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The Rodriguez High top graduates of 2014. (First row from left to right) Alyssa Padilla, Jacob Paniccia, Raj Patel, Isabella Perez, Jason Sagara, Saroop Sandhu, Taylor Trette and Julia Woolf. (Second row from left to right) Patrick Halsted, Becky Jiras, Hannah Lee, Adena Maier, Marisa Matthews, Lanz Marthel Nagrampa and Nicole Neal. (Third row from left to right) Raiza Cloneen Balancio, Brendan Boudreaux, Allysen Calalang, Bianca Paula Cortez, Vincent DeJesus, Julianna DeVries, Rebecca Farr and Sarah Free. (Robinson Kuntz/Daily Republic)

Graduation 2014

Rodriguez High School top students 2014

By From page GRA4 | June 08, 2014

Adena Maier

Plans for next year: Attend the School of International Service at American University in Washington, D.C., where I will be majoring in International Relations. Career goal: I plan on pursuing a career in diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer. High school highlights: I am the managing editor of our school newspaper, The RHS Stampede, and have been in journalism for two years. I have also been in student leadership for the past two years. I played third seed on the varsity girl’s golf team. I was in the marching band, known as the RHSEU, for two years, as well as being in drumline for two years. I played the keyboard, synthesizer and clarinet. I was a member of National Honor Society, Advanced Placement Club, and Interact Club. Awards: American University Dean’s Scholarship, Atsuhiko Tateuchi Memorial Scholarship, American University grant, Student of the Year nominee, first place prizes in the 2014 Vacaville Campus Star Journalism competition, varsity athletic letter, academic letter. In 10 years: I hope to be completing my Ph.D. and entering my career as a Foreign Service Officer.

Alyssa Padilla

Plans for next year: Attend University of California, Santa Barbara with my twin sister. Career goal: Trauma surgeon. High school highlights: Cheering for our basketball team at Sleep Train Arena and performing half-time routines on the football field. In 10 years: Still in medical school and hopefully studying abroad.

Allysen Calalang

Plans for next year: Attending University of California, Davis and majoring in biological sciences. Career goal: I hope to become established in the medical field; whether it is to become a pharmacist, a biomedical engineer or a physical therapist, I’m really not sure yet. High school highlights: Playing my final year of varsity volleyball and having an overall great season. It was a season that I will never forget – especially senior night. Senior night was an emotional night for me and I was sad knowing it was my last season playing volleyball with so many amazing, talented girls who I looked to as sisters. Awards: Scholar Athlete, Principal’s Honor Roll. In 10 years: I will find a career that I love and that would benefit others. By that time I will have my dream dog (a husky) and my dream house in Southern California near the beach.

Becky Jiras – Salutatorian

Plans for next year: Attending University of California, Berkeley, as a biochemistry and molecular cell biology major. Career goal: I would like to become a dentist and have my own practice. High school highlights: Being able to design a senior class sweatshirt and seeing my fellow classmates wear them at school. In addition spending four years with the Rodriguez marching band playing the trumpet has been a fun and memorable experience. Awards: Salutatorian. In 10 years: I see myself graduating from UC Berkeley and attending dental school and being a successful dentist with my own practice.

Bianca Paula Cortez

Plans for next year: Attending University of California, Davis to major in electrical or computer engineering. Career goals: I aspire to become an electrical or computer engineer. High school highlights: The four years I spent on the Rodriguez badminton team, having an undefeated season my senior year with my team, along with meeting all the good friends I made throughout high school. Awards: Honor Roll, AP Scholar award, Scholar Athlete award, Highest Honors. In 10 years: I can’t exactly determine what kind of person I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in 10 years; however, I hope to be pursuing a career that I both excel in and have a passion for, which benefits both me and the people around me.

Brendan Boudreaux

Plans for next year: Attending University of California, Davis school of engineering for chemical engineering. Career goals: The chemical engineering field is very broad, but I would like to work with advancing battery technology as opposed to an oil field type of job. High school highlights: I worked as the Honor Society president during my senior year, was the main anchor for two years in the Broadcast Club; long distance track runner for three years Awards: Honor Roll, sports. In 10 years: I cannot honestly say that I have a clear image of where I will be, but I would like to believe that I will working in the field of my major doing whatever that may be.

Hannah Lee – Salutatorian

Plans for next year: I plan on attending University of California, Davis, majoring in civil engineering. Career goal: I want to work as a civil engineer focused on projects that include buildings or roads (structural engineering). High school highlights: I played flute for the Rodriguez Entertainment Unit for four years. I played varsity girl’s tennis for four years. I was president of our school’s AP Club. Played with the Solano Winds for about three years. Awards: Salutatorian. In 10 years: I see myself out of graduate school, with a civil engineering license in charge of an actual project as its manager.

