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Is Syrian refugee tale a Thanksgiving story?

The Paris terrorist attack, on Friday the 13th, shook the civilized world because we were all reminded of how easily Evil can inflict great harm in a free society. For many of us, the events resonated internally with the fear and sadness we all felt on Sept. 11th, 2001. For others, the attack simply presented […]

Defeating ISIS, returning refugees home, most humane

The conflict in the Middle East continues to create more misery and despair. Many here acknowledge their harm, while some advocate bringing it to our shores to mitigate its impact upon its hapless victims. Millions in Syria have been displaced by conflict that began as a civil war that has escalated into an international crises […]

Republican ‘prime directive:’ Preserve the wealthiest

Those who read the online comments in the Daily Republic have seen me refer to the “Republican prime directive” from time to time. It’s a construction of my own making, but it explains today’s Republican Party so well. I’ve found it a useful theory. It also explains one reason I switched from being a Republican […]

Patience key to long-term investment success

Global markets continue their turbulence, with some focus on China’s economic outlook. But while falling markets can be worrisome, maintaining a longer term perspective makes the volatility easier to handle. Too often a typical response to unsettling markets is an emotional one. We quit risky assets when prices are down and wait for more “certainty.” […]

I’m rich, maybe you can be, too

I hope you followed my advice in my April 6, 1990, column. I insisted that you should mortgage your house, take all your savings and borrow all you could to buy Nike stock at the adjusted price of $2.09 a share. If you missed that recommendation, I told you again to buy NKE April 8, […]

Curb government’s appetite for taxes

Are we taxed too much? Most of us say, yes! But we don’t try to add up all the ways government takes our dollars. Let’s do that. The biggest hit is usually what’s withheld from our pay or retirement checks. Large, too, are property taxes. Look at your annual statement; they’re all taxes. Renters, your monthly payment includes your share of your landlord’s property […]

‘Tolerance for enemies’ is head-shaking policy

For years now, I’ve been looking for a solution to destroy the Islamic State group, but it turns out I’ve been on the wrong track all this time. A letter in the Chronicle (Wednesday) showed me the error of my ways. It’s from a foreign policy and military affairs expert in Marin County, which I’d […]

Why are homegrown killings more acceptable?

The recent attacks by radical Islamic terrorists in Paris have shocked the world. In light of the brutal, cowardly raids, there’s been widespread talk of how the U.S. should respond in defending the homeland, fighting the Islamic State in the Middle East, and what we should do about the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the […]

Call Comrade CARB in event of emergency

Supposedly, El Nino is on its way. While we all want rain, I was reminded of past years that saw floods, many of which I worked on operating my dump truck. While Sierra ski resorts are now celebrating recent snowfalls, I thought back to December 1996. Lots of snow for Christmas vacation meant the resorts […]

Liberal voice shouts back at conservative screams

A conservative salvo was fired Nov. 2 by a Right Stuff committee member. It was loaded with the fiery rhetoric that often accompanies the right’s critique of society – always a critique; never a reasonable solution. Welfare is “a soul-deadening monster sucking the very life from family structure . . . .” Democratic policies “have […]

Career GPS a good tool for youth

Just as a GPS system guides our directions to a location successfully, why not use the same concept to guide youth to their career destination? Modern technology provides the luxury of easily navigating us to any destination on Earth with detailed directions, thanks to the Global Positioning System. The GPS is a set of 24 […]

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Missouri University execs tucked tail, ran

The events at the University of Missouri were shameful, ugly, racist, intimidating and, from the standpoint of the group of mostly black students, completely successful. It all started, as you know, when Tim Wolfe, the president, failed to show enough anger at several alleged racial incidents on the Mizzou campus. Before going any further, I […]

Powering up the soul for a special night

I had the pleasure Saturday of attending the Lenny Williams-Suspects of Soul concert at the sold-out Fairfield Center for Creative Arts with my brother Tony and granddaughter Lauryn. The evening began with a clunky performance by comedian Kevin Munroe, who misread the audience with his edgy humor. Besides, a comedian wasn’t necessary as the crowd was […]

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Political correctness run amok

This is a story of political correctness run wild. If you haven’t seen the details, it’s centered in the Chicago suburb of Riverside, and has demonstrated that there are no limits to the weight of President Barack Obama’s minions when it comes to enforcing their Stalinist view of minority appeasement. In this case, the “minority” […]

Shortage of leadership cause of state’s water shortage

Lack of common-sense leadership has created our water shortage. The twin tunnels (Bay Delta Conservation Plan) – Jerry Brown’s “Rube Goldberg” legacy – has been his unneeded and unwanted brainchild for three decades. Currently, part of the approved $7 billion Proposition 1 Water Bond is being used to move the actual construction of the twin […]

