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Letter to the Editor

Recent Sunday edition was outstanding

The Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, edition of the Daily Republic was outstanding! The articles on local events, along with beautiful color pictures reflected how great it is to live in Fairfield. Barry Eberling is an experienced and knowledgeable reporter with a great ability to engage your readers with articles that educate us about our city […]

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What about my refund?

With the Daily Republic stopping delivery of the paper on Tuesdays, I’m wondering how much they will save when they send everyone a refund who has prepaid for the paper to be delivered every day. I will let everyone know when I get my refund. Have a nice day. Rudolph Madronich Fairfield

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Permit discussion causes concern

I woke up before 4 a.m. to the constant drone of the farm machine used to spray grapes. This is routine maintenance and I understand the necessity of the farmer to do what is needed for their crop. The spraying was completed at approximately 7:45 a.m. So much for sleeping in. I must make a […]

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Thank you to publisher of DR

Other retired senior citizens and I would like to thank the publisher of the Daily Republic for his contribution to public service. By discontinuing Tuesday publishing, we will now know, at least one day a week, what day it is! Many thanks. Harry Ferrell Fairfield

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New name for DR?

It was with sadness that I learned that to cut costs (Aug. 5, “DR ends Tuesday print edition”), there will no longer be a Tuesday edition. I wonder how you will save money when you must now change the front page and every page to read the “Almost Daily Republic”? Jack Piskura Rio Vista

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Why muzzle the opposition?

I was concerned to see Earl Heal’s call to replace Mike Kirchubel in your newspaper (Aug. 2, “Time to replace liberal columnist”). Muzzling the opposition is the hallmark of totalitarian regimes and Mr. Heal’s column reveals a similar mindset. He arrives at the conclusion that Mr. Kirchubel is a liar. He starts from the speciously […]

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Fairfield forgetting about our youth

It is great we finally have our park completed after many years. I can appreciate the enthusiasm and outstanding involvement of the Fairfield parents to create and sustain the impressive Cordelia/Tri-Valley Little League Program. But what about the youth of the Cordelia area of Fairfield who may want to do more than skateboard, play baseball […]

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Not happy with loss of Tuesday print edition

With notice of the elimination of your Tuesday newspaper, this is what I think: It is simply embarrassing for the Daily Republic to not be able to publish a paper seven days a week, as it has for years. With the increased amount (from last year) that I paid to renew my subscription, the Daily Republic should be able to continue as before. […]

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PLAs are discriminatory

With regard to the column by Solano Community College’s superintendent and president, Jowel C. Laguerre (July 14, “Solano College considers PLA pros, cons”), I personally have sat in on some of these meetings concerning project labor agreements. Union and nonunion companies all agree that there is a need for further education for the trades at […]

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Enough already about Zimmerman

For all of us who have been labeled as “racist” because of our opinion of the George Zimmerman trial outcome: I don’t remember the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, President Barack Obama or anyone else from the African-American community offering any apology or words of encouragement to Reginald Denny. Randy Ward Fairfield

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President’s ‘abominations’ abundant

I am heartened in reading recent letters to the editor. There really are people who comprehend the dire circumstances that our country has been thrust into in the form of tyranny and socialism. In their Obama-worship, the mainstream media and the liberals have turned a blind eye and ignored a litany of abominations: As a […]

July 30, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Obama makes issue of Martin’s death

Since looks are only skin deep, I think our president is way over his head with the statements he made about Trayvon Martin looking like him. Did our president go out at night and be violent with people on the street when he was a young man? Martin was supposed to be in care of […]

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Greed real reason for housing problem

I read the letter to the editor from July 24 (“When did housing problem start?”). Well, we can push the blame on Bill Clinton, but you really should ask the question, “Where did it all go wrong?” Good old American greed. Houses being overpriced by “estimators.” Banks approving loans without verification and most of all, […]

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What a mixed bag of events these days

Let’s see, the U.S. Supreme Court says California has to release 10,000 inmates from prison, not taking into account what they are in for. One would wonder how many of the judges are being paid under the table, especially for making this decision, since it takes a lot to get prisoners there in the first […]

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Banking Act does not protect consumers

A Democrat-controlled Congress and Senate passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act on July 21, 2010, and President Barack Obama signed it into law. Was this bill really designed to protect you the consumer from risky decisions by financial institutions as claimed? Along with this law, Congress established the Consumer Financial Protection […]

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Obama should win awards for best acting

I’d like to nominate President Barack Obama for several acting awards. Two are for daytime Emmys. It isn’t every president who can shed a single tear on cue. On May 13, 2013, at a press conference, the president shed a single tear for the four Americans slaughtered in Benghazi. The acting was superb with just the […]

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What’s big deal with Great Britain’s new royal baby?

