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Can science endanger liberty?

I read an article in the British medical journal, The Lancet, discussing a book by Aldous Huxley titled “Science, Liberty, and Peace.” He found science can endanger individual liberties and freedom while promoting the centralization of power. Clearly, ideologues who believe the ends justify the means are particularly effective in using it to do so; […]

Let’s cut our national debt, today

The last time we met here, we talked about the $18 trillion national debt and the $420 billion in annual interest payments we taxpayers have to make to support that debt. We also discussed why we have a national debt: Whenever our annual federal budget runs a deficit, we must pretend to borrow that missing […]

Theater decision erodes public confidence

Tuesday’s decision by the Fairfield City Council to amend the agreement between the city and the Downtown Theatre Foundation for the Arts left many confused or bitter. The city is about halfway through a five-year contract with the foundation that originally was budgeted to cost the city $72,000 per year, which will now cost the […]

Huckabee’s scientific beliefs hard to fathom in 2015

You might be wondering how a discovery in Kenya of stone tools believed to be 3.3 million years old could possibly have any bearing on this year’s presidential election. Then again, you might think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written in this column, but, let me explain. The discovery, announced this week, said […]

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Let’s review Measure P progress

Fairfield’s Measure P (1 percent sales tax) passed in November 2012 and is halfway through its scheduled lifetime. Remember, the city said it was for five years. Let’s see how it’s doing. Measure P more than doubled the city’s sales tax rate, from 0.75 percent to 1.75 percent. Improving economic conditions put about $16 million […]

The Incredible Bulk is on the job

My girlfriend Cathi’s answer to two unwanted trees that had planted themselves in the backyard and quickly grown to more than 20 feet was to pay someone to cut them down. Pay? Hello, you’ve got a strapping young(ish) man standing right in front of you built like a Greek god. (That god would be Silenus, the […]

Solano College bachelor’s degrees near reality

At an event to honor one of our students, I found myself sitting next a woman who told me she graduated from Solano Community College when she was in her 30s. After that, she stopped attending college. She said it was too bad Solano College did not offer a four-year degree in her field of […]

Tenets of political philosophy matter

Democrat. Liberal. Progressive. Let’s think about the values of these terms. The meaning of Democrat to me is based on their principles of 60 years ago – the United States is an exceptional nation, support the Constitution and keep the government out of our face. Today’s Democratic leaders have different objectives, but I doubt that […]

Who’s more dangerous? Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton

Did you catch the April 18 pop-to-the-jaw Daily Republic editorial cartoon? A meteor hurtling to Earth, a hydrogen bomb-sized explosion, finally, a Vote for Hillary sign. So a vote for Hillary is a vote for war! Now, that might turn out to be true. Who knows? Seldom have the flames of resentment burned so hot […]

Government should consider yard-sale mentality

Residents of the Cordelia Villages area of Fairfield recently had their annual neighborhood yard sale. Nothing brings a neighborhood together like getting rid of junk and making some cash. My family was there, leaving cash in people’s hands and hauling away their junk (now our treasure). I saw many people with bicycles, even some motorcycles, […]

What state should do during drought

I was critical Saturday of the state’s approach to the present drought and resulting water shortage, specifically orders that each local and regional urban water agency reduce use based on a percentage of historical use regardless of the supply available to that agency. I even suggested that’s illegal: The state can’t deprive anyone of water […]

Water rights under attack

We all acknowledge the water supply challenges facing the state of California. Growth, environmental regulations and very likely climate change have seriously affected water supplies in many areas. The present drought has made the problems worse to the point of an emergency. But “many areas” are not “all areas.” The North Coast of California, for […]

Memorial Day a chance to celebrate veterans

As part of this year’s Memorial Day celebration in Solano County, we will be adding eight names of soldiers who have died in combat since Sept. 11, 2001, in the Global War on Terror to the war memorial at the old Solano County Courthouse, located at 580 Texas St. in Fairfield. Everyone is welcome to […]

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‘Mistakes’ not always mistakes

The word “mistake” has been used and abused since at least the Nixon Administration. In politics, “mistake” means, not something that happens by accident or, perhaps, a lack of familiarity with the subject or situation, but rather something unethical that you did deliberately. I’m talking about the former Clinton Administration aide, now ABC anchor, pretty […]

Back to the Delta

I imagine when Gov. Jerry Brown started is third term, he expected things would be easier. His Republican predecessor and the Democratic Legislature had come together to start a process that would find a final “Delta solution,” a problem that had been hanging around since Brown’s second term ended 28 years earlier. The problem, in […]

May kicks off suicide season

It’s good that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month because May also marks the kickoff of suicide season. It’s counterintuitive but suicides spike in the spring and are lowest during the winter. This anomaly was first discovered in studies in the 1880s and researchers still aren’t sure why. This week marks 25 years since my […]

Why am I writing here?

