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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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High speed rail: The cost of inaction

The benefits to the economy and society of high-speed rail and high-performance passenger rail service far outweigh the cost. What, you say? Are you crazy? Consider this: California is the 13th fastest-growing state. We are now at about 38 million and growing at a rate of about 10 percent per decade. If we do not […]

Thank you, Dr. Seabrooks

With great sadness I read the July 18 article in the Daily Republic with regard to the revocation of Franklyn Seabrooks’ medical license by the medical board of California and the Office of Administrative Hearings in Sacramento. Particularly concerning were the inflammatory statements, “if Seabrooks continued practicing it would endanger the public’s health, safety and […]

Was vote on health care constitutional?

The Affordable Care Act passed the Supreme Court but is it constitutional? As a new Republican, I feel I have had my right to vote taken away from me. We have a representative government, which means we do not vote on legislation personally, we vote for congressmen and senators who are inclined to vote the […]

Where is the fairness in America?

As we age, our memories decline. The good old boys have amnesia, they have selective memories recalling facts. Remember those most famous words by President George H.W. Bush, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” President Ronald Regan raised taxes more than a dozen times. What a waste of precious time and money used against President […]

Free will important to women, too

I was reading a column (Betsy Hart: “Marriage important to women’s happiness,” July 24), and what caught my eye was the fact that Betsy refers to her upcoming marriage as in “I”: “My wedding,”  ”when I.” There are so many I’s I’m wondering if she is in this by herself. The most important question for her […]

Free lunch isn’t really free

A July 24 article was titled “Free summer meals available to children in Fairfield, Suisun.” But there is no free lunch. Government programs are paid for by taxes collected from private citizens. Government has no money of its own — whatever it gives away, it must first take from private-sector individuals. This particular program has […]

Tired of lies about health care law

I am discouraged by the increasing secularization of this “Christian nation.” One of the Ten Commandments prohibits bearing false witness, that is, lying when people are depending on you for the truth. So here we have House Speaker John Boehner saying last week that the Affordable Care Act “is government taking over the entire health […]

Government spending? No surprise

Gee folks, guess what? Our auditors finally figured out the problem! According to the news, it is that we spend billions of the taxpayers’ money and no one knows where it went. No, really. So tell us something we don’t know about government spending. It seems that a second-grader could do the math our leaders […]

Time to ‘cure’ our problems

Noted philosopher and political scientist Niccolo Machiavelli once observed, “Political misjudgments and wrong turns are like tuberculosis, hard to detect and easy to cure in the beginning and easy to diagnose and very hard to cure at the end.” Considering that, there is no way I’ll vote for the Obamanistas this coming November. Chuck Hettlinger […]

No texting while driving

Concerning California drivers being allowed to text, with restriction: Bad guys — winning! Another lowering of standards because our law enforcement is absent. Tell me, why do we have cops? The very same confusion existing in this bad law is the one that will continue killing innocent people. Make laws and enforce them. We are creating […]

Safety before money

We all enjoy fireworks to a point, but Suisun City selling fireworks for the almighty dollar was a bad idea. We were lucky not to have bad fires and the poor animals suffered. I know my dog and I had a number of fireworks that kept us up until after midnight. The fireworks downtown are […]

Budget cuts to schools affect children

I am concerned about the budget cuts to schools. I would like Fairfield sports and the music program to continue in the middle and high schools. Otherwise, kids just sit it classes all day and don’t do as many activities as they should. Bryce Woodson Fairfield

Affordable health care for all

I know I’m not the only one disgusted by the waste of time in Congress by continually bringing up the Affordable Care Act for a vote in the House. I am quite sure even Republicans who are not part of the House are wondering how their elected leaders can justify wasting so much time and […]

Important words to remember

The Fourth of July has come and gone. I read the Declaration of Independence in honor of the day. It’s been awhile since I last read it. I read it several times and thought those people sure had a list of serious grievances. When reading it, I could easily replace the words “King” and “Great […]

Walmart store accountability

I know I have mentioned this before about Walmart, but I can’t understand and I need someone to explain it. How is it that a company as big and as community friendly as Walmart does not have to be responsible for its own cleanup? Here they built what has now been an eyesore to Suisun City. […]

