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Presidential campaigns show populism’s yin and yang

Even though we are a year away from the 2016 presidential elections, I thought I’d better write about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump before they are relegated to the dustbins of history. Sanders will probably give Hillary Rodham Clinton a good fight at the Democratic convention next summer, and may even push her to the […]

Rule by heart or rule by head? Part II

Last week we highlighted the wisdom of the nation’s founders in relying on local charity rather than forced redistribution of wealth by government. They knew wealth of a nation is the sum productivity of each and all citizens and that redistribution requires the government taking from the producer to give an equal amount, less government […]

Va. shooting aftermath reveals politics of murder

It’s happened again – too much news to settle on just one item, so let me start with my favorite characters, one Democrat and one allegedly Republican. Most of you are probably familiar with the Quinnipiac Poll, conducted by the Hamden, Connecticut university of the same name. It is nonpartisan and unbiased and highly respected. […]

We’re all foot soldiers in war to preserve safety

Warfare is changing and members of the public are the new foot soldiers. Heroes National Guard Specialist Alek Skarlatos, Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Briton Chris Norman tackled and subdued a terrorist armed with an assault rifle and box cutter on a Paris train. Public violence needs a swift response. We saw it locally […]

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Rule by heart or rule by head?

Redistribution of wealth by government edict (aka socialism) was considered by European states as early as the 17th century. Our nation’s founders studied those concepts and history of various forms of government. Note the total absence of those concepts in the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions of that era. Also compare America’s rapid advancement to […]

Reagan Revolution resonates to this day

The Right Stuff team came through with a very nice column July 27 (“Clear terms define America’s character”). It praised some of our many heroes: frontiersmen, revolutionaries, businessmen, entrepreneurs and frontiersmen again. We really do have some extraordinary people in our history and it’s right to remember them and study them. But the column kept […]

Homelessness: Much being done, much left to do

Once again this week I read of the ongoing saga of homelessness throughout our county and cities: the questions and opinions of what we need, who we need, how much we need, or do we even need the services to address the disenfranchised, poverty-stricken of our communities. I want to take a moment to bring […]

‘Straight Outta Compton’ produces mixed emotions

I have mixed feelings about the box office success of the new film “Straight Outta Compton.” Most were surprised of the first week box office success of the N.W.A. biopic. I expected immediate success because the anticipated film draws the interest of two generations. My generation (40-plus) is drawn to this film because it touches […]

Measure Q won’t go away

It’s been almost three years since voters approved Measure Q, giving the Solano Community College District $348 million to do almost anything it wants. Recall, Proposition 39 (now part of the California Constitution) enabled school construction measures to be passed with 55 percent of the vote. It came with a handful of requirements, among them […]

Week’s news hits new low

It’s no secret that I look for stories that are, as they say, grist for my mill. And, most days you-know-who’s name comes up. But there was a narrative Thursday that so far exceeds in its bloody awfulness anything that goes on in our own political arena. If you haven’t seen it, you’re not surprised […]

Yes, I proudly carry a murse

While my critics feasted on my column last week on guns on the Daily Republic website, Tracy Vest cut through the chaff to focus like a laser on the most important issue in the column, writing, “Wait. You carry a murse?” Yes, I rock a murse. Don’t judge me. A murse is a portmanteau of […]

Words matter if you understand them

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is . . . a lot like our legislative proposition process. It starts out with one set of words and ends up completely unrecognizable. As children we learned, amazing toys advertised on cereal boxes were always a disappointment when they finally arrived in the mail. […]

‘The Conspiracy Theory of Everything’

I really enjoy spending these few minutes with you and hope I can start your day with a few laughs and something hearty and healthy to digest. I also enjoy the back-and-forth banter on the Daily Republic’s website, where Fairfielders of all political persuasions discuss the pros and cons of the articles published here. It’s […]

Fairfield needs unified plan to address homelessness

Addressing the homeless issue in any community stirs up passionate emotions. If one uses the number of comments posted on Daily Republic forums as a completely unscientific barometer of what issues the people of Fairfield are fired up over, homelessness comes in first by a wide margin. What should we do? Where should they go? […]

Who said words can never hurt you?

