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Solano residents have several houses of worship

By From page SOL8 | August 25, 2013

FAIRFIELD — A variety of faiths make their home in Solano County.

Weekly sermon topics for many of  them can be found in Saturday’s edition of the Daily Republic.

Local churches include:

Allendale Union Chapel, 4844 Store Road, Elmira, 469-8437.

A New Creation Deliverance Ministries, Courtyard by Marriott, 1350 Holiday Lane, Fairfield, 386-9605 or 344-8494.

Ark of the Covenant, 260 Link Road, Suite F, Fairfield, 426-2414.

Bay North Church of Christ, 1720 W. Texas St., Fairfield. 435-0200, www.baynorthchurchofchrist.org.

Berean Baptist Church, 1147 Broadway St., Fairfield. 428-4620, www.bereanbaptistfairfield.com.

Bethany Lutheran Church, 621 S. Orchard Ave., Vacaville. 451-6675, www.bethanylutheranvv.org.

Bethel Community Church, 600 E. Tabor Ave., Fairfield. 427-1415.

C3 Church, 1600 Union Ave., 344-3260, www.C3fairfield.com.

Calvary Baptist Church, 600 Gregory St. Fairfield, 422-7037, www.cbcf.net.

Calvary Chapel Rio Vista, 241 Main St., Rio Vista, 374-2579, www.calvarychapelriovista.com.

Calvary Chapel Solano, 1180 Western St., Fairfield, 438-0700, www.calvarysolano.org.

Casa De Oracion De Fairfield, 1215 Tabor Ave., Fairfield, 916-804-4405.

Celebration Christian Center, 1837 Blossom Ave., Fairfield. 422-5250, www.celebrationfairfield.com.

Christian Body Life Fellowship, 1201 Marshall Road, 452-1211, www.cblf707.com.

Christian Church of Vacaville , 66 Vine St., Vacaville, 448-8778, www.christianchurchofvacaville.org.

Church of Christ – Rockville, 4221 Suisun Valley Road, Fairfield. 864-0600, www.rockvillecofc.com.

Church of Christ, 401 Fir St., Vacaville, 448-5085, www.vacavillecofc.com.

Church of God at Vacaville, 100 Main St., 447-1055, vacavillechurchofgod.weebly.com.

City Church 2:42, 743 E. Tabor Ave., Fairfield. 426-2172, www.citychurch242.org.

Community Christian Church, 1801 Woolner Ave., Fairfield, 419-1226, www.ccchurchsolano.org.

Community Presbyterian Church, 425 Hemlock St., Vacaville. 448-5055, www.communitypresbyterian.com.

Community United Methodist Church, 1875 Fairfield Ave., Fairfield. 426-2944, www.cumcfairfieldca.org.

Congregation B’nai Israel, 1256 Nebraska St., Vallejo. 642-6526, www.bnaisrael.com.

Cornerstone Christian Church, 185 W. Cherry St., Dixon, 678-5234.

Covenant Community Church, 3870 Alamo Drive, Vacaville, 448-5234, www.cccvv.org.

Crossroads Christian Church, 190 Butcher Road, Vacaville, 446-9838, www.vvcrossroads.org.

Curry Temple CME Church, 740 Marshall Road, Vacaville, 448-1542, http://netministries.org/see/churches.exe/ch03452.

Discovery Church, 730 E. Main St., Vacaville, 451-7566, www.thediscoverychurch.com.

Elmira Baptist Church, 6111 California Pacific Road, Elmira, 447-8989, www.elmirafamily.com.

Epiphany Episcopal Church, 300 West St., Vacaville. 448-2275, www.epiphanychurchvacaville.org.

Fairfield Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 2020 Walters Road, Fairfield, 425-2163.

Fairfield Christian Reformed Church, 300 Marigold Drive, Fairfield, 426-1006, www.fairfieldcrc.org/index.cfm.

Fairfield Church of Christ, 2200 Fairfield Ave., Fairfield, 425-2373, www.ffchurchofchrist.org.

Fairfield Church of God, 930 Empire St., Fairfield. 425-0150.

Fairfield-Suisun Christian Center Ministries, 315 Marina Center, Suisun City. 426-2983, www.forministry.com/USCANONDEFSC1.

Fairfield Community Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1101 E. Tabor Ave., Fairfield. 426-6720, http://fairfield25.adventistchurchconnect.org.

Fairfield Freewill Baptist Church, 3060 Travis Blvd., Fairfield, 425-4411.

Fairfield Presbyterian Church, 2100 Pennsylvania Ave., Fairfield, 425-6727.

Faith Missionary Baptist Church, 5100 Maple Road, Vacaville, 448-1794.

Faith Community of Vacaville, 192 Bella Vista Road, Vacaville, 451-2026, www.vacavillefaith.org.

Faith Family Bible Church, 157 Leisure Way, Vacaville, 451-8375, www.faithfamilybiblechurch.org.

