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Great service garners praise

The family and friends of Mr. Milton V. Herring would like to thank Fairfield Funeral Home for their outstanding and professional services and support. Special thanks to Mr. Ken Graham and his staff. The Rev. Richard E. Robinson, wife Gwendolyn Robinson, pastor, Central Missionary Baptist Church, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Minnie Noble Fairfield

Thank you for support

On behalf of the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery Support Committee, I would like to thank the following for their generous donations in support of our annual Jingle in July walk-a-thon. Dixon Rental Center, Dixon; The Salvation Army Kroc Center, Suisun City; and Walmart Stores, Suisun City. The walk-a-thon on July 11 at the Suisun City Marina would […]

No more hunting for sport

Recently the news reported a story about a dentist who killed a popular and beloved lion that also protected other lions. Hunters have a license to kill innocent animals. No one objects; it’s accepted. It’s not done for survival or food but simply to feed the hunter’s egos. Hopefully the senseless slaughter of this noble […]

Pedestrian signals help those with impaired sight

Have you seen sight-impaired residents trying to cross the streets in these locations and more in downtown Fairfield, on the corner of North Texas Street and Travis Boulevard, and Pennsylvania Avenue and Travis Boulevard? I have witnessed impaired residents a number of times crossing those intersections and often wondered why Fairfield city planning commissioners or Fairfield City […]

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A few thoughts on things …

Parents can help make school better for children. As parents and grandparents drive and walk their children to and from school this fall, please be mindful of and observe traffic laws, respect the community you drive/walk through. Those homeowners near the schools don’t deserve having you speeding through their neighborhoods and blocking their driveways. Our […]

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Frustrated with the deceit

We are living in an era of deceit. We have witnessed trickle-down lying and deceit from the highest office. We take it as politics as usual when in actuality we should impeach, recall and file criminal charges, and I’m talking about both corrupt parties. They swear a meaningless oath on the holy Bible when taking […]

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Bring back Suisun City motorcycle officers

I was reading the Daily Republic and on Page A3 I see an article about residents expressing concerns about traffic on Walters Road. C’mon people, all of Walter’s Road is blocked off from homes by heavy construction walls. Now as I already wrote in a letter, you should live on my street. I have had […]

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Fairfield Relay for Life committee thanks community

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life events are community fundraisers to help join in the fight against cancer. The 2015 Relay for Life of Fairfield raised more than $75,000 in part because of awesome buy-in from the community. Our most sincere thanks to the following people and organizations (in alphabetical order): Angels Disciples Martial Arts, […]

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Dixon doing right thing for future

Dixon residents may not realize it, but on July 22 a major milestone changed our community’s history. Superior Court Judge Beeman ruled that an election to roll back sewer user rates was unconstitutional. His decision recognized that the Dixon City Council moved forward with construction of a new wastewater/sewage treatment facility, arranged a low interest […]

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Some perspective on health care

I would like to give my perspective on health care and government assistance. I am married with four children. Our oldest son just had braces put on and although we have medical and dental insurance, it still cost us a lot of money. While my wife and I were talking to a neighbor of ours down […]

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Munn saved my life

I am writing in response to the Daily Republic’s article on Dr. William Munn (State suspends license for Fairfield psychiatrist, July 12, 2015). I am a patient of Dr. William Munn for four years. This man saved my life. He helped me in lots of ways. He is a good man and I feel that article […]

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Coming to terms with gun violence

As evidenced by responses to my recent letter to the editor titled Guns, Cancer and Common Sense, the topic of how to effectively address the epidemic of gun violence in America hits “raw nerves” on both sides of the argument. However, after filtering out debatable statistics, bombastic rhetoric and petty insults, a number of important […]

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Parents can help make school better for children

Parents and guardians, set your calendar and a goal as our Fairfield-Suisun School District doors open for the fall semester. A goal of volunteering in our classrooms will increase a positive influence on our students and provide maximum benefits toward success in education. As you calendar in a schedule for school participation, including home. Know […]

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Thank you for getting my heart restarted

I need to express my gratitude to the quick action of my wife Kathleen and the speedy response of the Medic Ambulance and Fire Department crews and certainly the trauma department medical folks at NorthBay Medical Center, who no doubt saved my life July 4. I understand that it was a challenging time and that […]

