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Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Plastic bag bans hurt the poor

The poor use plastic bags for garbage, for disposing of pet waste, soggy swim trunks and diapers. Plastic bags fit in small garbage containers. Many carry their lunches in them. They are re-useable for hundred of things. When you don’t have any in the house, you really need one. Only the elite would think they […]

Global warming a scam

Temperatures in the Midwest, East and the deep South are colder than they have been in decades. The ice pack in Antarctica is growing. Can it now be seen that global warming”was a scam? A lot of money was made by the likes of Al Gore based on global warming. None of the leftists or extremist […]

Defend religious freedom

Recent legislation that would allow businesses to deny service to people based on religious beliefs is not prejudicial nor is it based on hate. It’s based on the First Amendment: The government shall not prohibit the free exercise of religion. Several religions believe that same-sex sexual relationships go against the natural order as God created […]

Must we suspend our common sense?

Lois Lerner, former official head of the Internal Revenue Service and who is at the heart of the controversy of its targeting of conservative groups, once again took the Fifth when asked any question by the House Oversight Committee. During her very first appearance before them, she read a prepared statement in which she proclaimed […]

Problems with ‘ugly prejudice’ letter

Another outraged diatribe against people of faith appeared in this newspaper recently over what else but gay marriage:  “Ugly prejudice rises again in America.” (Letters to the editor, March 1.) My understanding is that some business owners who are in the wedding industry don’t want to be forced to provide their services to gay couples. […]

Parents are role models

Parental involvement at home as well as at school is extremely critical to our children’s success in reaching their educational goals throughout their lives and will assist in developing positive community relationships. A link to this home experience is very important to your children’s future. Become a school partner or volunteer and your reward will […]

Get involved with Alzheimer’s association

I joined 200 advocates at the Annual Alzheimer’s Advocacy Day on March 4 in Sacramento to meet with California’s legislators in their offices to support needed services for families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. A total of 5.6 million Americans are afflicted with Alzheimer’s. In California, the figure is about 630,000 […]

Who’s really lying about America?

I would like to thank the Daily Republic for brightening my day when I open my morning paper and see a cartoon by Michael Ramirez. What an artist! What a sense of humor! Of course, some readers with an opposing viewpoint cannot see it as a joke. The first thing they do is attack Mr. […]

City must take steps to ensure pedestrian safety

I have lived near the corners of Dahlia Street and Orchid Street in Fairfield since 1971. This is a high traffic area near Fairfield High School and the Public Safety Academy at the former Amy Blanc School. Cars come speeding through the area at all hours of the day and night. Unfortunately, no real street […]

Shame on Vallejo for Lakes Water System

I am writing about the Lakes Water System issue in our community. I am a customer of the city of Vallejo in this water system, along with many households and businesses in Solano and Napa counties. Paying current rates or the projected $7,000-per-year rate for domestic household water is simply unacceptable. There is a 100-plus-year […]

Flaws in letter about history

I rarely take my thyme to korrect a plethora of misteaks in a letter to the editor, however, in thee case of “Is history repeating?” (Feb. 27), I shall make an exception. First, the name is Murray Bass, not Maury. If you are going to criticize, get it right the first time. Second, the scholar […]

Why do teachers avoid Vietnam memorial?

I had the honor Feb. 25 to help escort the truck carrying The Wall that Heals Vietnam Memorial to the California State Capitol. I returned Feb. 27 to view the memorial after it was set up, and thank those who volunteered to offer docent services to help the public find loved ones who might be […]

Gas taxes help pay to fix roads

Here is more ranting from another old man. Please don’t do anymore stories about Richie Rich driving around for free in his $85,000 Tesla model S car. Especially the one about going from Vancouver, British Columbia, to San Ysidro for zero petro dollars. What about road taxes? We all pay road taxes if we buy […]

West Valley Barbershop Choir offers thanks

The Davis/Vacaville West Valley Barbershop Chorus had a very successful Singing Valentines program on Feb. 14, singing love songs to many in the Davis, Vacaville, Fairfield and Sacramento areas. We could not have done so without generous contributions from Strelitzia Flower Co. in Davis, Sam’s Club and Walmart in Vacaville. Many thanks. Bob Hansen The West […]

Why no Native American Day?

