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Immigration activists urge Obama to act boldly

WASHINGTON — Latinos and immigration activists are warning of political peril for President Barack Obama and Democrats in the fall election unless the president acts boldly and soon to curb deportations and allow more immigrants to remain legally in the U.S. Many activists say Obama has been slow to grasp the emotions building within the […]

Egg hunt a splash

VACAVILLE — The pool was hopping as children scrambled for dozens of eggs laid in the warm waters of the Graham Aquatic Center. The city’s second annual underwater egg hunt made a splash – close to 175 people participated, said Recreation Supervisor Jackie Beecham. “We more than doubled our participation from last year,” she said. Separated by […]

Police arrest man suspected of recording woman in bathroom

VACAVILLE — Police arrested an employee at a local business Friday who is suspected of secretly recording a woman using the restroom. Vacaville police arrested Christian Eugene Bradley, 23, of Vacaville, at a business on the 900 block of Merchant Street after an investigation of a report from a woman who said she found a cellphone camera recording her […]

4 nights of paving on Highway 12

FAIRFIELD – The California Department of Transportation will perform four consecutive nights of paving work on Highway 12 between Walters Road in Suisun City and Highway 113 starting at 8:30 p.m. Sunday. Crews will repair and repave the roadway which has deteriorated over time. The work is scheduled to be completed by 5 a.m. Thursday. Work will […]

San Francisco wants end to fire hydrant painting

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco officials say guerilla artists who are painting fire hydrants without city permission are creating public safety hazards and costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 35 to 40 fire hydrants have been painted in silver, neon-green and other colors in recent months. Officials say the city has […]

Body of missing Bay Area hiker found on Mt. Tam

MILL VALLEY — Searchers have found the body of a Northern California woman who’s been missing since early April on Mount Tamalpais. Magdalena Glinkowski was last seen March 30 in a parking lot to the popular hiking spot north of San Francisco. The search for the 33-year-old Menlo Park woman was suspended last week, but […]

Missing Polish paintings found in Santa Rosa

SANTA ROSA — Dozens of missing paintings by a Polish artist have been found in a storage facility in Northern California. Hanna “Kali” Weynerowska, who lived in San Francisco for 45 years, had bequeathed 78 artworks to a Polish government museum before her death in 1998. But then the paintings disappeared. This month, FBI agents […]

A look at Ukraine’s fast-growing Russian gas bill

MOSCOW — The amount Russia says it is owed by Ukraine’s cash-strapped government for natural gas has ballooned as if by magic — from $1.7 billion at the beginning of April to a staggering $35.4 billion, according to a letter sent by President Vladimir Putin this week to 18 European leaders. Here’s a look at […]

Ukraine PM: Regions should have more powers

DONETSK, Ukraine — Ukraine’s prime minister went on a charm offensive Friday as he visited the country’s southeast, pledging to give regions more powers and to defend the rights of Russian speakers. Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with regional officials who once opposed his new government in Kiev, but not with protesters occupying government buildings in the […]

Donetsk Republic: Ukraine’s one-building autonomy

DONETSK, Ukraine — To reach the People’s Republic of Donetsk, you need to pass a few club-wielding young men in masks, wind through a narrow corridor of sand-filled sacks and enter a gray office tower standing in the heart of this eastern Ukrainian city. The self-styled autonomous territory — really just an 11-story government building […]

More global warming baloney from Showtime

Wow! As if 23 hours a day of global warming propaganda isn’t enough to terrify us and make us believers, now a nine-part series will air on Showtime starting this Sunday. In case you’re wondering how even-handed it will be, seeing the title, “Year of Living Dangerously,” might offer a clue. According to a column […]

Celebrate local talent with ‘Godspell’

Wow! I had the opportunity to attend a production of “Godspell” at the Fairfield Center for Creative Arts recently and I was blown away by the amazing talent we have performing right here in our own city. Every one of the performers had the most incredible voices and acting skills. The entire ensemble had incredible […]

Is the GOP about to soften its hard stance against immigration?

