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Russian missiles, muralist’s death, GOP politics spark interest

Once in a while there’s a headline out of the Middle East that doesn’t make me angry: “Russian missiles fell short of Syria, landed in Iran, U.S. says.” My goodness, the former communists can now be called “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.” The question is, does that make the Russians more dangerous to us […]

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Background checks will affect gun tragedies

That same stupid “conversation” is underway once again in the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Oregon last week. Do guns kill people or do people kill people? We can see the polarization in the online Daily Republic pulse poll that asks if readers’ views of gun laws have changed in the […]

Dems caused history of race problems

Sept. 17 was Constitution Day commemorating completion of the federal convention in Philadelphia in 1787, its signing and beginning of its ratification process. It was also my birthday. Like all days, but particularly my birthday, I reflected on how fortunate I was to be born in the greatest country in the world, and thankful to […]

GOP ‘agitprop’ is a spaghetti splash

Do you remember “agitprop” from the radical 1960s? Agitation and propaganda. It describes a tactic that radicals do. They attack something, using a metaphor, by throwing the spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Just throw everything you’ve got at your enemy. Of course, the spaghetti is propaganda. You don’t analyze an issue and […]

Direction of Heart of Fairfield planning on tap

On numerous occasions over the past year, the words “Heart of Fairfield” have appeared in our column. By now, hopefully, the moment you read those three words, the efforts to develop a vision and implementation plan for downtown Fairfield and West Texas Street immediately come to mind. Funded by a federal grant, the city of […]

Unfunded liabilities threaten communities

We have all heard talk about unfunded liabilities, which in essence are promises or legal obligations to pay tomorrow’s bills. For you and me it would be mortgage and car payments or even rent or alimony. For government, it is the interest and principal on bonds and other legally required payments. It is paying for the […]

College shooting, war in Syria leave much to consider

I turned on Fox News – with a topic in mind Thursday – to see if there was anything new about Syria. Then, out of nowhere, came the news alert about the murders in Roseburg, Oregon. Now, this may sound trivial, but why is the term “murder” out of favor when it comes to these […]

Let’s debunk GOP myth of why blacks vote Democratic

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, in response to how Republicans can woo African-American voters, responded, “Our message is one of hope and aspiration. It isn’t one of division and ‘Get in line, and we’ll take care of you with free stuff.’ ” This idea that Democrats earn minority votes with “free stuff” is an article […]

Automatic voter registration?

If you are a faithful Daily Republic reader, you know I have written many columns devoted to improving the political processes of our state and country. Like almost everyone, I am against big money running every level of our government; I feel that gerrymandering districts is unfair; I favor clean money elections; I want full […]

Strength necessary to prevent war

The Right Stuff is dedicated to printing only verified facts. Our hope is readers analyze facts and recognize opinions presented elsewhere as facts, may be political lies or deceptions. Any real – repeat real – documented information that differs is welcome. A recent column requires comment. It states conservatives want war for entertainment. Sick! Conservatives […]

Are today’s youth followers or leaders?

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Don’t be a follower, be a leader.” Dealing with youth, I often add a second phrase, ”but a leader must have a lead to follow.” Well, 1 Peter 2:21 gives us a clue. What does it take to be a true leader? Is this generation of youth prepared to […]

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From Yogi to pope – lasting impressions

Are there events you might have seen on TV that have stayed with you, well, forever? One that sticks in my 70-year-old mind is the picture of catcher Yogi Berra jumping into the arms of pitcher Don Larsen in the fifth game of the 1956 World Series. The Yankees beat the Brooklyn — that’s Brooklyn not Los […]

Another year, another biopsy

I went to see my doctor a month ago after finding that a lump on my thigh had grown larger, irregular and firmer over the previous month. She looked at it and felt it and immediately left the room and brought in another doctor to examine it. After he did, they started talking among themselves […]

What a tangled web we’ve weaved

Do you remember how we learned as children: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive?” Just what were these old rhymes meant to tell us and really teach us? Plain and simple, don’t lie in the first place because when you do you just get yourself in deeper and deeper […]

Turn right for economic meltdown

The Right Stuff has a series of columns showing how “government of the heart” has failed compared to “government of the head.” The Sept. 7 offering gave the usual conservative opinion of the cause of the financial meltdown of 2008: The Community Reinvestment Act. Ridiculous. It is of utmost importance for conservatives that the meltdown didn’t […]