Isabella Perez

Plans for next year: I plan to major in environmental engineering at the University of California, San Diego or University, of California, Davis. Career goal: To work for the Environmental Protection Agency as an environmental engineer. High school highlights: Being one of the captains of the varsity soccer team and earning a four on the Advanced Placement calculus exam. Awards: Senior Student of the Year, Scholar Athlete of the Year; Assist-A-Grad scholarship. In 10 years: I see myself working for the EPA and earning enough to support myself and a pet dog financially.

Jacob Paniccia

Plans for next year: Attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. Career goals: Although much of it is circumstantial and based on the needs of the Army, my current goals consist of graduating from West Point, earning a commission as an Army officer, branching aviation, and becoming a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot. High school highlights: After 12 long years, I was able to culminate my time in the Boy Scouts with earning the rank of Eagle Scout. As a senior I was invited by the professor of Military Science at the University of California, Los Angeles, to spend a day there with its Army ROTC detachment. In between my junior and senior years I was sponsored by American Legion Post #182 in Suisun City to go to Boys’ State. All applicants to the service academies require a nomination from a member of Congress to be admitted and I was nominated by Congressman John Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove. Awards: Most Improved junior varsity award for cross-country, National Honor Society, Academic Excellence, Scholar Athlete and AP Scholar. In 10 years: I hope to be continuing to progress in my career as an Army aviation officer. Around that time I would be expected to be a battalion executive officer or operations officer.

Jason Sagara

Plans for next year: Go to California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Career goal: To become an aerospace engineer. High school highlights: Winning my first varsity tennis match as a freshman. Awards: AP Scholar award, Scholar Athlete (all four years), Most Valuable Player of the tennis team (2013). In 10 years: Helping design improvements on rockets/satellites that could possibly discover another planet similar to Earth.

Jedediah Bruni

Plans for next year: Attend University of California, Berkeley, to pursue a major in music. Career goals: To have a career in piano. High school highlights: Going to the Reno Jazz Festival, playing as varsity water polo goalie at San Joaquin sections and being part of the winter drumline that won the 2012 championships for the Northern California Band Association circuit. Awards: Outstanding Musicianship at 2013 Reno Jazz Festival and at 2014 Folsom Jazz Festival, various water polo and swimming awards, junior class Most Valuable Player for Drumline 2013 performing around the Bay Area. In 10 years: Performing around the Bay Area.

Julia Woolf

Plans for next year: I am attending University of California, Santa Barbara, as a communications major. Career goal: I hope to go into the business marketing field. High school highlights: Being on swim team all four years of high school was a great experience that made me part of a team and family. Awards: Scholar Athlete three years in a row, academic achievement award ever year. In 10 years: I would like to be a marketing manager in a major company.

Julianna DeVries

Plans for next year: I plan to attend California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, majoring in business-accounting. Career goal: I plan to become an accountant and work for a major company, hopefully in the Bay Area. High school highlights: Some of my high school highlights include being captain of both the tennis and soccer team my senior year, performing in the Homecoming skit competition all four years, working with the Interact Club doing volunteer activities, and going to prom. Awards: Assist-A-Grad, Middle Income Scholarship, nominated for Scholar Athlete of the Year. In 10 years: I see myself working for a successful accounting company and traveling the world. Also, I promised to do my parent’s taxes.

Kelly Bruner – Valedictorian

Plans for next year: I plan to attend Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and major in international political economy. Career goal: One day I hope to serve in elected office. High school highlight: One of my best memories from high school was interning with Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, and being presented by her to the California Senate during floor session. I also started a chapter of the Junior State of America at my school and led our delegation to many statewide conventions. Awards: Valedictorian, AP Scholar with Honor, National Merit Commended Student, Rodriguez Social Studies Department Student of the Year, Assist-A-Grad Valedictorian Scholarship, John Carroll Scholarship. In 10 years: I will have recently completed graduate school and starting my career. Perhaps I will be working on a congressional campaign or just starting out at a law firm.

Lanz Nagrampa

Plans for next year: Maintaining high grades for my freshman college classes as well as adapting to college life. Career goal: Become a biomedical engineering in order to improve the lives of others in both my community and abroad. High school highlights: I was a former president of the Sacramento Valley Hi Leo Club, responsible for organizing recreational events and charitable fundraisers. I was also a consistent Rodriguez High School Key Club member and aided the club in its numerous community service activities. Awards: Burger King scholarship. In 10 years: I see myself working for a private corporation, traveling abroad, and contributing to communities abroad by applying my biomedical expertise to improve the lives of others.

Marisa Matthews

Plans for next year: I will be attending University of California, Santa Barbara, and majoring in biochemistry. Career goals: To become possibly an immunologist or neurologist and be involved with clinical research. High school highlights: Playing softball for three years, being involved with choir for two years, and having good times with my friends. In 10 years: I hopefully see myself becoming a doctor and helping my community.