The Republican Party has long been known for its hard stance against illegal immigration. But former Florida governor Jeb Bush – widely seen as a contender for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016 – is sounding a different note, saying that many immigrants come to the United States as an “act of love” to provide […]

FPPC gains power, lacks a chairperson

Whether it’s football, tiddlywinks, poker or politics, the rules of the game can play a big role in determining who wins. Every election produces examples of that adage – of elections won or lost because of the rules governing voting procedures, setting the boundaries of legislative or congressional districts, limiting campaign contributions and/or expenditures, or […]

Designated drivers and seatbelts

I’ve written many columns about my brother Ken, who killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide on Mother’s Day 1990. I’ve covered suicide and murder-suicide, as well as domestic violence. But what I haven’t written about is what happened the day before. Before I get into it, I have to say that I was motivated […]

Through the immigration looking glass

SAN DIEGO — With many issues, the more you study them, the more likely you are to understand them. But with the immigration debate, the closer you follow it, the more likely you are to go stark raving mad. This probably suits the Obama administration just fine. At this point, it’s obvious that the main […]

GM case may once again undermine confidence

General Motors is in a world of hurt. With 6.3 million cars under recall and at least 13 fatalities associated with faulty ignition switches in Chevrolet Cobalts, the outlook for the corporate giant would be bad enough. But with evidence that the car maker knew about the ignition problem for at least a decade and […]

Group needs a place to meet

I am a member of the Society of Military Widows. We are a support group for widows of active duty and retired military members. For numerous years we had our monthly meeting at the Fairfield Senior Center, until the city decided we could not use the facility for meetings unless all members were residents of […]

Conservatives back minimum wage hike

From the moment Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed America’s first minimum wage law in 1938 (25 cents per hour, or $11 a week), conservatives have fought increases every time and everywhere they’ve been proposed. It would cost millions of jobs, industrialists and business interests argue every time anyone tries to boost the minimum. Meanwhile, executive salaries […]

Bullet train faces withering series of hurdles

The California High-Speed Rail Authority plans to begin construction this year on a bullet train system that is supposed to eventually stretch 500 miles from Sacramento to San Diego. It will be, at most, a modest beginning. The agency only has enough money – maybe – for 130 miles of non-electrified track from Madera to […]

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The pope hoes a long, uphill row

I like Pope Francis, too, though I won’t be thoroughly smitten by him until he changes his mind on celibacy, contraception and equality for women in the church. Still, he seems like a good man, and his humility and modesty appear to be having a healthy influence on his flock. Recently, Francis rid the church […]

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Question of the week: Do you agree with Supreme Court on donations ruling?

The United States Supreme Court last week struck down limits on the amount of money individuals can give to candidates, political parties and political action committees. Do you agree with the ruling? Participate in this week’s poll: Last week’s results: Who will win more games this season? San Francisco Giants: 61 percent Oakland Athletics: 39 […]

Question of the week: Do you agree with Supreme Court on donations ruling?

The United States Supreme Court last week struck down limits on the amount of money individuals can give to candidates, political parties and political action committees. Do you agree with the ruling? Participate in this week’s poll: Last week’s results: Who will win more games this season? San Francisco Giants: 61 percent Oakland Athletics: 39 […]

Army may never learn motive of Fort Hood rampage

FORT HOOD, Texas — Despite evidence that suggests Spc. Ivan Lopez had an argument before going on a shooting rampage, investigators said they may never determine what compelled the Fort Hood soldier to kill three soldiers and wound 16 others before taking his own life. Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, Fort Hood’s commander, said that an […]

Candidates for Afghanistan’s presidential election

Eight candidates are vying to succeed President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan’s election on Saturday. A look at the field: ABDULLAH ABDULLAH: Having gained 31 percent of the vote as runner-up to Karzai in the disputed 2009 elections, Abdullah has an advantage in name recognition and political organization. He was a close aide to the late […]

Afghans defy Taliban threat to vote in droves

KABUL, Afghanistan — Millions of Afghans defied Taliban threats and rain Saturday, underscoring their enormous expectations from an election that comes as the country’s wobbly government prepares to face down a ferocious insurgency largely on its own. With combat forces from the U.S.-led coalition winding down a 13-year presence and the mercurial Hamid Karzai stepping […]