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Letter to the Editor

Wake up, and voice your beliefs

We let thousands of felons out of prison early, provide amnesty cities for those who broke the law getting here, refuse to support police to a point they have to second guess every move they make, then wonder why our streets aren’t as safe as they used to be. If you legally own a weapon to […]

Fairfield could be a city of dreams

Fairfield is currently considering plans for redeveloping downtown. In my opinion, downtown streets and sidewalks should be torn out and redesigned – preferably to a more conducive parking arrangement that accommodates every individual business along that stretch. Downtown has to have a safe, well-lit and comfortable feel to it with businesses that cater not only […]

Questions for the Trump

Crony capitalism is a term used to describe how business people connive with government officials to enrich both at taxpayers expense. The Republican presidential front-runner candidate and businessman Donald Trump brags about his ability to successfully negotiate deals with government officials, even foreign government officials. He also supports eminent domain, which frequently favors business expansion […]

Thank you for your kindness, Kaiser

My wife and I returned from a three-week getaway in our motor home and began inspecting and processing a mountain of mail, which was mostly junk. One piece, however, received our attention and gratitude. It was a card from Kaiser Permanente, our health provider for a few decades, and signed by registered nurses Jane and […]

Fix Capitola Way

I read the article in the Daily Republic that the County Supervisors want to raise sales tax half a percent to repair streets within the county. If this occurs, I pray it will be better managed than Measure P funds which were supposed to be used for street repairs. Most of the funding was spent on […]

Wreath Project honors fallen

In October, 2006, a new national cemetery opened in Dixon, and about 300 wreaths were placed on gravesites there in December, in honor of the fallen resting at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery. This year marks the 10th year of honoring those fallen, and there are an estimated 16,700 wreaths needed now to commemorate each gravesite. […]

Trucking fees will not work

The proposal that Suisun City charge big rigs for overnight parking is simply idiotic. No fees will be collected because the truckers will just find another place to park. Trucking is a hard job. So let’s show the truckers some appreciation. After all, “If you got it, a truck brought it.” Been there, done it. James […]

Boot Drive was a huge success

The Fairfield Professional Firefighters Association took part in a boot drive fundraiser Oct. 17-18 to benefit the Fairfield Community Services Foundation and Fun on the Run. We were able to raise $32,495 over the course of the two-day event. I would personally like to thank everyone that made this event so successful, including Macy’s, mall security, […]

Bill sets rules for imprisoned youth

Imagine a rainy day; children going crazy because they cannot go outside – anxious, mad and unhinged when confined in the house. Now, imagine the child is confined into one small room, no entertainment, up to 23 hours a day and without knowing when the rain will stop. Imagine that child’s feelings. This is the reality […]

Clinton’s credibility in question

The Benghazi hearings brought out something very important: Hillary Clinton knew the truth all along about the attack on our embassy there. So, why did she lie through her teeth to the American people about what happened? Was it done because of national security concerns? No, it was just petty partisan politics. Does this tell […]

Have some empathy for those lost to gun violence

With regard to recent letter to editor, “Just Be Honest with the gun control thing,” gun control is not confiscation. This letter alarms, frustrates and saddens me deeply. The writer takes the giant leap that gun control laws will lead to gun confiscation and abolishment of the Second Amendment. She infers that the government wants to control the citizenry […]

Cost of living not going down

For the third time in the past seven years, recipients will get no cost-of-living-adjustment increase in their Social Security payments. This time, the reason is a 23 percent year-to-year decline in gasoline prices. However, the way COLA is calculated is unfair and penalizes seniors. The Consumer Price Index is based on the cost of living […]

Theater group re-raises curtain for Rose

I am writing to correct an omission that occurred at the annual Arty Awards Gala held on Sept. 13. It has come to our attention that the name of James Rose, of Fairfield, was mistakenly left off of the list projected on stage during the awards ceremony of nominees for the Youth Set Design category. […]

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More backing Santana Wind’s proper heritage

Santana Wind – hot, easterly, winds – is properly and historically called Santana, not Santa Ana. Sailors have a phrase, “Beware the devil wind, Santana.” Refer to two years before the “Mast” published in 1840 by Richard Henry Dana Jr. Dana Point is named after him. When he was anchored of San Pedro, Dana refers to […]

Don’t let the Armijo mascot go

There has been a call to have Armijo High School do away with the Indian mascot. While this is not the first call for teams to do this, it now hits home. I have always thought school or business mascots were chosen because of what they represented to that institution: pride, dedication, determination or unity. […]

