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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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‘Affordable’ health care too costly for Americans

The Affordable Care Act means higher health care costs and more taxes. The big spender has spent almost $2 trillion to implement his health care law. Americans must realize that the government is not furnishing you any medical care for this $2 trillion expenditure, it is only trying to administer or control health care. President […]

Good deeds in Fairfield

We would like to extend our thanks to the young mother and baby son who paid for our dinner at the Texas Roadhouse on a recent Thursday night. We do not know who she is, and also do not know why she did such a wonderful deed. We are senior citizens from Vacaville and were so […]

Kirchubel lives in a different world

Mike Kirchubel writes, “I remain thankful we re-elected our president” and concludes, “When will ‘our’ legislators and the corporations who control them place people before profit? We wait.” What world does this columnist live in? I’m sure it wasn’t the World War II years. He states he “remains quite wary and war-weary” (not withstanding the […]

Is the president really protecting the people?

No taxation without representation. That was the cry that helped end the rule of King George III in America. It became a principle of our democratic government. President Barack Obama, a professor of constitutional law, had the Democratic Senate pass his Affordable Care Act – perhaps this nation’s largest tax bill – without any Republican […]

Thanks for good medical care, Kaiser

According to a recent article in my hometown newspaper, Kaiser Health Facilities are rated No. 1. No surprise to me or my wife. We’ve relied on Kaiser for many years. For the past 10 years, my personal health care provider has been a gentleman named Dr. James Whitmore at the Fairfield facility. We talked almost […]

Another cat a victim of a shooting?

I did a double-take when I read the letter from the resident in Castle Rock who lost her cat to some irresponsible character who shot her pet on March 16. As it happens, my wife and I, who also live in Castle Rock, had been looking for our pet cat Junior since the morning of […]

God grabbed Flight 370

For fiercely religious people such as me and others, there is only one possible and reasonable explanation for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370/Boeing 777 without a trace. Since there has been no oil slick to follow and since there are no airports in the vicinity of where Flight 370 disappeared or where an […]

It’s testing season: Opt out

It’s the time of year when our teachers and students share in the anticipation of the state standardized testing; STAR testing is out, Common Core is in. This yearly ritual has become the basis by which all of our teaching has been geared toward, especially for the past dozen or so years. Teaching revolves around […]

Nature abhors a void

President Barack Obama surely is aware of the natural law that nature abhors a void. In fact, this natural law also is valid in politics. When a great nation stops acting in its normal historical role as the leader of the free world, another power will naturally assume this position. We are witnessing this in […]

Heartfelt thanks

Heather House Homeless Shelter would like to acknowledge the wonderful and outstanding contributions of the Suisun City Oddfellows Lodge No. 78. A special thanks to Wesley Mitchell and Vince Thompson for their tireless spirit of giving. They do food drives for us on a timely and continuous basis. They gave us dining chairs when we […]

Hazy shade of yellow

The March 14 article by Barry Eberling (“Man accused of biting off baby’s nose;” front page above the fold), compared to Henry K. Lee’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle (“Baby attacked; dad arrested”), puts into high relief the quality of the staff writer of both dailies. Mr. Eberling reports the borderline slander quoted from […]

President under attack over Crimea response

President Barack Obama is coming in for sharp criticism over his foreign policy. In short, he’s seen as weak. So let’s review the whole Crimea tragedy. The Russian invasion of Crimea was caused by Putin’s loss of a puppet in Ukraine. He has said that losing the old Tsarist-Soviet empire was the “worst geopolitical disaster […]

Where is the justice?

I’m disgusted and outraged by our so-called justice system. Matt Garcia, youngest councilman in Fairfield history and the most amazing person I ever knew, was senselessly murdered by meth addicts over $50 he had nothing to do with and now his killer is being referred to as a “victim” (of alleged jury misconduct), granted a […]

Water costs more than health care

I live in Green Valley, and with all of the controversy recently over health care, I just realized that my present water bill exceeds the cost of my health care insurance. There are similarities between the city of Vallejo’s Lakes Water System and health care. For more than 90 years, the Lakes Water System was operated […]

Tier power price system unfair

It has been awhile since I launched a tirade against Pacific Gas & Electric Company Co. and condemning their use of a tier system of energy charges. I can’t let them get away with their monopolistic ways and intend to be heard until something is done to change their outrageous behavior. PG&E’s chief communications officer […]

Cats being shot in Fairfield

It has become frighteningly apparent that someone is shooting cats with a pellet gun within the city limits. I have reported the third incident within the past year to the Fairfield Police Department, whose officers assured me that this is a dangerous violation of Fairfield’s legal and safety codes. Anyone who has either witnessed or […]

Luck of the Irish?