Looks like Great Britain’s royal family has another scion. Splendid. Haven’t we had, after three centuries and more of despotism, enough of those European monarchies? They’re all inbred, and semifunctional people. So, what’s the big deal? I want my three-quarters of an acre and a yellow lab. Chuck Hettlinger Suisun City

July 28, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

When did housing problem start?

In Mike Kirchubel’s column (July 15, “Who are bank regulators regulating?”) he wrote about the bank equity-to-loan ratio being reduced from what had been, 10 percent, to 5 percent and down to 2 percent for mortgages backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This was done under as he put it, “Republican President George W […]

July 24, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Thank you to 3 wonderful people

I want to thank three very special people who helped me get possession of my son’s condo after an alleged trespasser was found on my son’s property (July 21, “Family fights to remove squatter from local condo”). I want to say thank you to attorney Timothy Jones for his legal counsel and for giving me […]

July 23, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

We need new racial rules

We have the best jury system in the world – you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But since they put entire jury trials on television, the George Zimmerman trial will never be done. I know there is no one who heard the testimony of every witness and how he or she […]

July 21, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Benefits of being a Boy Scout abound

I am a second class Scout in Boy Scout Troop 853 in Fairfield and I am about to tell you the benefits of Scouting. Scouting gives boys a chance to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Scouting keeps boys in perfect physical condition while having fun. Scouting gives boys a chance to make new […]

July 20, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Zimmerman a sacrificial lamb to racial injustice

The unusual dynamic of the George Zimmerman case is a civil rights movement calculation to make a point about the criminal justice system: That it grossly mistreats blacks. Obviously, much of the press coverage was slanted against Zimmerman and black “leaders” abound, calling for his head as a matter of racial justice in an awful […]

July 18, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

We must vote to change status quo

In our great country, “America the beautiful,” if you kill a dog, you go to prison. If you kill a young African-American male, you get no jail time, you are free to kill again – that is what our justice system teaches our young African-American men and the world. Young African-American men are an endangered […]

July 21, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Daily Republic helps spread misinformation

On the front page of the July 15 Daily Republic, there was an article by The Associated Press concerning the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict, “Protests erupt in Oakland, SF after acquittal.” The photo accompanying the article was the standard photo of a young Trayvon Martin taken when he was 12 years old or […]

July 22, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Trayvon Martin’s parents should take responsibility

Well, now that the George Zimmerman verdict is in, the parents and supporters of Trayvon Martin will have to finally take responsibility for how this kid was raised and why he just wanted to fight in the first place. So while certain communities embraced him –  including our president, no less – and question the […]

July 19, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Honor the greatest generation

When we were youngsters, we were raised to respect our elders. Remember the term, “children are to be seen and not heard?” We understood that to mean be quiet and learn from the older folks. They were truly the “greatest generation.” Our fathers were called to war, they stayed as long as needed to get […]

July 17, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Media out to get George Zimmerman

The Daily Republic has featured front-page reports of the media’s efforts to lynch George Zimmerman. Forget the facts, let’s race bait and see if we can lynch him. Forget the initial investigation. Forget the acquittal by a jury of peers. Forget due process. “Let’s get him.” Then President Barack Obama climbs on the lynch bandwagon to […]

July 16, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Not surprised by increased water costs

In response to the letter to the editor (July 11, “Fairfield water costs through the roof”), I just wanted to let the author know that he is getting by a bit better than a lot of seniors around the Garden area of Fairfield (the old neglected area on West Texas Street). After talking with my […]

July 13, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Stray grocery carts indeed a problem

I would like to address the same problem addressed in the letters to the editor, June 23, “Grocery carts not a concern,” and June 13, “Stray shopping carts a nuisance.” Upon driving on Alaska Avenue a couple of months ago, I saw about five Walmart carts pushed to the side of the street and within […]

July 14, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,

Columnist not being genuine

For whatever reason, the Daily Republic continues to run the columns of the disingenuous Mike Kirchubel. Kirchubel would have us believe he is deeply offended by hate speech. If this were true, he would be directing his venom toward MSNBC, which is 20 times more hateful than the Fox News channel, which he so despises. […]

July 14, 2013 | Posted in Letters to editor | Tagged ,
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