Family Celebration Center, 5045 Fulton Drive, Suite E, Fairfield, 864-5653, www.familycelebrationcenter.com.

Fellowship Baptist Church, 3321 Farrell Road, Vacaville, 447-8009, fbcvacaville.com.

First Assembly of God, 2207 Union Ave., Fairfield, 425-3612, www.1agff.org.

First Baptist Church, 1108 Washington St., Fairfield, 422-2500, www.fbc-fairfield.org.

First Baptist Church of Vacaville, 1127 Davis St., Vacaville. 448-6209.

First Christian Church, 199 Marina Blvd., Suisun City, 428-4284, www.1stChristianchurch.org.

First Church of Religious Science, 223 Springs Road, Vallejo, 644-5971, www.fcrsvallejo.org.

Flames of Fire Outreach Ministries, worships at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 1600 Union Ave., Fairfield. 563-4012.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1030 Redwood St., Vallejo, 552-0115, www.goodshepherdvallejo.org.

Grace Baptist Church, 1000 Blue Jay Drive, Suisun City, 429-8895.

Grace Community Church, Vanden High School, 2951 Markeley Lane, Fairfield, 534-3242, www.gccvv.org.

Grace Episcopal Church, 1405 Kentucky St., Fairfield, 425-4481, www.gracechurchfairfield.org.

Ground Breakers: A Progressive Christian Gathering, Balfour-Beatty Community Center, 1000 First St., Travis Air Force Base, 673-4173,

Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, 2948 Rockville Road, Fairfield, 421-0707, www.fairfieldsikhtemple.com.

Harvest Church, 310 Parker St., Vacaville, 427-8378, www.707harvest.com.

Harvest Community Church, meets at the Northern Solano County Association of Realtors building, 3690 Hilborn Road, Fairfield, 330-2054, www.hccfairfield.com.

Harvest Family Life Center, 2500 N. Texas St., Suite F, Fairfield, 422-5200.

Harvest Time Christian Center, 1000 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo, 644-3707.

Holy Family Old Catholic Church, meets at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 1600 Union Ave., Fairfield. 425-1748, http://holyfamilyfairfield.org.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 1050 N. Texas St., Fairfield. 425-3138, www.holyspiritfairfield.org.

Hope Christian Church, 149 Grobric Court, Fairfield. 864-LOVE, www.hopechristianchurch.net.

Iglesia Ni Cristo, 1076 Horizon Drive, Fairfield, 650-826-0058.

Kingdom Center, 2550 N. Texas St., Suite H, Fairfield, 428-4040.

Liberty Christian Center, 2641 N. Texas St., Fairfield, 425-9673, www.lccword.org.

Life Changing Reality Christian Center, 1425 N. Texas St., Fairfield, 428-4673, www.lifechangingreality.org.

Lighthouse Full Life Center, 601 Whispering Bay Lane, Suisun City, 888-853-1117.

Living Grace Fellowship, 364 Pittman Road, No. 7, Fairfield, 864-9960, http://lgfchurch.org.

Living Water Missionary Baptist Church, 635 William St., Vacaville, 447-9193.

Living Waters Christian Fellowship, 1142 Marshall Road, Vacaville, 450-9288.

Living Word Fellowship Presbyterian Church, 2100 Pennsylvania Ave., Fairfield. 425-6727.

Living Worship Christian Center, 312 Mini Drive, Vallejo, 426-3488.

Macedonia Church of God in Christ, 425 Walters Road, Suisun City, 425-3135.

Mount Calvary Baptist Church, 1735 Enterprise Drive, Building 3, Fairfield, and 601 Whispering Bay Lane, Suisun City,  425-1849, www.mountcalvarychurch.org.

New Beginnings Baptist Church, meets at Will C. Wood High School, 998 Marshall Road, Vacaville, 429-5330.

New Community Church, meets at Living Word Presbyterian Fellowship, 2100 Pennsylvania Ave., Fairfield, 416-2302, http://newcommunitychurch.us.

New Covenant Worship, 1735 Enterprise Drive, Building 1, Suite 205B, Fairfield, 450-7279.

New Hope Christian Fellowship, 4910 Allison Parkway, Vacaville, 446-4051, www.newhopevv.com.

New Hope Church of the Nazarene, 1891 Woolner Ave., Suite E, Fairfield, 421-2062, www.fairfieldnewhope.org.

New Life Church, 5900 Cherry Glen Road, Vacaville, 446-9000, www.newlifechurch.com.

Northgate Christian Fellowship, 2201 Lake Herman Road, Benicia, 747-5855, www.northgateweb.com.

North Hills Christian Church, meets at the Vacaville Cultural Arts Center, 1000 Ulatis Drive, 449-8977, www.northhills.ws.

Orchard Avenue Baptist Church, 301 N. Orchard Ave., Vacaville, 448-5848, www.orchardbaptist.org.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, 2700 Dover Ave., Fairfield, 422-7767, http://ourladyofmtcarmelfairfieldca.org/

Parkway Community Church, 2397 Heath Drive, Fairfield, 425-7675, www.eparkway.com.

