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Hillary Clinton’s character still a question of note

Instead of starting out in my usual cranky, irritable way, how about mentioning the most heart-warming story of the week? You probably saw the incredible demonstration of surgical skills as doctors attached left and right hands to an 8-year-old child. The surgery took 11 hours and was accomplished by a 40-person medical team. Nice going to […]

Dogs, heat, cars don’t mix

My significantly better half Cathi is a property manager. She was doing inspections on a property this past Tuesday when she came across a small car parked diagonally across a driveway with the windows partially open. A Siberian husky and a German shepherd had their muzzles out the window crack, tongues hanging out panting quickly. Cathi leaned […]

Clear terms define America’s character

The greatest example of American character is our ability to rise to the occasion in spite of insurmountable odds. Our nation, built from the sweat and blistered hands of frontiersmen and revolutionaries, was established with the intent on being a land of new beginnings. Where else in the world can one fall to their knees […]

Big Money rules US plutocracy

A letter to the editor writer recently asked us to think about amending the U.S. Constitution by a states’ convention (Time for a states convention?, July 8). Her key sentence was, “Our Founding Fathers foresaw the possibility that our federal government may need to be reined in.” A-hah! Probably a tea party patriot. Tea partyers, […]

Questions remain after Fairfield council’s parking fees vote

The Fairfield Transportation Center has arguably been a victim of its own success. The structure and nearby lot are usually packed during the day, frustrating commuters and preventing others who may want to explore public transportation options. To mitigate this shortage, the city of Fairfield is pursuing a parking fee program for the transportation center. […]

Investment in detention outweighs investment in education

“If we build it, they will come.” This popular line from the film “Field of Dreams” comes to mind as I learned of how many prisons and juvenile detention centers have been built in California the past 20 years. Meanwhile at the same time we hear that schools are closing due to budget cuts. Isn’t […]

Week’s news offers irritation, fearful prospects

This week’s events have been anywhere from irritating to life-threatening. Let’s look at the annoying events first. If you’re not familiar with Martin O’Malley, he’s the former governor of Maryland who is trying to replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. O’Malley is as left-wing as they come in the Democratic Party. The other day, O’Malley […]

Homeless soda thief case causes frustration

It was frustrating reading last week’s Daily Republic articles about a homeless woman, Barbara McNary, ordered to pay a $50 fine for stealing a cup of soda from a Subway restaurant. McNary came across in the article as entitled and was surely off-putting to anyone thinking about aiding the homeless. Don’t expect your frustration to subside […]

America remains blind to the Great Deception

In minds of many the Republican Party is the enemy of African-Americans and the Democratic Party is the friend. History tells a different story. The major news media will not promote these facts, but history does record facts that cannot be refuted. The problem is how to penetrate a closed mind. Remember that slavery was […]

Why not Medicare for all?

The last time we met, we talked about the Affordable Healthcare Act, commonly called Obamacare. That column sparked a heated debate online on the Daily Republic’s website. Personally, I know we can do a lot better than Obamacare. I’m thinking: Medicare for all. I realize that, from looking at my picture here, you probably think […]

Same-sex marriage ruling fails to address personal liberty concerns

The recent Supreme Court ruling in the Obergefell v. Hodges case with regard to the recognition of same-se marriages was a hallmark decision; some are comparing it to the impact of  Brown v. Board of Education or Roe v. Wade. The justices had been asked to decide whether the 14th Amendment requires states to (a) license same-sex marriages […]

Veterans may qualify for disability-related unemployability benefits

Many injuries sustained during combat can qualify veterans for disability benefits under the law, especially when it comes to employment. In some cases, however, a veteran’s disability is not severe enough to qualify for a 100-percent rating under the rating schedule of the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is especially tragic when the veteran cannot […]

Time for Fairfield, Suisun City to merge

What we’re witnessing in Europe – the insolvency of Greece, caused by socialist governments buying power and now unable to pay its debts; and the probable lose-lose outcome for most other countries in the European Union – is a glimpse of what may happen to us if our own officials don’t change their spending habits. If […]

Truth about sanctuary cities unnerving

I have boycotted San Francisco since the murders of Tony Bologna and his sons, Michael and Mathew in the Excelsior District, on June 22, 2008. This cold-blooded killing was committed by Edwin Ramos of El Salvador, an admitted gang member of MS-13. He was free to act out on society, because of the San Francisco […]

Listen to that voice within

This past Saturday I was in front of my house playing with a Styrofoam airplane glider with my grandson, Vika. While we were goofing around, I received a text from my friend Pam that told me she’d sent me an email but if I was busy to just ignore it. This type of text was pretty […]

Plan, resources, good people drive homeless team to success

Homelessness. Everyone complains about it, but who’s doing anything about it? Turns out, Fairfield is. So is Suisun City. So is Vallejo. So is Solano County. Vacaville is getting ready. A year ago May, the City Council established a Quality of Life Task Force to see what could be done about blight problems in the […]

Liberty lost?

