET

City code enforcement a misnomer

Have you ever called code enforcement? What a misnomer that is. I have lived on the west side of town for more than 40 years. Over the years, code enforcement has been somewhat lax to the point where it is ridiculous. Take a walk down Fifth Street and some of the side streets and see the […]

Anti-Trump angst grows

Republican operatives, insiders affiliated with no campaign and donors with whom we spoke last week are not pleased about the state of the GOP race. They will say something like: “Yeah, it’s early. Yeah, Rudy Giuliani never became president. But still.” They will tell you public polling is exaggerated, although internal polling shows him leading. […]

Reports hint that schools not following state funding law

California school districts were granted extraordinary flexibility in implementing a historic overhaul of public education finance to provide more help to “high-needs” poor and English-learner students. Gov. Jerry Brown cited “subsidiarity” as his principle, defining it as trusting local school officials to use extra money from the Local Control Funding Formula wisely within broad state […]

Question of the week: Do you support the proposed nuclear deal with Iran?

President Obama’s nuclear deal is intended to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons in exchange for relief on economic sanctions. Opponents say the deal will make the Middle East less safe. Do you support the nuclear pact with Iran? Take part in our poll. Last week’s question: Should children get a trophy just for participating in a […]

Libya migrant disaster death toll rises to 117

TRIPOLI, Libya — Rescue workers have recovered 12 more bodies off the Libyan coast, raising the death toll from the latest disaster for migrants trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean to 117, Libyan authorities said on Saturday. Thus far 198 people were rescued and the search is ongoing for missing passengers from two […]

More ID, bag checks on Europe’s trains after foiled attack

PARIS — European countries will increase identity checks and baggage controls on trains after American passengers thwarted an attack on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris, France’s interior minister said Saturday. Bernard Cazeneuve said the reinforced ID and bag checks would be carried out on cross-border trains “everywhere it is necessary.” He spoke after meeting […]

38 girls, young women killed in Swaziland crash, says group

JOHANNESBURG — At least 38 girls and young women were killed in a crash while travelling to Swaziland’s most famous traditional festival, a rights group said on Saturday. An additional 20 others were injured when the truck they were in collided with another vehicle on Friday, the Swaziland Solidarity Network said in a statement. Members […]

Dominica digs out from storm damage that killed at least 20

ROSEAU, Dominica — Rescue crews jumped off boats and trudged Saturday through mud, rocks and uprooted trees to reach communities cut off by a tropical storm that killed at least 20 people and left nearly 50 missing in the eastern Caribbean island of Dominica. Volunteers helped carry food, water and clothes for dozens of Dominicans who […]

Lebanese stage largest protests yet sparked by trash crisis

BEIRUT — Thousands rallied in downtown Beirut Saturday in the largest anti-government protest yet over a summer garbage crisis, chanting “revolution, revolution” and setting a three-day ultimatum for authorities to respond to demands, including the resignation of a Cabinet minister. It signaled the most significant public outburst of anger against a dysfunctional system of government, but […]

IS cracks down on western Iraqi town after rare protest

BAGHDAD — Islamic State militants moved on Saturday to stamp out dissent in a remote western Iraqi town, detaining at least 70 and tying dozens of residents, including tribal leaders, to streetlight poles as a punishment, security officials said. The crackdown followed a rare street demonstration on Saturday to protest the extremist group’s execution of a […]

Egypt sentences 3 Al-Jazeera reporters to 3 years in prison

CAIRO — An Egyptian court sentenced three Al-Jazeera English journalists to three years in prison on Saturday for broadcasting “false news,” sparking an international outcry and underlining how authorities are trampling over free speech just over a year into general-turned-politician Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s presidency. The men are now seeking a pardon from el-Sissi, who has personally expressed […]

Bittersweet moment for Ebola survivor

KENEMA, Sierra Leone — Ebola did not take Victoria Yillia’s life. And it could not prevent the birth of her son. And yet it loomed, even on this, her happiest day. She delivered her child just a few minutes’ walk from the ward where just last year she had hovered between life and death, and […]

Lebanese activists denounce failings of politicians

BEIRUT  — To the casual visitor, Lebanon may seem like a tiny slice of Mediterranean modernity and coexistence in a turbulent region plagued by violence and extremism. But for many Lebanese, it’s a rotting state eaten away by a political class that has long used the country’s sectarian power-sharing system to perpetuate corruption and nepotism. […]

Radar locates possible missing Nazi gold train

WARSAW, Poland — A Polish official said Friday he has seen an image made by ground-penetrating radar that seemed to prove the discovery of an armored Nazi train missing in southwestern Poland since World War II. Local lore says a German train filled with gold, gems and armaments went missing around the city of Walbrzych […]

Fatal shot in San Francisco pier shooting was ricochet

SAN FRANCISCO — The murder suspect at the center of a national immigration debate admits he fired the shot that killed a young San Francisco woman on an evening stroll with her father. The question remains whether he purposely aimed the gun at Kate Steinle, 32, or accidentally fired the weapon. The former head of […]

Fairfield police log: Aug. 26, 2015

12:08 a.m. — Vehicle burglary, 200 block of PITTMAN ROAD 12:32 a.m. — Hit-and-run property damage, 600 block of EAST TRAVIS BOULEVARD 12:38 a.m. — Vandalism, 1500 block of JAMES STREET 5:01 a.m. — Drunk and disorderly, 300 block of TEXAS STREET 5:22 a.m. — Forgery, 200 block of PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 6:09 a.m. — Vehicle theft, 1300 block of PHOENIX DRIVE 6:52 a.m. — Forgery, 1000 block of […]

Response to Clinton letter

This is in response to the letter writer who asked the question (Aug. 24, 2015), Why is Hillary Clinton still here? Look no further than a related letter that day, or ask Minnie Noble. Obviously, some people don’t care about integrity and honesty – morals that became irrelevant during the presidency of Bill Clinton and no longer […]

Bush attacks Trump from the right

Jeb Bush in a memorable Aug. 19 rant in New Hampshire lit into Donald Trump, reminding the gathering that Trump was a Democrat for longer than he was a Republican, gave more money to Democrats, favors a tax on assets and wants to spend hundreds of billions on an immigration scheme. He could have added […]

Bill shows cynicism of teachers union, lawmakers alike

There are many other unworthy contenders, but Senate Bill 858 may be the most pointlessly cynical legislative act of this still-young century. It was drafted in the dead of night and hastily enacted as a budget “trailer bill” last year with no more than a cursory gesture toward public notice. It stands as a prime […]

Question of the week: Should children get a trophy just for participating in a sport or event?

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison took to Instagram recently to say he was returning two awards his sons James III and Henry received from a local athletics event, saying he doesn’t want his sons to feel entitled, adding “cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better.” they are entitled […]

Guns and violence

I’m not sure I understand the purpose of “Coming to terms with gun violence” or “Reduce the carnage in our blood-soaked nation,” especially writing it in California where we have strict laws. The Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with sport shooting or hunting. It’s an insurance policy “being necessary to the security of […]

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