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Ohio patrolman acquitted in 2 deaths amid 137-shot barrage

CLEVELAND — A white patrolman who fired down through the windshield of a suspect’s car at the end of a 137-shot barrage that left the two unarmed black occupants dead was acquitted Saturday of criminal charges by a judge who said he could not determine the Cleveland officer alone fired the fatal shots. Michael Brelo, 31, […]

Harvey Girls recognized for role in history of American West

SANTA FE, N.M. — New Mexico recognized the legacy of the Harvey Girls on Saturday, the thousands of women credited with helping transform the West by taking waitressing jobs along the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway line. Gov. Susana Martinez and the mayors of Santa Fe and Albuquerque declared the day as Harvey Girls […]

Oregon community takes unusual approach to sea lion problem

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — An Oregon community is bringing in some unusual help to try to fix their sea lion problem. They’re hoping a fake killer whale from Bellingham, Washington, will do the trick. KING-TV reports that Terry Buzzard of Island Mariner Cruises has used the life-size mock orca to promote his business during parades and events. […]

Missouri suspect in killing of woman, teen son is dead

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man accused of holding his former girlfriend captive in a crate at their home in western Missouri then fatally shooting her and her teenage son, was shot and killed Saturday, authorities said. Law enforcement officers killed James Barton Horn Jr., 47, at a state wildlife area in western Missouri, south of […]

Protests, arrests after Ohio officer’s acquittal in 2 deaths

CLEVELAND — Police in riot gear made numerous arrests overnight as protesters took to the streets after a judge found a city police officer not guilty in the deaths of two unarmed black suspects killed in a barrage of police gunfire. Michael Brelo, 31, faces administrative charges while remaining suspended without pay after his acquittal Saturday […]

Government never just ‘asks’ for money

In a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric – and disregard of reality. One of the ways of fighting poverty, he proposed, was to “ask from society’s lottery winners” that they make a “modest investment” in government programs to help the poor. […]

Fighting immigration boosts global inequality

Keeping immigrants out has become a top priority for many countries and, partly as a result, the flow of money from migrant workers to their families in the developing world is about to stop growing. That’s like freezing aid from developed countries to poorer ones and it may not ultimately benefit the richer nations. European […]

Huckabee’s scientific beliefs hard to fathom in 2015

You might be wondering how a discovery in Kenya of stone tools believed to be 3.3 million years old could possibly have any bearing on this year’s presidential election. Then again, you might think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written in this column, but, let me explain. The discovery, announced this week, said […]

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Let’s review Measure P progress

Fairfield’s Measure P (1 percent sales tax) passed in November 2012 and is halfway through its scheduled lifetime. Remember, the city said it was for five years. Let’s see how it’s doing. Measure P more than doubled the city’s sales tax rate, from 0.75 percent to 1.75 percent. Improving economic conditions put about $16 million […]

You want hypotheticals? Here’s one

WASHINGTON — Ramadi falls. The Iraqi army flees. The great 60-nation anti-Islamic State coalition so grandly proclaimed by the Obama administration is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it’s the defense minister of Iran who flies into Baghdad, an unsubtle demonstration of who’s in charge – while the U.S. air campaign proves futile and America’s alleged […]

SB 227 brings concerns about personal freedoms

Our California State Senate has, in its rush to please some protestors, passed SB 227, “by a vote of 23-12 with the majority vote coming from Democrats,” although not a surprise. This is an article from the Sacramento Bee dated May 12, 2015. This was done, allegedly, to give more open access to the public. There […]

Suisun City park fees plan raises questions

This is in response to the “All Montebello residents may soon pay for park” from May 7 in the Daily Republic. I may not have a full understanding of what’s happening here with Suisun City putting up to a vote of 684 residents to find out if they want to pay for the maintenance for a […]

The Incredible Bulk is on the job

My girlfriend Cathi’s answer to two unwanted trees that had planted themselves in the backyard and quickly grown to more than 20 feet was to pay someone to cut them down. Pay? Hello, you’ve got a strapping young(ish) man standing right in front of you built like a Greek god. (That god would be Silenus, the […]

Yellen takes back seat to China

Traders have been panicking over the sudden rise in global bond yields triggered by the expected tapering of the Federal Reserve’s stimulus programs. But an unlikely savior may emerge to limit the damage: China. That’s the view of researchers at Oxford Economics, who think the world’s second-largest economy is starting to eclipse the United States […]

Are we really short on defense spending?