Good News: Loaiza earns dean’s award

Romelia Loaiza of Suisun City, a member of the Colgate University Class of 2017 in Hamilton, New York, has earned the dean’s award for academic excellence for the spring 2015 semester, the college has announced. Congratulations on the academic achievement. Do you have some good news to share? Contact Susan Hiland at [email protected] Be sure […]

Stand Down nears: Vets can get services all year

The North Bay Stand Down is a three-day encampment for homeless and other at-risk veterans and has been serving vets since 2002. This year’s event will be hosted Oct. 13-15 at the Dixon Fairgrounds, located at 655 S. First St. in Dixon. Sponsored by the Solano County Health and Social Services Department, the event has served more […]

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Most Measure P promises kept; key issue of trust remains

Did you think Fairfield’s 1 percent sales tax increase (Measure P) would fix the city budget and go away after five years? Remember the promises? The city said: We’ll maintain public safety by bringing our police and fire services back up to par, including reopening a closed fire station. We’ll start maintaining city streets properly. […]

11 GOP candidates take stage: Who survives?

Did you watch the Republican debate Wednesday night? I was deeply disappointed in those wascally Wepublicans. Why, you might ask? For starters, none of the 11 candidates brought up police brutality, or Ferguson, Missouri, or the late college-bound teenager Michael Brown. Even more disturbing was the total avoidance of the subject of income inequality, which, […]

Jaded by cry-wolf culture

When I read last week that a Fairfield teen reported an attempted abduction on East Tabor Avenue, I immediately thought it was a hoax. When Fairfield police announced the hoax the next day, I doubt many were surprised. Hoaxes like this and the recent case of a Vacaville middle school student fibbing about an assault […]

Citizens united by dark money

I wish to thank Murray Bass for writing last week’s column against “dark money” in American politics. Dark money is money funneled through political super PACs in support of a particular candidate or issue. Since these super PACs are supposed to be nonpolitical service or educational organizations, donors can give any amount of money they […]

Everything about conservatives bugs the left

Apparently everything about conservatives bugs those on the political left as they never seem to be happy or satisfied unless they are tearing America down. But let’s look at a recent column titled: On The Left. The author starts out saying The Right Stuff put out a very nice column titled: “Clear terms define America’s […]

Tragedy yields valuable life lessons

This week is an emotional and challenging week for all Americans as we witness the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I tried to avoid revisiting one of the most terrifying experiences in my lifetime. Although I was not personally in any immediate danger nor did I lose anyone close to me in the tragedy, […]

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Immigration remains a thorny topic

Sinclair Lewis, probably the best read American novelist 80 years ago before Ernest Hemingway, wrote a book with the title “It Can’t Happen Here.” I thought of that famous book when I read an article online from InfoWars.com. See what you think: “German schools order girls not to wear short skirts to avoid offending Muslim […]

Sky wars: Attack of the drones

A Financial Times of London story this week revealed that the Obama administration has conducted 10 times the number of drone strikes on suspected terrorists than the Bush administration. In other drone-related news, North Dakota became the first state to authorize police to use armed drones. More states will follow. While these are important developments, drone […]

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Neocons rattle war sabers

Let’s go to war with Russia. We can embed reporters and watch from our dinner tables!. War as entertainment. What? No? Well, how about China because of its outrageous actions in the South China Sea? No? OK, the Islamic State group, which will dissolve like fog in the sun when American steel is brought to bear. Is there […]

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Rule by heart or rule by head? Part III

Inappropriate solutions continue. Project Head Start, prekindergarten for low-income families, began in 1965. Sounded good, but typically Congress required no cost-result evaluations. Numerous nongovernment evaluations uniformly found some student value for two years, but no value after three years. A 2010 Health and Human Services survey confirmed nongovernment surveys proving zero value after the third […]

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Be careful what you ask for: You might get it

I wrote in a recent column about citizens of America taking their government back from the professional politicians, the monied groups and individuals that own them with their campaign contributions. Follow the money and you will see who really “owns” our government. I’m talking about campaign contributions and “paid volunteers.” I was really happy to […]

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‘Deflategate,’ Iran nuke deal, Clinton controversy remain top stories of day

If I were in a typical network newsroom, I would have to lead off with the most important story in the world: more important than our presidential race, more important than the awful refugee crisis in Europe, more important than the almost treasonous “framework” deal with Iran, in order to talk about “Deflategate.” Let me […]

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You can’t kill an idea

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since Fairfield Councilman Matt Garcia was murdered in a horrific case of mistaken identity. It was all the more heartbreaking that a man who became California’s youngest elected councilman at 21 in 2007 was a victim of crime in Fairfield, an issue he ran on and fought […]

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