It was nice to have Black History Month and to read the interesting articles in the Daily Republic. However, I’m wondering why other holidays (Thanksgiving, the birthdays of presidents, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.) are only one day. Also, is there a Native American Day or even an hour to recognize the first inhabitants […]

Some not-so-funny jokes in politics

I have to lighten up a bit and poke a little fun at our elected “officials” for some sanity. Did you hear the one about Democrat Rep. Annie Kuster of New Hampshire? During her town hall meeting about the Middle East, she was asked her position on House Resolution 36, a select committee concerning the […]

Why did Garamendi travel to Africa?

Surprise? The Daily Republic recently gave front page coverage to the private sponsorship travels of our U.S. congressional representative, John Garamendi, 3rd Congressional District. In brief, Garamendi boarded a plane to Africa (Sudan, a vast country with a legacy of violent, civil war for more than 20 years). Other global destinations were Ethiopia and Turkey. […]

Prejudice rises in America

So the conservative freak show has succeeded in rearing its ugly head and spread the disease of hate within the hallowed walls of political correctness. Republican lawmakers and a network of conservative religious groups have been pushing “religious freedom bills” that essentially legalize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Arizona and Kansas passed legislation. […]

Dangerous idea to ‘monitor’ news

Regular broadcast news will not deal with the Barack Obama-backed proposal by a couple of universities to have a “monitor” in each newsroom to see that the “proper” news subjects are covered. As of today, the administration spokesman states that “they are backing off of this plan, for the time being. However, every plan is […]

Mexican gang kingpin’s capture is good news

I picked up my Sunday newspaper and read the article of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who was captured by not only the Mexican navy marines but the United States government services. A man who was so corrupt, a man who was protected by the ex-president of Mexico – does this tell anyone about the government […]

Red Sea experience a personal failure

I once worked in Saudi Arabia as a computer programmer, analyst and manager. On Sept. 14, 1981, I went down to the Red Sea at Janbu al-Bahr in Saudi Arabia. I dipped my hands in the Red Sea and tried to “separate the water.” It didn’t work. That was one of my many failures here […]

President is no Jackie Robinson

President Barack Obama is supposed to be my president, too. Why is it he has failed so badly to live up to the opportunity he was given in 2008? As the first black president, he has had the ability to set a high standard for other candidates of color who will follow in his footsteps. […]

Wake up and keep your businesses

Fairfield is losing business to Vacaville. Stores located in Fairfield are moving out. It is time for Fairfield to act as a thriving community and be more business-friendly. Fran and Don Bond Fairfield

Is history repeating itself?

Murray Bass wrote a column Feb. 1 (“Sad truth: America has lost its faith”) on things happening throughout our government, including the elimination of faith and patriotism from our schools and services and compromising our faith for political correctness, such as all the values we and our children were brought up to live and practice. […]

Repair our water system

For 30-plus years, I have been paying a higher-than-average price for water because I happen to reside in the Green Valley area. The city of Vallejo charges some of the highest rates in the state for operating and maintaining the Lakes Water System. It has been its responsibility to keep our water system in good […]

Suggestion to make fireworks fair

I would like to submit a request to my fellow citizens of Fairfield. So far, our city leaders have failed to allow us the personal legal use of fireworks to celebrate our Fourth of July. My neighbors and I would love to put together a little show for our grandkids and other children in our […]

Treatment of Lakes System customers shameful

I am writing to express dismay about the city of Vallejo’s attitude toward its Lakes System water customers. Over the 17 years that I’ve resided in Green Valley, I have observed a pattern of the city’s seemingly calculated dismissal of requests for accountability to the Lakes Water customers. In a Letter of Memorandum dated June […]

Justice often doesn’t prevail in court

Throughout this past year, I have followed a Solano County court case that held my interest. I had trust in the law and what it should stand for. I have no mercy on those who commit a crime, particularly when children are involved. After following this court matter for more than a year my interest […]

Arguments for water-rate increase are ridiculous

I am writing with regard to the Vallejo/Green Valley water controversy in which the city of Vallejo continues to shirk its responsibility to reasonably maintain the Lakes Water System and is attempting to force a small group of nonresident customers to foot the bill for repairing decades of neglect. Vallejo City Attorney Claudia Quintana made […]

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Thanks to local residents, Solano Garbage

The Boy Scouts of America in the Chief Solano District would like to thank the community for its help. We collect food in November for the food bank and they turn around and use the food to help those in need in our community. We want to give you a big thanks for being so […]

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