Peace Baptist Church, 3276-B Sonoma Blvd, American Canyon, 642-1165 or 642-2675.

Raw Diamonds Ministry, 1250 Quail Drive, Fairfield, 628-6749.

Real Life Church, Fairfield Community Center, 1000 Kentucky St., Fairfield, 864-9620, www.rlcfairfield.com.

Restoration City Church, 730 Taylor St., Fairfield, 399-3000.

Restoration Life Church Assembly of God, 1110 Highway 12, Rio Vista, 209-679-0881.

Rockville Bible Church, 720 Link Road, Fairfield, 864-6602, http://rockvillebible.org.

Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship, 4177 Suisun Valley Road, Fairfield, 863-0581, www.rockvillepresbyterian.org.

Salvation Army Kroc Center, 586 E. Wigeon Way, Suisun City, 439-7880.

Samoan Christian Fellowship Church, 1200 Western St., Fairfield, 428-4211, http://samoanchristianfellowship.org.

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 580 Trinity Drive, Vacaville, 448-8599, www.discovertheshepherd.org.

Shiloh Baptist Church, 185 Chandler St., Vacaville, 446-4151, www.shilohvac.org.

Solano Valley Church, 1307 Oliver Road, Fairfield, 425-9463, www.solanovalley.org.

Sonrise Community Fellowship of the Nazarene, 620 Orange Drive, Vacaville, 448-2566, http://sonrise-vv.org.

Spirit & Truth Ministries, 1819 N. Texas St., Suite C, Fairfield, 284-3070.

Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, 1224 Alabama St., Vallejo, 642-6916, http://greekorthodoxvallejo.org.

St. John Lutheran Church, 78 Peabody Road, Vacaville, 469-1546, www.stjohnvacaville.org.

St. Joseph Catholic Church, 1791 Marshall Road, Vacaville, 447-2354, www.stjoseph-vacaville.org.

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 1600 Union Ave., Fairfield, 422-4741, http://stmarksfairfield.org

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 350 Stinson Ave., Vacaville, 448-2390, http://stmarysvacaville.com.

St. Matthew Baptist Church, 125 McClellan, Vacaville, 448-1560, www.stmatthewvacaville.org.

St. Paul Baptist Church, 2500 N. Texas St., Unit H, Fairfield, 422-2003, www.StPaulFairfield.com.

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 101 West St., Vacaville, 448-5154, www.stpaulsvacaville.org.

St. Stephen Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, 2301 Union Ave., Fairfield, 425-2925, www.ststephencmechurch.org

St. Timothy Orthodox Church, 4593 Central Way, Fairfield, 864-6236, www.sttimothy.us.

Summit Church, 1685 Sunset Ave., Fairfield, 688-9903, www.summitchurchfairfield.com.

Temple Baptist Church, 600 E. Tabor Ave., Fairfield, 426-5683, www.tbcfairfield.org

Templo Y’Shua (Assembly of God), meets at Fairfield Christian Reformed Church, 300 Marigold Drive, Fairfield, 425-5829.

The Door Christian Church, 1731 N. Texas St., Fairfield, 421-1675 , www.thedoorchurchfairfield.com

The Mission, 6391 Leisure Town Road, Vacaville, 448-3124, http://imissionchurch.com.

Trinity Baptist Church of Vacaville, 401 W. Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville,  448-5430, http://tbcvacaville.com

Trinity Lutheran Church, 2075 Dover Ave., Fairfield, 425-2944, www.tlcps.org.

True Love Baptist Church, 1956 Pennsylvania Ave., Fairfield, 426-2776, www.tlbcff.org.

Unified Christian Fellowship, 1390 E. Tabor Ave., Fairfield, 344-8375.

Unity Church of the Valley Spiritual Center, 350 N. Orchard Ave., Vacaville, 447-0521, www.unityvacaville.net.

Vacaville Bible Church, 490 Brown St., Vacaville, 446-8684, www.vacavillebiblechurch.com.

Vacaville Church of Christ, 401 Fir St., Vacaville, 448-5085, www.vacavillecofc.com.

Valley Church, 5063 Maple Road, Vacaville, 448-7222, http://valleychurch.com.

Victory Outreach, meets at the Fairfield Senior Center, 1200 Civic Center Drive, Fairfield. 720-9278, www.victoryoutreachfairfield.com.

Wat Chaimongkol Buddhist Temple, 1613 Fairfield Ave., Fairfield, 421-2278, www.watchaimongkolusa.org/Wat_Chai_English.html

West Wind Church, 207 Marina Center, Suisun City, 438-7711.

Word of Faith Christian Center, 650 Parker Road, Fairfield, 437-2257, www.wofccfairfield.com.

Reach John Glidden at 427-6981 or [email protected] Follow him on Twitter at www.twitter/glid24.

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