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Irony of murder causes layers of sadness, anger

When I first saw the story at the end of September, it made me feel sad and angry. It happened – surprise! – in Oakland, where a 27-year-old artist was working on a 4,000-square-foot mural authorized by the building’s owner. The subject of the mural that Antonio Ramos was creating was, of all things, anti-violence. He never […]

Obama policy has failed; GOP’s Syria rhetoric will too

The Syrian refugee debate has become a national embarrassment. It begins with a president, desperate to deflect attention from the collapse of his foreign policy, retreating to his one safe zone – ad hominem attacks on critics, this time for lack of compassion toward Syrian widows and orphans. This, without a glimmer of acknowledgment of […]

Obama administration preparing new Taiwan arms sales

The U.S. government is close to announcing that it will sell about $1 billion worth of military equipment to Taiwan, the first new sale in more than four years. The sale is likely to cause a rift in Washington’s relationship with Beijing, which opposes any military support for Taipei. The Obama administration hasn’t decided when […]

Attacks on American Muslims are growing uglier by the day . . . and they must stop

Looks like fear – not turkey – is the main course being served in our country this week. Political opportunists running for president have been cooking up a heaping platter of anti-Muslim sentiment since the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks on Paris. They’ve geared us up for an epic Hategiving with their ugly proposals to shut […]

Truly thankful on Thanksgiving Day

What are you thankful for this Turkey Day? OK, I hate the expression “Turkey Day” because it reduces a holiday of thankfulness down to a simple meal. Thanksgiving isn’t about the dinner. OK, I admit if you invited friends and family to a Charlie Brown-style Thanksgiving dinner of popcorn, pretzel sticks and toast, they’d go […]

Even the first Thanksgiving was political

Thanksgiving is a political holiday. It honors and mythologizes the comity – based on a formal treaty – between two peoples who needed what the other had to offer at a particular point in time. Delighted not to be starving, the Puritans of what is now Massachusetts feasted for three days in 1621, and entertained […]

Pastor among 8 indicted in fatal New York church beating

UTICA, N.Y. — The pastor of an insular New York church where a young man was beaten to death and his younger brother seriously injured was among seven people charged Tuesday with murder. Pastor Tiffanie Irwin’s mother, Traci Irwin, also was charged in a 13-count indictment, as were Irwin’s two brothers, Joseph and Daniel Irwin, […]

APNewsBreak: Emails reveal Coke’s role in anti-obesity group

NEW YORK — A nonprofit founded to combat obesity says the $1.5 million it received from Coke has no influence on its work. But emails obtained by The Associated Press show the world’s largest beverage maker was instrumental in shaping the Global Energy Balance Network, which is led by a professor at the University of […]

Reusable rocket: In a first, booster returns safely to Earth

NEW YORK — A private space company announced Tuesday that it had landed a rocket upright and gently enough to be used again, a milestone in commercial aeronautics. Reusing rockets, rather than discarding them, would be a big step toward making space flight less expensive. The achievement produced “the rarest of beasts: a used rocket,” […]

Since ’01, Clintons collected $35M from financial businesses

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton wants voters to know she is no friend of Wall Street. But Wall Street has frequently been a friend to her. In the 18 months prior to announcing her second campaign for president, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination addressed private equity investors in California and New York, delivered remarks […]

In Mexico, fear as victims vanish at hands of police

TELOLOAPAN, Mexico — Carlos Sanchez and his family had nearly completed the harrowing drive, hurtling along a dark and dangerous highway out of the mountains to a hospital when they collided with a state police truck parked across the highway lights out. Before they knew what was happening, they were dragged from the car by […]

Official: Paris attacks organizer was planning more carnage

PARIS — The man believed to have planned the Nov. 13 Paris attacks that killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more had likely planned to carry out another suicide bombing days later in the French capital’s business district, the Paris prosecutor said Tuesday. Abdelhamid Abaaoud and an accomplice are believed to have been planning to […]

Tunisia declares state of emergency after bus blast kills 12

Tunisia’s president declared a 30-day state of emergency across the country and imposed an overnight curfew for the capital after an explosion Tuesday struck a bus carrying members of the presidential guard, killing at least 12 people and wounding 20 others. The government described it as a terrorist attack. The blast on a tree-lined avenue […]

Paris attacks rooted in Brussels bring question: Why Belgium

BRUSSELS — The family homes of the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks and one of the suicide bombers stand only a few blocks apart in the Belgian capital’s Molenbeek neighborhood. After a string of attacks in recent years linked to its grimy streets in central Brussels, a key question arises: Why Belgium? The tiny nation […]

Court issues yearlong ban on former Parkway Gardens directors

FAIRFIELD — Former homeowners association directors who served on the board in 2013, when a receiver was appointed to take over Parkway Gardens, will not be able to seek election to a new five-member board – a Thursday court order that former director Minnie Noble says discriminates against her. Solano County Superior Court Judge Paul […]

Fairfield police log: Nov. 18, 2015

5:45 a.m. — Vehicle theft, sub-100 block of CORTEZ COURT 8:45 a.m. — Grand theft, 500 block of PARKER ROAD 9:12 a.m. — Drunk and disorderly, COOLIDGE STREET 9:24 a.m. — Trespassing, 2700 block of NORTH TEXAS STREET 11:09 a.m. — Forgery, 4800 block of AUTO PLAZA COURT 11:18 a.m. — Forgery, 1000 block of WEBSTER STREET 11:35 a.m. — Battery, 1000 block of WEBSTER […]

5 questions on where the GOP presidential race is headed

We are about three months away from the Iowa caucuses. No one is technically “winning” a race in which no votes have been cast and in an era when polls are highly suspect. Predicting what we will have three weeks from now, let alone three months, is a fool’s errand. But there are questions, the […]

Kamala Harris undercuts California’s Prop. 209

Proposition 209, passed by California voters in 1996, bars race, ethnicity or gender preferences in hiring, college admissions and other governmental actions. The measure, which has survived multiple legal challenges, is a section of the state constitution. Attorney General Kamala Harris took an oath to “support and defend . . . the constitution of the […]

France has had its 9/11: What happens next?

Paris is getting back to life as usual after Friday’s attacks, if you discount the armed police on the streets and a general sense of grief. But for France, the question of what President Francois Hollande should do, now that he has declared the nation at war, remains unanswered. This situation is completely different from […]

Fairfield police log: Nov. 13, 2015

6:12 a.m. — Vehicle burglary, 1400 block of WOOLNER AVENUE 7:26 a.m. — Hit-and-run property damage, AIR BASE PARKWAY 7:41 a.m. — Vehicle theft, 4500 block of PASEO DRIVE 10:44 a.m. — Forgery, 600 block of BECK AVENUE 1:23 p.m. — Indecent exposure, 1800 block of NORTH TEXAS STREET 1:42 p.m. — Vehicle burglary, 800 block of EAST TABOR AVENUE 2:32 p.m. — Trespassing, 2700 block of NORTH TEXAS […]

Missouri University execs tucked tail, ran

The events at the University of Missouri were shameful, ugly, racist, intimidating and, from the standpoint of the group of mostly black students, completely successful. It all started, as you know, when Tim Wolfe, the president, failed to show enough anger at several alleged racial incidents on the Mizzou campus. Before going any further, I […]

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