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Fairfield: Good … bad … ugly

The Good is that the city pool was open for an Easter egg hunt. I guess fun was had by all. Was it free ? The egg hunt in Lee Bell Park (if they still have it) was. Not sure about eating eggs soaking in chemical pool water for a while. The Bad is once again […]

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Batson misses point

I am writing in response to a recent column written by Jack Batson, in which he attempts to justify the current tax code for working families (April 6: U.S. must not revert to 1920s ruthlessness). His pretzel logic is good rhetoric, but he misses the most important points in his argument, which are facts. We […]

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Talk about corruption

Talk about corruption – under the weight of a thousand protestors and even more thousands of letters, emails and phone calls in opposition, the California Senate Education Committee was primed to vote down Senate Bill 277 on April 15, but decided to postpone the vote until April 22 (no discussion, vote only). Somehow, between noon […]

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Justice not served

Three months ago, I received two calls asking me to take part in a death penalty survey. I informed the callers that I did not believe in the death penalty. Both callers asked, if someone killed a police officer, would I vote for the death penalty? The second caller asked, would I vote for the […]

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Clinton should spruce up a bit

If Hillary Clinton is really serious about becoming president, the first thing she needs to do is get a face-lift. She’s already starting to look like a train wreck. All the fancy makeup, lighting and camera work in the world won’t be enough to do the trick. Linda Bartlett Vallejo

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Every voice counts

The proposed water rate increase for the citizens of Suisun City is outrageous. The fixed charges will see a 33.36 percent increase this year followed by a further increase of 8 percent the next year and followed up by a further increase of 5 percent each year for the next three years. These increases are only […]

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Property management violates human rights

Does it take another homicide before the local police department will listen to resident accounts of ongoing police failures to prevent escalating criminal activities? Stiff-backed police are on the defensive as they fight off accusations by local populations that they do not do enough in crime-reduction. The recent cover story of the brutal assault by […]

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Suisun water rates plan lacks due diligence

Here’s what the public meetings and resultant news articles don’t say: The city has been experiencing a 22 percent loss of water put into the distribution system. Of that 22 percent of loss, 16 percent of the water is lost from undetected and known pipeline leakage, pipe breaks and storage tank overflows. The remaining 6 percent is […]

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Stop Suisun water rate hike with protest letters

My husband and I attended the third and final public hearing on the proposed water rate increase for Suisun water ratepayers. There were approximately 30 people in attendance along with the city manager, city engineer and public works director. A slide show depicting pie charts and current and proposed water rates was presented. We were told […]

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Maybe need more for airplane security

I’ve been thinking about the recent Germanwings airliner disaster, as well as last year’s unexplained disappearance of a Malaysian airliner somewhere over the Indian Ocean and basically overall aircraft/airport security in general. I am aware that currently there are metal detectors and pot-sniffing dogs in place at airports worldwide, in addition to cockpit voice recorders and black […]

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Thank you for your help

On Friday, March 20, I went to Walmart to find I had left my credit cards at home, but I had some cash. I told the cashier to take off the groceries and then the second man in line said, “Stop, stop. I will pay the difference.” It turned out to be almost $10. Because I […]

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Clinton: Our 1st woman president

Rafael Edward Cruz (Ted Cruz), a refugee from Calgary, Canada, is running for the highest office in American, the United States president. The most confused, misguided immigrant wants to be American president, commander in chief. Rafael Edward Cruz changed his name, denied his birth country, shut down American government, voted against the Affordable Care Act for you […]

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Improve Allan Witt Park; how about rest of Fairfield?

A Daily Republic headline on March 18 read, “Fairfield vows, again, to improve Allan Witt Park.” Where has our mayor and city council been during this ages-old ongoing criminal activity? Mayor Price: “Whatever we need to do, let’s do it.” Like closing the skate park? I’m guessing that is not what folks had in mind. […]

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Thanks for making prom dreams come true

We want to thank our generous community for helping make prom dreams come true for nearly 70 local teenage girls. NorthBay Healthcare teamed up with Soroptimist International of Vacaville to sponsor “Operation PROMises” on March 15 at the Secondhand Rose NorthBay Guild Thriftique in downtown Vacaville. We appreciate local newspapers for not only covering the story, […]

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Air Force Concert Band was great

I was one of the fortunate people to attend the Air Force Concert Band performance March 7 at Rodriguez High School. It was absolutely fabulous. They played classical music, folk music, music from Broadway shows, and the Singing Sergeants performed several songs from Broadway shows. Another thing about this great evening of entertainment – admission was free. […]

