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SB 227 brings concerns about personal freedoms

Our California State Senate has, in its rush to please some protestors, passed SB 227, “by a vote of 23-12 with the majority vote coming from Democrats,” although not a surprise. This is an article from the Sacramento Bee dated May 12, 2015. This was done, allegedly, to give more open access to the public. There […]

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Signs for garage sale stolen

I placed an ad in the Daily Republic on May 14 and bought a couple of packs of garage sale signs. That evening I hung up all my signs in Suisun City off of Worley Road and Railroad Avenue and throughout the area. I went out to pick up my signs May 15 after my sale and […]

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Suisun City park fees plan raises questions

This is in response to the “All Montebello residents may soon pay for park” from May 7 in the Daily Republic. I may not have a full understanding of what’s happening here with Suisun City putting up to a vote of 684 residents to find out if they want to pay for the maintenance for a […]

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Where is the rest of the money listed?

I have a question for the Daily Republic concerning Ryan McCarthy’s article published May 6, 2015: “$707,594 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds spending wins Fairfield approval.” When I added up the money that the five named organizations will be receiving, that amount total was $479,650. So my question is, where does the remainder $222,944 […]

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Sacrifices are not in vain

Remember that Memorial Day is for the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. If they could speak, they would tell us they are at peace – which after all is why they served – to preserve or restore peace. In that purpose every deceased solider has succeeded. That’s why no soldier ever died […]

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DR failed to cover PSA event

On Saturday, May 16, 2015, I had the privilege of going to the Public Safety Academy to see their World War II Museum that the students created. The museum was made for the community. Amazing information was given by the students in the form of displays, video interviews, dioramas and static display of three World […]

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Some good news, some bad news

First, the good: Hats off to Paul Farmer and the Daily Republic local sports news! Mr. Farmer does an incredible job tracking and reporting on our local athletes and I know I speak for many readers when I say “thank you” for the hard work and effort! Now for the bad: Why is the Daily Republic […]

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Trager Presents concert was the best

My husband and I and a couple of friends on a recent Saturday night attended the Billy Joel Tribute band concert. This is the second Jeff Trager Presents concert we’ve attended at the Fairfield Center for Creative Arts. It was more awesome than the first. I could not believe the place was not packed out. […]

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Compensation for Fairfield transit workers unfair

I have been commuting to the city of Fairfield since June 2014. In that time, I have come to understand that the FAST (Fairfield and Suisun Transit) drivers have a terrible union, and are very poorly compensated for the work that they do. I even found out recently that the folks in dispatch (a much […]

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Thank a teacher

If you can read this letter, thank a teacher. This Wednesday is the Day of the Teacher, a chance to express appreciation to our teachers. Teachers spend many hours in preparation to meet the needs of a variety of students. Some students have health problems or home situations that can interfere with learning. Some students learn […]

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Letters igniting flame of intolerance

In response to the April 25 front page of the Daily Republic I ask, is this front page news? The Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco became news when the San Francisco Chronicle reporting described him, an archbishop, as “controversial,” continuously unfriended because of his strong, church stand against “same-sex” marriage. Then more recent the […]

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Good job, Fairfield-Suisun School District

I keep having reasons to say, “good work” to the folks at Fairfield-Suisun School District. This time it is about the Matt Garcia Career and College Academy. Cindy Lenners is the principal. The academy has about 100 middle school and high school students. The students are those who, for some reason, don’t quite fit in […]

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Help Azerbaijan rid selves of Armenian forces

May 8 was the 23rd anniversary of military occupation and destruction of the historic town of Shusha, which was once the centerpiece of a vibrant Azerbaijani classical music scene and home to the first opera in the Middle East. It was renowned for its musicians, composers and singers. Now it is a ghost town, a victim […]

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People stealing my donations

When I put things out on the sidewalk for the Disabled American Veterans or the cancer drive, I try to put out good things that they can sell and make money. I have brought things like portable drills, saws and my daughter has put out Avon products and baby clothes and toys. Before their driver […]

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Time for multiple-county tourism, arts, downtown project

Vacaville has a number of festivals and entertainments in its downtown throughout the year. Suisun City has the popular waterfront festival: Art, Wine & Chocolate, plus ghost walks and an artisan fair. Fairfield has the well-attended Tomato Festival as well as wine and food pairing in its downtown. Vallejo has downtown and waterfront activities throughout the year from […]

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Corruption tarnishes values of our ancestors

Nobody wants to help the real ones struggling because high-ranked people in high-paying professions don’t care about the values that built this great country. My ancestors founded this country and the corrupt ones let money and greed rule them. It offends me that the bad ones ruin the good names that help and fight to […]

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Obama sides with enemy

In 2009, the dictators of Cuba (Fidel and Manuel Castro), Venezuela (Hugo Chavez) and Nicaragua (Daniel Ortega) as well as President Barack Obama backed Honduras President Manuel Zelaya when he decided to become a dictator by refusing to step down when his term in office expired, and it took a military coup to force him out. […]

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Who’s asleep at the switch?