WASHINGTON — Celebrations memorializing the end of World War II in Europe should remind us that in the 70 years since victory was declared, this country has been preparing for the next great war while actually fighting smaller ones. The Dec. 7, 1941, surprise Japanese attack so embedded itself in the American psyche that avoiding […]

Question of the week: Should the City Council provide more financial support to keep the Fairfield Center for Creative Arts open under management by the Downtown Theatre Foundation for the Arts?

The city will triple incentives to up to $120,000 a year to the Downtown Theatre Foundation for the Arts in proposed changes that also mean Fairfield will cover most utility costs for the Texas Street building – amendments that the theater foundation says must be approved or it will vacate the building. Should the City […]

Can Scott Walker capitalize on Jeb Bush’s stumbles?

The 2016 presidential race took an unexpected turn. Jeb Bush took an agonizingly long time to get to the obvious answer on Iraq: “Here’s the deal: If we’re all supposed to answer hypothetical questions – knowing what we know now, what would you have done – I would have not engaged. I would not have […]

Brown correct not to squander windfall cash

The state’s revenue system is, as we should all know by now, increasingly dependent on taxes from a relative handful of high-income Californians. When they generate big returns on investments, state revenue soars, and when capital markets slow, revenue plunges. The Capitol tends to spend like the proverbial drunken sailor when money pours in and […]

Solano College bachelor’s degrees near reality

At an event to honor one of our students, I found myself sitting next a woman who told me she graduated from Solano Community College when she was in her 30s. After that, she stopped attending college. She said it was too bad Solano College did not offer a four-year degree in her field of […]

NYC rapper Chinx killed in early morning shooting

NEW YORK — A New York rapper who was part of French Montana’s Coke Boys group is dead after an early morning shooting. Police say Lionel Pickens died at a Queens hospital. The 31-year-old, who performed as Chinx, had been shot multiple times in the chest around 4 a.m. Sunday at Queens Boulevard and 84th […]

Taylor Swift wins 8 at Billboard Awards; Kanye gets booed

LAS VEGAS — Taylor Swift dominated the Billboard Music Awards with eight wins, including top artist, while Kanye West was booed during his performance that closed the three-hour event. Swift also won top Billboard 200 album for “1989” and top female artist Sunday night. “Oh, this is such a good night!” she said after winning the […]

Lynch back in fold for ‘Twin Peaks’ revival

NEW YORK — David Lynch’s exit from Showtime’s revival of “Twin Peaks” turned out to be just another plot twist. The drama’s co-creator is back in the fold. Showtime confirmed Saturday that Lynch is back and will direct new episodes of the series, which originally aired on ABC in the early 1990s. Showtime President David […]

‘Pitch Perfect 2′ leaves ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in the dust

LOS ANGELES — The ladies of “Pitch Perfect 2″ hit all the right notes opening weekend, amassing a $70.3 million debut, according to Rentrak estimates Sunday. The Elizabeth Banks-directed sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit and video-on-demand phenomenon cost Universal Pictures only $29 million to produce and was expected to open in the $50 million range. […]

2 sisters adopted separately meet in NYC writing class

NEW YORK — Two women who took a writing class at Columbia University found that their own stories were better than fiction. They were sisters born to the same teenage mother in the early 1980s and adopted by different families. The New York Times reports that Lizzie Valverde and Katy Olson discovered they were sisters during […]

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