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Little things lead to rampant crime

This is in response to the March 13, 2015, article “Shooting leaves 1 injured in Fairfield.” Yes, it’s another rant attempting to focus attention on criminal behavior. People are angry and the citizens of this city are fed up! There are homeless encampments, shopping carts and vagrants everywhere. Why are we law-abiding tax-paying citizens having […]

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NorthBay Medical Center staff just wonderful

To anyone who has a loved one who has to go to NorthBay Medical Center at the end of their lives, I want to let know your loved ones will be in the hands of angels. My sister Pam Moore was there for six weeks. She passed March 5. Marrian and all of the nurses too […]

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Coverage of shooting inappropriate

I’m writing you to express my disgust and utter disbelief with the Daily Republic for the article published March 13 about the shooting on Villa Court. I’m appalled at the fact that an individual who was shot five times had his criminal history brought up in the article, just briefly after the incident occurred. How could the DR justify mentioning that information […]

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Headline reeks of insult, innuendo

Wow! What a headline! “Members of Vaca High wrestling team in trouble with police” (Feb. 26). I was sure I was going to read some scandalous revelations of a group gone wild, a la the Oakland Raiders or a University of Virginia fraternity. But, alas, it was a small article about six or seven teens […]

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The Associated Press protects Clinton

A recent article from The Associated Press exemplifies how the press will protect Hillary Clinton at the expense of its readers. The article attempted to downplay and deflect from Clinton’s current email scandal through an apples-and-oranges comparison by citing several current and former governors who used private email while in office. What the article failed […]

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Clueless in California

I don’t understand the reasoning of the state of California. On one hand they are willing to pay $3,200 a month to rent a four-bedroom house with a pool in rural Fairfield for a convicted violent sex offender. On the other hand when a Navy veteran living in Leisure Town in Vacaville in a two-bedroom home dies, […]

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Fan clubs not helping case of Zodiac killer

It is interesting to note some of the people who have Zodiac Fan Clubs and feed off of the Internet continuing to ramble on about people who are dead and can no longer defend or speak for themselves or comment on any of the things being said or printed about them. This hurts any legitimate […]

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Westwind 4-H has been busy

The 4-H motto is to make the best better. One way our club helps to fulfill this motto is by supporting our community. Our Westwind 4-H Club has done several community service projects this year. We made 30 hygiene kits for the homeless, collected food items for our county food bank, conducted a school supplies drive to help offset educational costs, and donated toys to […]

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Kudos to Earl Hood

Kudos to tea partyer Earl Hood for suggesting that Republicans vote Democratic as a jolt to the party leaders (“I might just vote for a Democrat next time,” March 1). The GOP leadership needs a jolt. Almost all the Republicans I know (and I know a-plenty) are not as radical as the party they support. […]

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Thankful for city upkeep on fallen tree leaves

We reside in the original part of Fairfield, along with many Sycamore trees as our valued neighbors. They are beautiful and provide wonderful shade throughout the hot summer months. The flip side being that they drop their leaves annually as Mother Nature planned. We would like to thank the city and the Public Works branch […]

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Prom dress giveaway returns

Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first Greek lettered sorority established and incorporated by African-American college women. The sorority was founded Jan. 15, 1908, at Howard University in Washington, D.C. To date, Alpha Kappa Alpha consists of more than 250,000 women worldwide of African, Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic descent. From our inception, Alpha Kappa Alpha has helped […]

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Bring back newspaper carriers on bicycles

Today, like many other days in the year, I picked up my newspaper in the middle of the street. More times than not, my newspaper is delivered in the gutter, sometimes with a bag left open, not tied, sitting in water. Since I receive both local papers, every morning I can expect to see them competing […]

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Sad to see the disrespect

It is sad that Speaker John Boehner and the good old boys had to stoop so low and disrespected President Barack Obama by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress. They treated Mr. Netanyahu as if he was the president of the United States. Boehner and his good old boys do what they […]

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I might just vote for a Democrat next time around

As a constitutional conservative, and as a tea party activist, I am now thinking seriously about the possibility of voting for a Democrat for president in 2016. Although many things will probably happen between now and the 2016 presidential election, I know without any doubt I will not vote for another Republican-in-name-only in 2016 as […]

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Aging Fairfield housing agency faltering

Is the Fairfield Housing Agency struggling to survive because of the continuing slow, faltering economy or because of anachronism? The latter seems more than likely. The council meetings do not point to the catastrophic potential of the expansion of the homeless, street people and desperation of those seeking housing or shelter. The relentless and long […]

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