Nicole Sue Jean Neal

Plan for next year: Attending University of California, Santa Cruz, and majoring in psychology. Career goal: I plan on becoming a dentist and starting my own practice. High school highlights: As a freshmen, I was the only one who got pulled up to the varsity soccer team – it was such an amazing moment. I not only got to play varsity tennis with my sister, as the No. 1 doubles partners, but I also got to experience my last year of high school on the varsity soccer team with her too. In 10 years: I see myself with my own dental practice.

Patrick Halsted

Plans for next year: I will be attending University of California, Los Angeles, as a biochemistry major. Career goal: To become a lawyer focusing on bioethical issues, specifically the issues that may present themselves from the innovations of biotechnology. High school highlights: I played water polo and swam for all four years of high school. I have been a Boy Scout throughout all four years of high school. Awards: Shell Alumni Scholarship, recognition for high achieving student and athlete all four years of high school, all-league awards for water polo, nominated for Scholar Athlete of the Year and Male Athlete of the Year. In 10 years: I either see myself working as a lawyer or traveling, exploring the various parts of the globe.

Raiza Cloneen Balancio

Plans for next year: Atttending the University of California, Irvine, majoring in biological sciences and hopefully minoring in biomedical engineering. Career goals: I want to pursue a career in the biomedical field or biotechnology field. I want to be able to work with creating antibiotics, working with GMOs, and following up research on the effects of stem cells. High school highlights: I participated in Leadership for all four years. I held office all four years as well, with freshmen year being class vice president, sophomore and junior year being class president, and senior year being Associated Student Body vice president. I’ve also played on the varsity badminton team for all four years. I took the title for undefeated Monticello Empire League singles badminton champion for junior and senior years. Awards: Senior of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year, Monticello Empire League singles champion title for 2013-14, Scholar Athlete, honors award, Mustang Coaches Award. In 10 years: I see myself working for a large biotechnology corporation such as, Genentech. I hopefully will have a family by then as well. I also want to live in the Bay Area where my whole family is located.

Raj Patel

Plans for next year: I plan on attending California State University, Sacramento, and pursuing a degree in computer science. Career goal: I plan on studying computer science and becoming a software engineer. In 10 years: I see myself with a job at a software company as a software engineer.

Rebecca Lynn Farr

Plans for next year: Attend California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo for industrial engineering. Career goals: My goal would be to work in ergonomics or systems design for a company like Google or Intel. High school highlights: One highlight was definitely giving a speech that “declared my independence from the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District.” Besides that, I also went to Reno and sang with the Rodriguez Vocal Jazz Ensemble. Awards: AP Scholar award, Scholar Athlete award, and various smaller awards. In 10 years: I hope to have a bachelor’s (and maybe a master’s) degree, have my own house, and earn enough money to help my parents and my family in the Philippines.

Sarah Free

Plans for next year: I plan on attending University of California, Santa Barbara, and will be studying biopsychology. Career goals: There are many careers I am interested in possibly pursuing including pediatrics, criminal psychology and counseling/therapy. High school highlights: One of my favorite high school memories was when I learned that I got into the college of my dreams: University of California, Santa Barbara. In 10 years: I see myself doing something that I love and living somewhere where I love.

Saroop Sandhu

Plans for next year:  I am going to be attending University of California, San Diego. Career goal: To become a lawyer in the field of international business law or patent law. It’s hard to choose just one. High school highlights: Honestly, my 11th grade Advanced Placement English language and composition class was by far one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. The rest of the highlights are just times and jokes I’ve shared with my friends. In 10 years: I see myself as an associate in the early stages of my career in a law firm.

Taylor Trette

Plans for next year: Planning to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, majoring in biology and minoring in humanitarian aid. Career goal: I hope to get a master’s as a physicians assistant and travel around the world to help rebuild health in poor countries. High school highlights: My favorite memories from Rodriguez began when I joined the varsity girls golf team as a freshman, met awesome people in all of my classes, and close with the anticipation of graduation. Awards: BYU-Provo San Francisco Bay Area chapter scholarship, Scholar Athlete, various smaller awards. In 10 years: I hope to be back in California in a stable and successful practice, and starting my own family.

Vincent DeJesus

Plans for next year: Attend University of California, Davis, and major in electrical engineering. Career goal: I really don’t know, but I would like to maybe become an electrical engineer, a stockbroker or a registered nurse. High school highlight: Meeting all my classmates, teachers and counselors who I became great friends with. They were always there for me and helped me throughout high school. Awards: Highest Honors. In 10 years: I see myself with a beautiful fiancée, living in San Francisco, working hard and making more than six digits. I want to be successful.

Susan Hiland

Susan Hiland

Susan graduated from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon with a B.A. in Communications. She has eight years experience working for newspapers in Nebraska.

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