In his article “Walmart announces store opening date,” reporter Ian Thompson uses the phrase, “It must be the luck of the Irish” to bring a bit of levity and good cheer to his article. This phrase is often misused and misunderstood. The phrase “the luck of the Irish” means to have no luck at all. We […]

Difference of opinion

Perhaps your avid readers can suggest an opinion on a matter of current importance. On St. Patrick’s Day, a lady friend and I were enjoying an excellent corned beef and cabbage dinner at a local restaurant; when it came time to order drinks I suggested a hearty red wine and she suggested a titillating white […]

Wouldn’t president be fired in the real world?

When the president was first elected 2008, we were involved in two wars: one which was winding down and the other which was the “right war” according to Barack Obama and other liberals. This was the war in Afghanistan, because that is where the Taliban was entrenched. The other war, Iraq, was not considered the […]

Politeness goes a long way

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Willie Turner. I reside in Cordelia. I have worked as a construction supervisor in San Fransisco for many years. Currently I am retired. I am a family man who supported my family and earned the respect to be a good provider. I also had respect […]

A lot of hot air

During the past few days the Senate Democrats have been talking for hours on end about the “catastrophe” of climate change and global warming. They talked and talked about how the world is coming to an end if we don’t stop global warming. A very interesting point is that the Democratic senators who are in […]

Build youth up, don’t tear them down

I think that your coverage of the Rodriguez Mustangs boys basketball is very hit and miss. They won a game in the state championship playoffs, but the next day there was no mention of it. On the other hand, there are highlights from three other local teams. The loss to Jesuit was heartbreaking and demoralizing […]

Good news: U.S. Senate has a pajama party

In a Gallup Poll taken March 6-9, the responders listed the issues for which they were most worried. At the top of this list was the economy with an 88 percent response and following the economy were: Federal spending and deficit. Unemployment. Crime and violence. Terrorism. Drug use. Climate change. My hat is off to […]

Let’s clarify the street signs

Fairfield has many long and often busy streets such as North Texas Street. The street numbers on North Texas Street run from No. 1 to almost No. 4000. At times the street is very busy with both cars and pedestrians. If you drive a car and you are trying to find a specific house number, […]

Flying around Fairfield

I live at the north end of North Texas Street. My backyard is next to one of Fairfield’s water reservoirs. Out of my kitchen window I can see very large birds circling around, and getting up higher and higher without moving their wings. They seldom move their wings. They just glide around and around and […]

There’s a pet killer in Castle Rock

Between the hours of 6:30 and 7:15 a.m. March 16, someone in the community of Castle Rock in Fairfield decided to shoot my black cat (Jett) with either a pellet or BB gun. The shot screamed through his body, thus shattering his hind femur bone. Unfortunately, there was nothing the vet could do to fix […]

Make daylight saving time easier

Daylight saving time is a good idea. Changing all the watches in U.S. (first forward one hour, then backward one hour) once every year are formidable tasks that involve our governments, thousands of companies and millions upon millions of individuals. The U.S. could save in the billions of dollars each year of we computerized this procedure. […]

Cynical disregard for people

I have watched in dismay as my water bills have climbed over the years, even as I redouble my conservation efforts every year. The city of Vallejo has, through a series of cynical decisions over several decades, squandered the abundance of three lakes and a viable water system, leaving us with a set of leaky […]

Letter writer’s logic escapes me

Harry Short’s latest attempt to engage Bible believers (“Flaws in letter about history,” March 9) comes in an attack on the inaccurate calendar used in the past concerning the birth date of Jesus Christ. Calendars, however, are not inspired by God and do not have any relevance to the fact that Jesus was born. Our […]

True government a balancing act

It appears to this 89-year-old veteran that the president is not being treated fairly, so I would like to offer some questions about the Republican ideas. Do you think that: Privatizing Social Security is a good idea? Abolishing Medicare and submitting a voucher in its place is a good idea? Passing voter ID laws that make […]

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