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Police: US airman shoots Walmart workers, kills self

The father and girlfriend of a U.S. Air Force airman accused of a deadly shooting at a Walmart Supercenter in North Dakota early Tuesday are saying little about the man. Grand Forks police say 21-year-old Marcell Willis walked into the store and opened fire with a handgun, killing one worker and injuring a second before […]

Cleveland, US Justice Department announce police settlement

CLEVELAND — Cleveland agreed to sweeping changes in how its police officers use force, treat the community and deal with the mentally ill, under a settlement announced Tuesday with the federal government that will put the 1,500-member department under an independent monitor. The settlement was made public three days after a white Cleveland patrolman was […]

Supreme Court to hear Texas Senate districts case

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to hear an important case about whether states must count only those who are eligible to vote, rather than the total population, when drawing electoral districts for their legislatures. The case from Texas could be significant for states with large immigrant populations, including Latinos who are children or […]

Floodwaters deepen in Houston after city gets more rain

HOUSTON — Floodwaters deepened across much of Texas on Tuesday as storms dumped almost another foot of rain on the Houston area, stranding hundreds of motorists and inundating the famously congested highways that serve the nation’s fourth-largest city. Meanwhile, the search went on for at least 13 people who were still missing, including a group […]

Vermont’s Sanders kicks off 2016 bid from Clinton’s left

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders kicked off his longshot presidential campaign Tuesday with a pitch to liberals in the Democratic Party and others who want change from a “rigged economy” that favors the rich. Sanders vowed to make income inequality, a campaign finance overhaul and climate change his leading issues as he takes […]

Study peeks into healthy brains to hunt Alzheimer’s culprit

WASHINGTON — Sticky plaque gets the most attention, but now healthy seniors at risk of Alzheimer’s are letting scientists peek into their brains to see if another culprit is lurking. No one knows what actually causes Alzheimer’s, but the suspects are its two hallmarks — the gunky amyloid in those brain plaques or tangles of […]

Amtrak to install long-sought cameras in locomotives

WASHINGTON — Amtrak said Tuesday it will install video cameras inside locomotive cabs to record the actions of train engineers, a move that follows a deadly derailment earlier this month in which investigators are searching for clues to the train engineer’s actions before the crash. The Amtrak engineer, Brendan Bostian, suffered a head injury in […]

Greece’s Syriza part leaders reject non-payment of debt

ATHENS, Greece — A call by hardliners within Greece’s ruling Radical Left Coalition (Syriza) party to not pay the next installment to the International Monetary Fund and to nationalize the country’s banks has been narrowly defeated. Syriza’s central committee rejected the proposal by the party’s Left Platform on a vote of 95-75 and one blank […]

Dutch prime minister thanks American liberators

MARGRATEN, Netherlands — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid tribute Sunday at a Memorial Day ceremony to U.S. troops who fought and died liberating the Netherlands from Nazi occupation in World War II, while NATO’s supreme commander said the fight to defend freedom continues to this day. Thousands of people sat under blue skies and wispy […]

Polish president concedes defeat after exit poll released

WARSAW, Poland — Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski conceded defeat in the county’s presidential election Sunday after an exit poll showed him trailing Andrzej Duda, a previously little-known right-wing politician. If the exit poll is confirmed by official results, which are due Monday, it marks a significant blow to the ruling Civic Platform party ahead of more […]

Theater decision erodes public confidence

Tuesday’s decision by the Fairfield City Council to amend the agreement between the city and the Downtown Theatre Foundation for the Arts left many confused or bitter. The city is about halfway through a five-year contract with the foundation that originally was budgeted to cost the city $72,000 per year, which will now cost the […]

Court ruling undercuts UFW

Thirteen years ago, the Capitol’s Democrats tried to resuscitate the United Farm Workers Union’s moribund efforts to organize California agriculture by enacting a union-friendly mediation process. The bills that Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson and Senate President Pro Tem John Burton carried and Gov. Gray Davis signed empowered the Agricultural Labor Relations Board to order mandatory […]

Sound off for May 24, 2015

Changes to the city’s contract with the Downtown Theatre Foundation for the Arts that include tripling incentive pay for performances at the Texas Street site won approval Tuesday on a 4-1 vote by the City Council. Here are some comments from DR readers: It is a great venue and I wish more people would attend. I […]

Nearly 40 killed in Mexico gun battles

ECUANDUREO, Mexico — About 40 people were killed Friday in what authorities described as a fierce gunbattle between suspected drug traffickers and federal forces on a ranch in western Mexico, the deadliest such confrontation in recent memory. Almost all the dead were suspected criminals, said a Federal Police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity […]