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Wasted talent

I recently saw Councilwoman Catherine Moy on the front page of our beloved paper. Why is she wasting time on work that Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is required to do for our own safety? Does it really matter if they take a few trees out of thousands? Besides, they will basically just trim them. I […]

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Guns, cancer, common sense

You don’t cure lung cancer by increasing the number of cigarettes in society, and you don’t cure gun violence by increasing the number of guns in society. It’s just common sense. Now, not all people who use cigarettes die of lung cancer, and not all people who use guns commit murder. But, the link between cigarettes […]

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Trustees are far too trusting

Fairfield-Suisun School District governing board Trustee Judi Honeychurch, when asked recently to approve more than $10 million in funding without being provided adequate time for all board members to exercise their due diligence, said “members of the school board need to trust information from staff rather than ask detailed questions,” according to the Daily Republic. Excuse […]

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Helping homeless a difficult task

I read the article in my July 15 newspaper about the $50 soda at Subway. I would like to comment about it as follows: Helping the homeless is a very difficult task. My personal experience working with the homeless revealed they often have a lot of personal baggage. I felt rewarded helping two separate families […]

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NRA critic got it wrong

Response to “NRA America’s pre-eminent terrorist group,” DR, June 27. I resisted the urge to fire back with a scathing response and took time to cool down. The writer runs down a paragraph of statistics gathered from unknown sources which are intended to reinforce his view of the evils of guns. The NRA is also good at providing stats. […]

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Power of the people prevails

We have once again witnessed the power of the people with the halting of the high-risk sex offender’s placement on Olive Avenue. Is your neighborhood the next place they will want to put him? Sylvia Anderson Fairfield

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Politicians have no respect

Typical Democrats! The bodies weren’t even cold before both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were trying to make political hay out of the church killings in Charleston, South Carolina. This has to be the most shameless example of politicians using murder victims to promote their political agendas. Is nothing sacred in this world? Diane Weston […]

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Remembering the Zodiac killer

A somber salute to the Zodiac killer, as this Fourth of July marked another anniversary of his murdering ways and mayhem against law enforcement and the general public at large. His selfish acts are still felt today from the many years that he escaped justice with the help of those who knew and stood by silently and let […]

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Soccer players on tennis courts

Who is the destructive person who cut an enormous hole in the tennis fence on Court 8 at Allan Witt Park? It is big enough to represent a goal on a soccer field. If it were a soccer coach who did it, what a horrible example to set for youth. How disrespectful can a person […]

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Burning questions

The burning questions now are actually twofold: Who will be the first woman to grace the new $10 bill? And, of course, what about Hillary Rodham Clinton? As far as the new $10 bill goes, I suggest either Eleanor Roosevelt, who did so much for this country and reached out to those who needed help and set […]

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We all help to beat crime

The news reports and notices given by the sheriff in recent weeks concerning sexual predators in our neighborhoods have been outstanding. By keeping the public informed and generating specific and accurate reporting about what is going on in our neighborhoods, our neighborhoods have been able to rally together and be proactive against crime. Although the Daily Republic gave praise […]

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Just send in the USA

All that we seem to care about in this country is gun violence and our leader’s pick and choose which stories and agendas to blast across the airwaves when whole cities and countries are being destroyed and the people living in them are at the mercy of roving gangs and sometimes lone gunmen who dish out […]

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Gave up guns, because nothing good comes of them

I called the Fairfield Police Department one recent morning to inquire about how I could turn in my shotgun. The police will come to your door to help you get rid of an unwanted gun. I appreciate the service. I was raised in a family of hunters and fishermen. We had a small cabin in […]

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Did Stevenson get it wrong?

I’m writing in response to Cindy MacDonald’s recent letter taking our beloved Bud Stevenson to task because, apparently, she agrees with the president that “this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” Did she notice the article four pages later, “Dozens killed in attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait, France?” Do she and our president […]

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Take a side

As the explosions of fireworks subside, I ask you to take some time to reflect on the foundation our country was built on, and how those patriots got there and the sacrifices they made. Whether or not you feel our Constitution was created by white men long dead and insignificant to our lives now or […]

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Good Samaritans made my day a little better

While driving home on Interstate 80, June 17, I was the victim of a hit-and-run. My Mini Cooper spun across the freeway lanes to where I managed to bring it to a stop on the shoulder. No, I wasn’t hurt. A witness pulled up behind me, she had her phone in her hand calling California […]

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