Trans Pacific Partnership worse than feared

For you Daily Republic readers who don’t already know, I write these columns on Wednesday or Thursday, the week before they’re published. The last time we met here, we talked about how the tea party Republicans were planning to hold the federal budget bill hostage and the potential economic catastrophe that could cause. Luckily, retiring Speaker […]

Fairfield deploys technologies to serve residents

The city of Fairfield has deployed new technologies to better serve residents and businesses, with others not far behind. These technologies, eTRAKiT for online permitting services, My FairfieldCA, a mobile service portal to report issues directly to city staff, and a payment kiosk that accepts water bill payments all provide anytime access for conducting business […]

‘Social justice’ leads to injustice

This is about what I believe to be the death of justice in America. All of us are affected, including you and me. There are at least two definitions of justice. One is related to criminal activity. The second is related to equality under the law for every citizen. Criminal justice involves punishment of a […]

Past time for universal background checks on gun purchases

I was preparing for bed two and a half weeks ago when I heard six loud gunshots outside. Sad to say hearing gunshots is not an unusual thing for me. But these shots were so loud they were obviously on my street. Within 10 seconds I dialed 911 and in minutes a police helicopter was overhead […]

‘Liberal plantation’ source of modern slavery

“If nothing is expected of a people, that people will find life difficult. By depriving us of suffrage, you affirm our incapacity to form an intelligent judgment respecting public men and public measures; you declare before the world we are unfit to exercise the elective franchise, and by this means, lead us to undervalue ourselves […]

Radical right holds to 19th century dreams

In my most-recent column, I complained about conservative “hatred.” This was met with a number of denials, including one letter to the editor that suggested that maybe I had a hatred problem. OK, I’ll admit: I am angry. I want my country back. I’m tired of the dystopian assessment of the USA. We’re “going socialist.” “It will […]

University of Phoenix topic of much recent debate

I’m guessing you’ve heard all you want to about Wednesday night’s Republican debate, so I’d like to talk about a different subject. That would be the largest “for-profit” college in the United States, the so-called University of Phoenix. It’s in the news again, this time in The Wall Street Journal. What’s amazing – for me […]

Find respectful way to keep Armijo mascot

When I read about and watched the speakers at the Fairfield-Suisun School District board meeting calling for the “decolonization” of Armijo’s Indians mascot, I thought, “Here we go again. Political correctness and the culture of offense has come to Fairfield.” I’ve also thought if this is your biggest issue, then things must not be that bad. […]

Truth or fiction of The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff is written with policy of presenting facts without opinions. After 75 columns, we are apparently successful as no one has identified an error of fact. Of course, some online writers have said we are wrong or lying so we have requested them to identify any errors. They cannot and we do not […]

GOP extremists threaten economic stability

The continuing turmoil and inaction in the Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives is no accident. It is being orchestrated by a few dozen tea party extremists, and they are rapidly approaching a crescendo of chaos that will likely jerk our economy into another dangerously deep ditch. The Republicans in Congress have had the better part […]

Being grown up has nothing to do with a number

After an exchange with my daughter, who has recently turned 18, she could not wait for the opportunity to proclaim to me in an adamant tone, “Dad, I’m grown!” I could barely hold back from laughing out loud, but I managed to take a breath to respond to her with what the true definition of […]

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Student vote dust-up in SF a ‘teachable’ moment

Did you hear Hillary Clinton’s opening answer at the House hearings on Benghazi? “I did not have diplomatic relations with that man, Moammar Gadhafi.” OK, I made that up, but the next story is all-too true, and it’s a new low for affirmative action. It happened in San Francisco, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Let me […]

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Strategies exist to combat disruptive neighbors

Reading about the special assessment and dues increase at Parkway Gardens and their lack of a homeowners board, it’s understandable how the area got out of hand. My girlfriend Cathi is a property manager and in her experience a strong board is essential to keeping a neighborhood from going downhill. But if you don’t have […]

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Teens need to walk the walk if they talk the talk

I am now officially a Will C. Wood High School alumna. I am so ecstatic to be able write the rest of my story and to move on with my life. I am looking forward to enlarging my horizons and being with new people with new ideas. One of the biggest struggles we’re currently dealing […]

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Hatred, hubris antithesis of respect, peace

The world is alive with the sound of misery. Have we seen so much in years? Congress has sunk into even worse dysfunction than usual due to the anti-democratic antics of 50-some blackmailing Republican radicals who care nothing for the bedrock democratic necessity of compromise. Russia is back to thuggery after 20 years of confusion […]

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