Every few years there is an uproar concerning racial slurs and hateful speech, yet they consistently continue to resurface. Most recently we are entertained by the satirical Republican presidential campaign of Donald Trump who has managed to insult just about every ethnicity and gender so far, calling Mexican immigrants “rapists.” The beloved WWE wrestler Hulk […]

Comments by current, past govt. officials draw attention

Only a nitpicking you-know-what like me would notice this glaring grammatical error in comments from our retiring Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno. Speaking of our involvement in Iraq, the general said, “We shouldn’t a went in there . . . .” If I were retiring as Army chief of staff. I, of […]

What we can do about guns

We’ve settled as a country into a pattern when it comes to high-profile shootings. We express our outrage whether it’s kindergartners shot to pieces in school, moviegoers shot and killed in theaters or people massacred while attending church. A cry goes out to do something about guns, the NRA and their minions respond with the […]

Senate Bill 350 a highway that goes wrong way

One of my dear mother’s favorite sayings to me as a teenager was, “Good intentions pave the way to hell.” Currently our Legislature has a bill that will certainly pave the way there. It is impossible to keep up with the thousands of bills proposed in Sacramento. By the time this session ends there will […]

Time to reduce carnage in our blood-soaked nation

My country is stained with blood. Red blood, dripping from newspapers every day, from the radio and TV news, from coffee conversations. Its stains are known around the world: The United States of America is a violent nation of guns. There is danger everywhere. Travel there with great caution. Years ago I saw a bus […]

Hold ‘pros’ responsible when justice fails

This week’s news of a convicted sex offender found naked in the Fairfield Community Center bathroom, less than a week after being released from prison, caused ripples of outrage among people all around Solano County. Our community is already worn out from having to track the efforts to house Fraisure Smith and mobilize every time […]

Still some hope in GOP contest

One of the torments of writing a column is that it’s tricky to cover an event that ends when, I would guess, most of the editorial staff of the Daily Republic has packed up and left. In any event, since, as you well know, 98 percent of the pre-debate commentary has been about Donald Trump – […]

GOP needs to embrace Hispanics

California recently reached a milestone that demographers knew was fast approaching. For the first time Hispanics have moved past whites as the largest ethnic group. The state has been majority-minority for a few years but now there are more Hispanics than whites. This is a reality that all 10 Republican presidential nominees in the debate Thursday […]

Let’s talk some more about Medicare for all

The last time we met on these Daily Republic pages, we talked about how wonderful it would be if all Americans had health care insurance: ”Medicare for all.” As a society, we already provide medical care for our poorest citizens, why not everyone else? When a homeless person’s undiagnosed and/or untreated wound/disease causes him/her to […]

Self-victimization rampant in our modern age

A victim is defined as a person harmed, injured or killed as a result of a crime, accident or other event or action. Over the past decades some minority leaders continue to insist that their people are being victimized by whites and the American government. But do the facts illustrate that, or do minorities continue […]

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Time to take back our government

My first car was a 1932 Chevrolet sport coupe with chrome vents on the side of the hood. That was in 1948. The rumble seat had been removed and a big box put in its place. That sort converted it a homemade pickup. Brother Bill and I used the truck to carry our equipment when […]

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Hillary Clinton’s character still a question of note

Instead of starting out in my usual cranky, irritable way, how about mentioning the most heart-warming story of the week? You probably saw the incredible demonstration of surgical skills as doctors attached left and right hands to an 8-year-old child. The surgery took 11 hours and was accomplished by a 40-person medical team. Nice going to […]

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Dogs, heat, cars don’t mix

My significantly better half Cathi is a property manager. She was doing inspections on a property this past Tuesday when she came across a small car parked diagonally across a driveway with the windows partially open. A Siberian husky and a German shepherd had their muzzles out the window crack, tongues hanging out panting quickly. Cathi leaned […]

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Clear terms define America’s character

The greatest example of American character is our ability to rise to the occasion in spite of insurmountable odds. Our nation, built from the sweat and blistered hands of frontiersmen and revolutionaries, was established with the intent on being a land of new beginnings. Where else in the world can one fall to their knees […]

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Big Money rules US plutocracy

A letter to the editor writer recently asked us to think about amending the U.S. Constitution by a states’ convention (Time for a states convention?, July 8). Her key sentence was, “Our Founding Fathers foresaw the possibility that our federal government may need to be reined in.” A-hah! Probably a tea party patriot. Tea partyers, […]

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Questions remain after Fairfield council’s parking fees vote

The Fairfield Transportation Center has arguably been a victim of its own success. The structure and nearby lot are usually packed during the day, frustrating commuters and preventing others who may want to explore public transportation options. To mitigate this shortage, the city of Fairfield is pursuing a parking fee program for the transportation center. […]

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