My purpose in working on The Right Stuff columns has been to state facts, ask questions and let the reader decide on an answer. Please notice, I did not say “THE answer.” For every question, as any teacher can tell you, there are many wrong answers. Our team chose this title for our work to […]

Deficits, debts and endless interest

We talked last time about cutting $1.5 trillion from the federal and state welfare costs. Since the answer to cutting welfare payments was to increase the minimum wage, many of the Daily Republic’s right-wing online commentators had a hard time accepting that solution. On one hand, they loathe supporting working Americans and their families with […]

Time to reform civil asset forfeiture laws

New Mexico approved a bill last month banning the law-enforcement procedure allowing the seizure and sale of property alleged to have been used for criminal activities, where the property owners are not convicted or even charged with a crime, commonly known as civil asset forfeiture. The bill, HB 560, requires a criminal conviction before property […]

Mentoring should be mandatory

To live life without guidance is reckless. The question is, where to find that guidance? We all need a little help navigating through the challenges of life that we all will face at some point. Unfortunately, we all also suffer from the potentially deadly disease called hardheadedness. To our demise, we often fall into self-righteousness […]

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Clinton on the attack over religious beliefs

Maybe I should talk about the most important news since, well, maybe Charles Lindbergh’s crossing of the Atlantic in his Spirit of Saint Louis, or President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Actually, this story is, in fact, getting enough coverage to become exclusively, in many cases, “The Big Story” of the day. You all know what […]

Toya Graham isn’t #momoftheyear but …

When I saw the viral video of Toya Graham slapping her brick-throwing son upside the head during the Baltimore riot, the first person I thought of was my mom. If she’d seen my brothers or me out acting stupid, she wouldn’t have hesitated to rein us in by any means necessary. There’s a lot written […]

Bullies be gone: Opt out

Liberty is our freedom to exercise constitutional rights and not be “bullied.” State assessments are voluntary. To opt-out of standardized testing is a right guaranteed by California Education Code Section 60615: “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a parent’s or guardian’s written request to school officials to excuse his or her child from any or […]

Fairfield water system a testament to sound planning

Crisis is only the most recent story about water in Fairfield.  Water is so ordinary that we don’t think about it until it gets expensive. Fairfield has a strong suit in water because the city planned it that way. We have two state-of-the-art water treatment plants: the Waterman plant and the North Bay Regional plant. […]

Vaccine bill an attack on personal liberty

California Senate Bill 277, concerning the personal belief exemption from immunization requirements for children who are entering school, has been making its way through the halls of our state Capitol. Sponsored by our state senator, Lois Wolk, a Democrat from Davis, the bill has attracted much impassioned debate. Even our Solano County supervisors chimed in […]

Public-private emergency response strategy works well in Solano

The medics are coming! The medics are coming! It’s a cry we hear many times every day. It is the result of the Solano County Emergency Medical Services public-private partnership program. The program embraces the skills and resources of paramedics at each city’s fire department and those of Medic Ambulance. The city of Vacaville is […]

Clinton makes politics interesting

In case you were wondering, the guy with the slick-backed hairdo walking with Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore’s mayor, was none other than the “Reverend” Al Sharpton. Until I saw the two of them together, I actually had a touch of sympathy for Rawlings-Blake, who has a tough job on her hands. She wants torched and looted businesses to […]

Get help for strokes FAST

My friend Pam suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or “mini-stroke” a little more than a month ago that sent her to the hospital. Longtime readers may remember columns I’ve written about Pam’s struggle with dissociative identity disorder. After the TIA, Pam moved in with her daughter and then into an assisted-living community. The American […]

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Let’s cut welfare by $1.5 trillion

As many of you longtime Daily Republic readers know, I am a fiscal conservative. Like many real economists, I believe that government budgets should be balanced, over time. They should run surpluses during good economic times, just as they should run deficits when times are tough. I have written plenty of columns, giving our legislators […]

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President Hillary. Really?

William F. Buckley said, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover there actually are other views.” When Hillary Clinton announced her run for the presidency, I was reminded of what I believed for years, that if Bill Clinton had had a moral center, […]

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