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So what’s Lake Berryessa look like today?

I have lived here in Fairfield since 1974. I was here when we had a drought in the 80s; your Daily Republic showed many pictures of Lake Berryessa at those times, and of how low the water had gotten. The town of Montecello was reveled in those pictures. It was quite interesting and sad when […]

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State repeats Willotta Oaks placement mistake

Why do judges keep making the same mistakes over and over again? The proposed placement of dangerous, violent sex offender Fraisure Smith on Olive Avenue is almost a carbon copy of the Willotta Oaks debacle. It is not a rural neighborhood. It is a suburban neighborhood. Like Willotta Oakes, the proposed location is very close […]

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Water, water everywhere; just not in right place

After scanning prior letters to the editor, there seems to be a dearth of letters addressing this state’s most pressing issue, water. Multiple billions of dollars in farming are at stake and a huge proportion of our state’s economic future is tied up with water. I was here the last time (late 1970s) the state […]

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NRA America’s pre-eminent terrorist group

Guns in America, the statistics are terrifying: 119,079 American children killed by gun violence over the past 36 years; 49,468 Americans murdered by guns between 2009 and 2013; 310 million guns owned by 45 million Americans; approximately 97,820 Americans shot each year; 80 percent of all gun deaths among citizens in the world’s 23 wealthiest nations are Americans. […]

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Stevenson gets it wrong again

Once again, Bud Stevenson is wrong, either by design on his part or because he didn’t hear all of President Barack Obama’s remarks re: the tragic Charleston, South Carolina shooting. (Touchy-feely analysis does not serve public well, Daily Republic, 6/19/15.) Stevenson did quote word for word what President Obama (or “Barry O” as Stevenson so […]

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Rental survey not adequate to the job

The recent, very brief survey speaking of “incentives” for the prospective renter ended too early. The survey should inform of “disincentives” in renting in Fairfield. Renting is less fun, especially for those residents in so-called affordable housing. Increasing in all those neighborhoods are the real and increasing dangers of criminal behaviors. More important, there hasn’t been […]

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Parkway Gardens money being wasted

The nightmare in Parkways Gardens seems more like a nuclear explosion. The court petition filed against Parkway Gardens homeowners has cost homeowners $500,000 and counting. We have had no election and no five board of directors seated. Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest by all mean necessary. Did Fairfield government officials methodically investigate the […]

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Watering restriction a joke

You have to laugh sometimes at the people who get appointed to head our local government municipal departments sometimes. In the past few weeks I have noticed that since the rest of the taxpaying homeowners are restricted to watering three times a week, Fairfield’s man in charge of handling the watering of our public parks, maintained […]

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Hometown theater does great job on ‘Mary Poppins’

Solano County has yet another chance to see a truly wonderful show at Fairfield’s downtown theater: “Mary Poppins.” My spouse and I took our 11-year-old granddaughter to opening night. We were wowed by the talent and energy – from beginning to end. If you enjoyed “Mary Poppins,” the Disney movie, as a child, you will […]

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Woman’s actions leave strong impression

Sometimes you see something so touching it’s hard to put into words, but I’ll try. While waiting for my lunchtime companion Thursday at Mimi’s, I noticed a threesome seated at the table to my right. On a chair facing me was a young woman perhaps in her late 40s or early 50s. Across from her was an […]

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Working to bring music back to the classrooms

The Music for Our Children organization would like to thank the Daily Republic for its wonderful support of our efforts to have the Fairfield-Suisun School District board of trustees make the decision to reinstate the Elementary Music Program for the coming school year. Your different announcements and articles during the month of March helped us gather […]

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Facts of proposed Montebello Vista tax increase

Here are the facts about the proposed tax assessment for the Montebello Park and surrounding public right of way. Only 71 percent of the properties in that subdivision had been paying for the park maintenance, the Walters Road median and curbside landscaping, and the street light maintenance within the subdivision and the east side of […]

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Same old injustices prevail

The half-unclothed child cried out for someone to call her mom. She was terrified to move: The overweight white man standing behind her had his private parts resting on the back of her head before the white police officer dragged her around as if she was a rag doll, threw her to the ground, pushed her […]

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Consider plight of the homeless

We’re doomed for a major pandemic of disease if the homeless continue camping in areas where there is no sanitation. According to Wikipedia, “Risk factors for the disease include poor sanitation and access to clean drinking water, and poverty.” Forcing the homeless out of their camps relocates the potential for disease to another area. Unleashed […]

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Consumers should have right to say no

I am not a doctor or scientist. I am a mom, a person who questions everything, and a consumer of goods. As a consumer, I like knowing that the products I use are liable for damages should my car’s brakes fail due to a defect or if I get sick from contaminated beef. The problem […]