Crash victim thanks helpers

I was involved in a car accident at around 8 a.m. Sept. 1 on Air Base Parkway and Peabody Road. A woman and young man stopped to assist me and my great-grandson. I wanted to thank them and to let these two people know how much I appreciate their taking time to help call 911 […]

Garamendi on Travis, off human condition

It was a “here we go again moment” when Rep. John Garamendi reminded the readership of Daily Republic that he would be defending the future of Travis Air Force Base. The congressman’s almost evangelistic zeal in his speech prompts other local 3rd Congressional District concerns. Whatever the future holds for Travis Air Force Base, the congressman needs […]

Lower voting age to 15; cut off at 65

I propose that the legal voting age be lowered to include youths in their mid-teens, ages 15 to 17 years old. Teenagers are interested in local, county, state, country and world events, yet they have no say and can only become frustrated by their inability to participate in our system. I feel that this frustration […]

Focus on preventing unwanted pregnancies

It seems to me that we are not focusing on the right problem when we look at the abortion issue. The main reason we still have abortion is because we still have unwanted pregnancies. I don’t believe that any woman actually wants to have an abortion. In most cases, she just wants not to be […]

Employees paying county’s cost of doing business

County employees are preparing to walk out again, to strike in protest over the continued manipulation of their benefits and other issues. My research, from reliable sources, shows the county has more than $80 million in reserves within the general fund. Why are employees still paying the county’s share of minimum employer’s contribution and employer retirement […]

Who’s conning the consumers?

According to the consumers index, there hasn’t been any inflation during the past year, and with “Voodoo Economics,” the elderly and disabled who receive Social Security and SSI will not receive an annual cost of living allowance increase. The primary reason given: Gas at the pump has plummeted to $2.30 per gallon nationally. A quick […]

Seniors should get lower co-pays

A few months ago, I wrote about the cost of co-pays that seniors have to pay through Kaiser Permanent’s Senior Advantage Plan, which is actually for me and others I know a senior disadvantage. I began to wonder how co-pays are determined because when I go to the doctor’s office at Kaiser, or have some sort […]

New program to help veterans

Although more than 1,800 veterans die every day in this country, only a small percentage of those deaths occur in Veterans Affairs facilities. Every month, 54,000 veterans die in homes and communities where they live. Many do not have access to hospice or palliative care. Conversely, many hospices may not know which patients are veterans […]

Gas tax needs review before transit increase

In a recent article concerning a “gasoline sales tax,” your reference the Franchise Tax Board saying due to lower gas prices that there was a reduction of 6 cents in “gas tax swap.” The tax on gasoline is per gallon! So how does the Franchise Tax Board say there is less gas tax available. I think […]

Just be honest with the gun-control thing

The bodies in Roseburg, Oregon, weren’t even cold before President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others were crying out for tougher gun-control laws. Why won’t they just come out and tell us what they really want to do? Their ultimate goal is to abolish the Second Amendment so all private guns can be confiscated. Why? […]

Reader: 68 years not necessarily elderly

I am writing to protest your usage of the word “elderly” in describing a 68-year-old woman who was sadly killed while crossing Texas Street. It is a purely subjective opinion and conjures up an impression that is perhaps totally unwarranted. Just stating her age would have been sufficient without editorializing. Perhaps the fact that I […]

What happened to my channels?

What is going on with Comcast Channels 26-28? Who is in charge of the programming? Why did they do to split screen information Oct. 8? Who is Tightrope Media Systems? What happened to the Weather Information segment? Now since I can’t see three-quarters of the information because I’m legally blind, why did they go to a smaller print? Now […]

Could use some fun prizes for bingo

I am a full-time caregiver at Senior Manor. Recently the staff has brought bingo back once a week for the seniors’ activity. They didn’t have it for a whole month due to things needing to be caught up. I overheard some of the women speaking about how they have very few prizes now and nothing to […]

Sometimes being wrong is better

Sometimes I hate being right. A few months ago, I wrote a letter to the editor commenting on California’s water situation and musing on whether the money spent for a new bullet train would be better applied toward other state needs, particularly water infrastructure. I refreshed people’s memory on the Bay Bridge debacle where the final […]

Indian mascot is good luck

My home dictionary is the Second College Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary published by Houghton Mifflin Company-Boston, copyright 1982. My cats and I looked up the word mascot on Page 769, between Martinmas and Masonry. It read “mas-cot,” a person, animal or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an athletic […]

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