Someone must be asleep at the switch, as too often the dreaded “metering lights” remain on at the Bay Bridge well into the noncommute hours. I drive four days a week from Fairfield to SFO and depart at noon daily only to encounter “the lights are on but nobody’s home” phenomena. Why when there is […]

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We are tired of taxes in California

So the city of Fairfield wants to lower the percentage number to 55 percent in order to pass a tax measure for transportation. Why didn’t the city go all the way and make it 50.1 percent? Since the unions are backing the measure, what’s next? Let’s make all tax measures easier to pass? If the city […]

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They can’t decrease Social Security

Referencing April 17, 2014, article “No Shortage of Bad Social Security Fixes,” By Ramesh Ponnuru, senior columnist for National Review. To speak of talking out of both sides of your mouth, i.e. “Double talk,” a commentary by a senior editor of the right-wing National Review stated that Sen. Marco Rubio’s proposals to savage Social Security are not […]

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Fairfield: Good … bad … ugly

The Good is that the city pool was open for an Easter egg hunt. I guess fun was had by all. Was it free ? The egg hunt in Lee Bell Park (if they still have it) was. Not sure about eating eggs soaking in chemical pool water for a while. The Bad is once again […]

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Batson misses point

I am writing in response to a recent column written by Jack Batson, in which he attempts to justify the current tax code for working families (April 6: U.S. must not revert to 1920s ruthlessness). His pretzel logic is good rhetoric, but he misses the most important points in his argument, which are facts. We […]

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Talk about corruption

Talk about corruption – under the weight of a thousand protestors and even more thousands of letters, emails and phone calls in opposition, the California Senate Education Committee was primed to vote down Senate Bill 277 on April 15, but decided to postpone the vote until April 22 (no discussion, vote only). Somehow, between noon […]

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Justice not served

Three months ago, I received two calls asking me to take part in a death penalty survey. I informed the callers that I did not believe in the death penalty. Both callers asked, if someone killed a police officer, would I vote for the death penalty? The second caller asked, would I vote for the […]

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Clinton should spruce up a bit

If Hillary Clinton is really serious about becoming president, the first thing she needs to do is get a face-lift. She’s already starting to look like a train wreck. All the fancy makeup, lighting and camera work in the world won’t be enough to do the trick. Linda Bartlett Vallejo

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Every voice counts

The proposed water rate increase for the citizens of Suisun City is outrageous. The fixed charges will see a 33.36 percent increase this year followed by a further increase of 8 percent the next year and followed up by a further increase of 5 percent each year for the next three years. These increases are only […]

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Property management violates human rights

Does it take another homicide before the local police department will listen to resident accounts of ongoing police failures to prevent escalating criminal activities? Stiff-backed police are on the defensive as they fight off accusations by local populations that they do not do enough in crime-reduction. The recent cover story of the brutal assault by […]

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Suisun water rates plan lacks due diligence

Here’s what the public meetings and resultant news articles don’t say: The city has been experiencing a 22 percent loss of water put into the distribution system. Of that 22 percent of loss, 16 percent of the water is lost from undetected and known pipeline leakage, pipe breaks and storage tank overflows. The remaining 6 percent is […]

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Stop Suisun water rate hike with protest letters

My husband and I attended the third and final public hearing on the proposed water rate increase for Suisun water ratepayers. There were approximately 30 people in attendance along with the city manager, city engineer and public works director. A slide show depicting pie charts and current and proposed water rates was presented. We were told […]

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Maybe need more for airplane security

I’ve been thinking about the recent Germanwings airliner disaster, as well as last year’s unexplained disappearance of a Malaysian airliner somewhere over the Indian Ocean and basically overall aircraft/airport security in general. I am aware that currently there are metal detectors and pot-sniffing dogs in place at airports worldwide, in addition to cockpit voice recorders and black […]

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