We the people of the United States, in order to . . . secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity . . . .”  What was the meaning of the word liberty? The Founding Fathers’ intent was that every citizen has unlimited freedom to do anything he/she wants excepting only that no […]

Grand jury weighs in on Measure Q oversight

The second act of Solano County grand jury’s inquiry into the handling of Solano Community College’s Measure Q oversight was released this week, when they evaluated the Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee, tasked with monitoring Measure Q activities. The report, found at www.solanocourts.com/materials/CBOC.pdf , focused on the effectiveness of the oversight committee. Bond measures, as well as tax […]

Detrimental qualities of today’s youth a concern

Just a thought. As a father of four, I have the honor and privilege of experiencing parenting from various perspectives: raising boys and a girl, teenagers and now young adults. I’m actually enjoying every aspect and challenge of parenting. With a 10-year-old son, I am experiencing the effect of being from a generation that is […]

SF’s sanctuary law under the microscope

If you’re wondering why and when San Francisco became a sanctuary city, a 1989 law, the City and County Refuge Ordinance, “prohibits city employees from helping federal immigration enforcement efforts unless compelled by court order or state law . . . .” We have a reaction to that moronic law from Julie Myers Wood, an […]

Smokers, be careful with your butts

If you’re a smoker or know a smoker then this is for you. But first, are Californians insane? We have a record drought and water shortage and yet 300 communities allowed fireworks sales last week. Fireworks-related fires burned 325 acres near Pena Adobe Regional Park in Vacaville and took more than 125 firefighters to contain. Another fireworks […]

Where do you stand on Obamacare?

The U.S. Supreme Court has certainly grabbed a lot of Daily Republic headlines in the past couple weeks as they wind down their 2014-15 season. One of its most controversial decisions was letting Obamacare survive, with angry Republicans nationwide denouncing their ruling. There were certainly differing opinions on the Daily Republic website. Maybe the DR could poll us […]

Free tuition for community college students?

The cost of college tuition continues to rise across the country. These unprecedented increases create financial hardships for parents and students alike. As a student at Solano Community College, I was elated when I learned that President Obama recently proposed to make community college tuition free for all students. It sounds awesome! How could anyone […]

Citizens should demand corrective action on Measure Q gaps

In the local news cycle this week, a Solano grand jury report was released about the process of developing and managing 2014’s Measure Q. Measure Q is a $348 million bond package benefitting Solano Community College. The grand jury report was not glowing; in fact, the term “scathing” was used. The crux of the concern is […]

Greeks go to polls with welfare on their minds

Have you seen “Never on Sunday?” Or “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? How about “Zorba the Greek?” There may be a “sequel” to “Never on Sunday” called “Bankrupt on Sunday” depending on the outcome of the referendum in Greece. As you know, there’s an historic choice for Greek citizens, whether to agree to more austerity, which […]

Good News: Sons of Italy donate money to Yippie Yogurt Foundation

The Sons of Italy Lodge donated $100 to the Yippie Yogurt Foundation in Fairfield on June 26. Yippie Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit devoted to “Teaching Kids to Fish” by providing Solano County homeless, foster care and poverty-level youth, ages 16-24, with job readiness, vocational mentoring, life skills, hope and confidence. Students also receive on-the-job […]

Time to get serious about water management

“SID to review risk assessment for future shortages.” Water supply shortages, that is. Water your lawn two or three days a week. Get paid by the government to landscape with stone. Farmers voluntarily give up part of their water rights – but it’s still not enough for the state. Yes, folks, there is a shortage of water available to agriculture […]

Hope fulfilled

I really didn’t know what to expect with the election of our first black president in 2008. We did know a lot about him by then. We knew of his education, intelligence, and remarkable ability as a speaker. And we knew that our nation’s past, steeped in an “original sin” of black slavery, made his […]

What’s the greater threat?

Yes, the claim made both by our president and his secretary of state still resonate with me. I’m talking about their insistence – time and again – that the biggest threat to mankind – pardon me – humankind, is climate change. I’d like to pose a question to readers of this column: Do you think that the British people, […]

No vaccines, no school

This week Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB277, a bill requiring all students attending public and private schools in California to be vaccinated. The law eliminates religious and personal beliefs exemptions from vaccination. Medical exemptions by a physician are still valid. Without vaccination, children must be homeschooled or otherwise attend school off campus. California joins two […]

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