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Take action to maintain North Gate Road safety

North Gate Road between the base and McRory Road has deteriorated significantly since the city annexed the area. Fatalities and disabling injuries have occurred on this road in past years. Solano County responded with prompt and special attention in each case. They did an outstanding job maintaining safety on this and other heavily used rural […]

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Vote for local girl in 49ers Golden Voice Anthem Contest

I am proud to share that one of Fairfield’s local talents has tried out for the 49ers 2015 Golden Voice Anthem Contest. More than 500 applied and only 10 made it to the finals. Carmen Gonzalo, a Fairfield High School graduate, was one of the finalists. Go to www.49ers.com and click to Golden Voice Anthem and along […]

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Solano Democrats prepare to honor their own

As a co-chairman of this year’s Solano Democrat of the Year Awards, and on behalf of the Solano County Democratic Central Committee, I invite everyone to join us for our annual banquet at 6 p.m. June 20 at the Courtyard by Marriott at 1350 Holiday Lane in Fairfield. Each year, the Solano Democratic Central Committee […]

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Stevenson always gets it wrong

I share the sentiments of the author of “Stevenson got it wrong” (June 6, 2015) not only for Bud’s column on May 29, but for almost every other Mr. Nice Guy column he writes. It’s amazing to me that the Daily Republic would give Stevenson the podium to spew his ridiculous rants. I would like to […]

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Mike and the Fed

Mike Kirchubel is concerned that readers do not seem interested in his instruction on the U.S. Federal Reserve System. He surmises we just do not know enough about their functions to form opinions. More likely we are knowledgeable enough to conclude that Mr. Kirchubel’s nostrums are the same that have been promoted by critics throughout […]

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NRA gun nuts cost you money

The next time one of those NRA gun nuts wants everybody to carry one, consider the following: Mother Jones reported in its May-June edition that guns kill 33,000 Americans and injure 80,000 a year. Gun violence costs taxpayers $229 billion a year. The cost of smoking costs us taxpayers $289 billion a year. The cost of Medicaid […]

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Give us the right to die when we choose

The Daily Republic on March 5 had an article on the Right to Die bill that passed by a 23-14 vote and is now going to the state Senate. Hooray! Two months ago I lost my sister Pamela Ann Moore. On Jan. 25, she was given a few days to live. The family came, we […]

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Water conservation notice to public

I am all for water conservation and doing whatever a person can do to use less. There are many unique ideas one can put into use for saving water and using it on potted plants and gardens. This has become a challenge for my husband and I lately as we want to have a vegetable […]

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Join Flag Day event Sunday

The American Legion Reams Post 182 of Suisun/Fairfield will host a special patriotic afternoon for Flag Day from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday at the Suisun City Plaza in Old Town, Suisun City. We would like to invite all residents of Solano County to learn and honor our flag on this special day. A special Flag Day ceremony will […]

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So thankful to paramedics

We are fortunate to live in a city where our first responders work smoothly as a team and provide such excellent aid in time of need. Thank goodness it is rare that I have needed to call them, but when I called 911 to relay that a visiting friend was having an acute asthma attack, […]

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Firefighters, police cope well with changes

The writer of a recent letter to the Daily Republic complained about the Fairfield Fire Department burdening taxpayers by lack of efficient use of fire trucks. How? Implied is that the fire trucks are mainly responding to medical emergency calls and not fighting fires as they are built to do. If only it were that simple for the Fire Department […]

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Graduation column hits target; county misses mark

Kelvin Wade’s column, “Class of 2015, don’t be jerks!” was a good one, and it’s not because I’m of the old school of growing up in the previous century, when people were generally taught politeness as a part of growing up, but because it’s a law of survival and of nature to “be kind and […]

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Some ideas to improve the downtown

Fairfield is already known for confections through Jelly Belly Candy Co. and we should capitalize on that. The businesses downtown that are currently a draw are Rosanna’s European Delights, Truffle Berries Sweet Shop and Famous Creations. We don’t need any more cake bakeries, but we could add shops for pies, fudge, novelty candy, cookies, bread, […]

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Memorial Day memories linger

I drove May 28 to Roseville to participate in the reading of the names of the fallen soldiers in the Vietnam War. Part of my list of names was from Solano County. As I sat in a lawn chair and listened to other readers announce the names and ages of the fallen soldiers, I was […]

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A suggestion for water conservation measures

The challenges facing our state, due to drought conditions, require that hard choices be made. Thus, we are willing to do our part to conserve water. However, in my opinion, the proposed limit on landscape watering in residential areas should not be imposed. Further, I believe that such imposition is bordering on citizen civil rights […]

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