High-speed rail just plain wrong

I’ve been following Gov. Jerry Brown’s dream of high-speed rail from here to Southern California, hoping the vast majority of not only the citizens of California but our Legislature would eventually drop this thing. Common sense dictates the idea is wrong at this point. It’s going to cost unknown billions of dollars and take an […]

Sewer board’s actions are insane

I can’t believe that in these times when the city’s police and firemen are taking cuts in their pay along with the many others in the private sector that the citizens of Fairfield and Suisun City have such fiscally irresponsible board members, comprised of the Suisun City and Fairfield city councils, for the point powers authority […]

Blackmail, bullying and lies

First, Gov. Jerry Brown tells us that if we don’t vote for his tax increase in November, education of your children will experience severe funding cuts. Then he tells us to “suck it up” as he bullies state lawmakers to move forward with his high-speed rail plan. We all remember the high-speed rail vote that […]

Who are tea party members?

A patriotic letter writer in these columns (May 24) writes that tea party members are “your family, your neighbors, your friends and people of every color, creed, national origin, political affiliation . . . We are you!” No, you’re not. You’re usually older, white and Republican. You’re funded in large part by the billionaire Koch […]

Governor’s folly deserves rejection

Gov. Jerry Brown and those in the state Capitol are now going to waste $68 billion on the boondoggle known as high-speed rail. This project is going to take 21 years to complete and will never be economically viable. Once finished in 2033, it will take a mere two-and-a-half hours to go from San Francisco […]

American flags are appreciated

I was so happy to find out who was responsible for the long line of American flags along Highway 12 in Suisun City. Mike Segala is to be commended. They make me happy, and so proud to be an American every time I pass by them, and I am glad to see that they will […]

Kelvin Wade’s got it wrong

I read a column written by Kelvin Wade in the July 5 edition of the Daily Republic. It states that the white race is getting shaky about losing the lead in the population race. Really, who cares who’s ahead in what race as long as it’s done legally, and not being here on a felony […]

General education not for everyone

Have you every wondered why our schoolchildren are required to take reading, writing, math, history, art, social studies and science in the public school system? As parents it is accepted without question because it has always been that way. If you ask a teacher or administrator the question of why, they will tell you it […]

Many face college dilemma

I have just graduated from high school. As a college prep student I completed the A thru G requirements of the university for admission. I scored above average on the SAT because I was thoroughly taught how to take tests. I completed two years of history/social sciences; four years of English; three years of math; […]

GOP says no

Yes, the GOP is the party of no! N0 to: A lying, imperial president. Big government-run nanny state. Socialism. Race-baiting. Lack of transparency. Class warfare. Redistribution of wealth. Social justice. Limitless spending. Undermining the strength of our military. Chief Justice Roberts’ decision that Obamacare is constitutional. Eleven new taxes on the middle class to pay for […]

Fairfield needs multiple-family housing

So far, Fairfield has built single-family housing exclusively. That implies that every adult 18 years and older must own and operate an expensive, gas-guzzling car. Operating that many cars pollutes our air and creates traffic jams. To reduce this madness, Fairfield must build multiple-family housing. Multiple-family housing can be three to six stories high. Multiple-family […]

Time to hit the showers

In the case of Jerry Sandusky, I don’t need to hear a jury tell me that he is a child molester. It’s evident from the scores of kids who have come forward to unveil this sports monster for what he really is. The only thing we can hope for now is that they put him […]

Romney’s running mate?

Comic Bill Maher has a suggested running mate for Mitt Romney: George Zimmerman, the fellow who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin who was walking home with a bag of Skittles. Maher suggests the two had reached the same conclusion: “That black guy is up to no good.” Cliff Benson Fairfield 

Administration doesn’t enforce the laws

No administration in my memory has shown such contempt for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of the law. The administration will not enforce the immigration laws that are on the books, but now, the president wants the people who are in his DREAM Act to stay. The reason is to get re-elected. The people […]

Transit system needs to listen

Fliers announced the meetings for Fairfield and Suisun Transit, and I was one of the few who attended. There were four meetings in April and May, and FAST staff outnumbered the attendees. Why? The regular riders commented that the so-called public meetings were not using public input. I wanted to speak out about the proposed […]

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