IS loyalist claim responsibility for bombing

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — A suicide bomber unleashed a blast in a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia as worshippers commemorated the birth of a revered saint, killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens more in the deadliest attack seen in the kingdom in more than a decade. Loyalists of the Islamic State group […]

‘Yes’ vote expected in Irish gay marriage vote

DUBLIN — Voters determined to have their voice heard on gay marriage turned out in strength Friday for Ireland’s most hard-fought referendum in decades, a contest that pitted the liberal forces of social change against the nation’s conservative Catholic foundation. Polls closed at 10 p.m. after 15 hours of voting that featured long-distance trips by […]

Signs for garage sale stolen

I placed an ad in the Daily Republic on May 14 and bought a couple of packs of garage sale signs. That evening I hung up all my signs in Suisun City off of Worley Road and Railroad Avenue and throughout the area. I went out to pick up my signs May 15 after my sale and […]

Where is the rest of the money listed?

I have a question for the Daily Republic concerning Ryan McCarthy’s article published May 6, 2015: “$707,594 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds spending wins Fairfield approval.” When I added up the money that the five named organizations will be receiving, that amount total was $479,650. So my question is, where does the remainder $222,944 […]

Sacrifices are not in vain

Remember that Memorial Day is for the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. If they could speak, they would tell us they are at peace – which after all is why they served – to preserve or restore peace. In that purpose every deceased solider has succeeded. That’s why no soldier ever died […]

DR failed to cover PSA event

On Saturday, May 16, 2015, I had the privilege of going to the Public Safety Academy to see their World War II Museum that the students created. The museum was made for the community. Amazing information was given by the students in the form of displays, video interviews, dioramas and static display of three World […]

Solano Office of Education showcases student art

FAIRFIELD — Some of the best local artists, in the fourth through 12th grades, will exhibit art in the Solano County Student Art Faire through Wednesday at the Solano County Office of Education, 5100 Business Center Drive. Viewing is free and open to the public between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday. […]

David Letterman signs off for the final time

NEW YORK — Comedy stars from Steve Martin to Tina Fey and the rock band Foo Fighters ushered David Letterman into retirement Wednesday after 33 years and 6,028 broadcasts of his late-night shows on CBS and NBC. His final “Late Show” broadcast ran long, some 17 minutes over its usual hour, and CBS planned to […]

Letterman’s final Top 10 list

The Top 10 list on David Letterman’s final show before retirement on Wednesday, delivered by celebrities. The category was “Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave.” 10. Alec Baldwin: “Of all the talk shows, yours was the most geographically convenient to my home.” 9. Barbara Walters: “Did you know you wear the same cologne […]

Godzilla creator sues American film studio

TOKYO — Japanese movie studio Toho Co. said Wednesday it is suing Voltage Pictures and a director in a lawsuit complaining that promotions of an upcoming film infringe on its copyright to Godzilla. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in a federal court in Los Angeles over use of images from the 2014 “Godzilla” movie and […]

Iowa town opens up museum dedicated to John Wayne

WINTERSET, Iowa — Like many rural communities, the central Iowa city of Winterset has an idyllic town square, variety stores and a historic movie theater. But Winterset also has a unique claim to fame: It’s the birthplace of John Wayne, and a new museum opening here is celebrating the late actor’s life, career and local […]

Naked woman detained after walking on bridge

OAKLAND — The California Highway Patrol says a woman has been taken for a mental evaluation after police caught her walking naked on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Officer Kevin Bartlett says officers were responding to a report of a crash involving at least two vehicles Tuesday afternoon near Treasure Island when they learned of […]

3rd dead whale washes ashore in San Francisco Bay Area beach

PACIFICA — A dead whale was found on a beach south of San Francisco on Tuesday, the same day two other dead whales that washed up weeks apart were being buried nearby after neighbors complained of their rotting smell. The cetacean appears to be an adult gray whale, about 40 feet long, California Academy of […]

College chain calls California suspension unwarranted

SAN FRANCISCO — A for-profit college company that has been ordered to stop enrolling students with GI Bill benefits at its 15 California campuses says the action is unfortunate and unwarranted. The California Department of Veterans Affairs temporarily suspended ITT Educational Services last week. State officials said they took the action because the Indiana-based chain […]

Oil pipeline spills about 21,000 gallons off California coast

GOLETA — An estimated 21,000 gallons of crude oil dumped into the ocean from a broken pipeline just off the central California coast before it was shut off on Tuesday, creating a spill stretching about 4 miles along the beach, the U.S. Coast Guard said. Santa Barbara County health officials have shut down Refugio State […]

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