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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Poor Judgement in Flight 370 column

I have enjoyed Brad Stanhope’s column in the past, but was incredulous in reading, the “What happened to Flight 370? I have theories,” piece published April 6, 2014. It was not funny or clever. The plane’s disappearance is a horrible tragedy and should not be used for amusement. Yes, this is a free country and […]

Council must reject PLA for train station project

I am urging our mayor and City Council members to vote “no” on a project labor agreement for the upcoming train station project. It has been proven over and over that PLAs add 10 to 15 percent to the cost of public work projects. Our city cannot afford these additional costs. We passed Measure P […]

In support of Pam Bertani

My name is Seretha Jefferson, and I have been a resident of Fairfield-Suisun City for 47½ years. I am supporting Pam Bertani for the Solano County Board of Supervisors because I believe we will have a county supervisor who genuinely cares about the people in our county. As a Fairfield City Council member, Mrs. Bertani has […]

Not funny

I look forward to reading Mr. Stanhope’s generally quite witty columns. Not so this week! His theories about Flight 370 should never have been printed! I would be interested to know how Brad would feel if he had a family member aboard that flight – never knowing what happened to them? Very poor taste, Brad. You […]

Internationally out of touch

It’s unfortunate that Brad Stanhope’s column titled, “What happened to Flight 370? I have theories,” was published April 4. The American people are sometimes left wondering why we are so ill-received on an international level. The fact that one of our community’s news reporters would spend his time concocting such “theories” to poke fun at […]

Have care at the ballot box

Being conservative, we constantly monitor our favorite charities and investments to see that they are being used wisely and do not believe that those gold and silver ads being thrown at you by celebrity salesman are the way to go. After all, if they are such a good investment, why would people be selling theirs? […]

Health care will bankrupt us all

After watching the unfolding of “Obamacare” the past seven months, a number of things became clear. First, it’s not what was advertised; second, the costs, relative to a given income, are astronomically high; third, it is inferior to the rest of the industrialized nations of the world for most people; fourth, we still have many […]

Appreciate our town of Fairfield

I just got home from a visit with an old classmate who “migrated” to Arkansas after retirement. I am so glad to say that after seeing the deterioration of the small town of Warren in Bradley County, Ark., our town of Fairfield, with all its empty buildings and trash on the side of the streets, […]

Gun ban won’t stop crimes

Once again, a craven coward revealed himself. This coward chose to attack his victims where he knew they had no way of defending themselves. Everyone in the military knows that only Military Police carry weapons on a base, therefore his prey are like children in schools or patrons in a theater. I don’t buy the […]

Here we go again in Sacramento

It just keeps getting better at the state Capitol, doesn’t it? So far, if you are keeping score people, that’s three this year alone, and state Sen. Leland Yee seems to be the heavyweight in this group of greedy political circus. Did you notice how fast the rest of the politicians tried to run away […]

Why so much spent to find a plane?

My condolences to the bereaved but the evening news reported that $44 million has been spent so far looking for a missing airplane that either crashed somewhere (and will eventually be found) or was abducted by aliens. My thoughts are that this large amount of money would have been better spent on other causes like […]

Legislature critic is selective

Concerning “State Senate looks like Felons ‘R’ Us,” (Letters to the editor, April 9): Yeah Chuck, that’s right. You got ‘em! I expect more from my politicians. These particular acts were irresponsible and they should be punished. May I ask where the writer was when we were discussing the GOP plans to pass legislation on […]

Senseless babble that hurts

The Daily Republic News Editor Brad Stanhope should be chastised for his unnecessary, hurtful and stupid remarks concerning the fate of Flight 370 in the column published April 6. As news editor, he should well know that the families and friends of those poor souls on that airplane are suffering and still awaiting factual findings […]

Celebrate local talent with ‘Godspell’

Wow! I had the opportunity to attend a production of “Godspell” at the Fairfield Center for Creative Arts recently and I was blown away by the amazing talent we have performing right here in our own city. Every one of the performers had the most incredible voices and acting skills. The entire ensemble had incredible […]

Watch out for grandson scam

This letter is an alert to grandmothers. There is a scam operating in this area. A young man will call saying he is your oldest grandson, saying his voice is different because he is wearing a neck brace. He states he had an auto accident that morning; a car pulled in front of him, he […]

Group needs a place to meet

I am a member of the Society of Military Widows. We are a support group for widows of active duty and retired military members. For numerous years we had our monthly meeting at the Fairfield Senior Center, until the city decided we could not use the facility for meetings unless all members were residents of […]

Expand Red Top Road

The city has been promising for years to make Red Top Road four lanes instead of two as currently – when certain construction occurred. City officials were able to sneak in a housing subdivision across from the high school without expanding the roadway. Residents were grateful for a high school but the school district sited […]

Leland Yee shows true colors

I wish to thank Sen. Leland Yee for showing his true colors to the world and mostly the Bay Area. Where are his friends now? I don’t see U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein or Rep. Nancy Pelosi sticking up for his rights, or U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer or any of the rest of the San Francisco […]

State Senate looks like Felons ‘R’ Us

State Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, was arrested on charges ranging from corruption to the trafficking of illegal firearms, including rocket launchers, due to a sting operation by the FBI. These are federal charges against one of the most prolific anti-gun legislators in our state Capitol. The list of charges extends to gang members and other miscreants […]

Avoid outrageous criticism

I read Kelvin Wade’s column, “The Other Side” (“Be the voice for abused children,” March 27). I have sympathy for the baby, the baby’s mother and Joshua Cooper. When a child is injured or killed, we all feel the pain. When the baby’s aunt told me what happened to her nephew, I went into my […]

‘Affordable’ health care too costly for Americans

The Affordable Care Act means higher health care costs and more taxes. The big spender has spent almost $2 trillion to implement his health care law. Americans must realize that the government is not furnishing you any medical care for this $2 trillion expenditure, it is only trying to administer or control health care. President […]

Good deeds in Fairfield

We would like to extend our thanks to the young mother and baby son who paid for our dinner at the Texas Roadhouse on a recent Thursday night. We do not know who she is, and also do not know why she did such a wonderful deed. We are senior citizens from Vacaville and were so […]

Kirchubel lives in a different world

Mike Kirchubel writes, “I remain thankful we re-elected our president” and concludes, “When will ‘our’ legislators and the corporations who control them place people before profit? We wait.” What world does this columnist live in? I’m sure it wasn’t the World War II years. He states he “remains quite wary and war-weary” (not withstanding the […]

Is the president really protecting the people?

No taxation without representation. That was the cry that helped end the rule of King George III in America. It became a principle of our democratic government. President Barack Obama, a professor of constitutional law, had the Democratic Senate pass his Affordable Care Act – perhaps this nation’s largest tax bill – without any Republican […]

Thanks for good medical care, Kaiser

According to a recent article in my hometown newspaper, Kaiser Health Facilities are rated No. 1. No surprise to me or my wife. We’ve relied on Kaiser for many years. For the past 10 years, my personal health care provider has been a gentleman named Dr. James Whitmore at the Fairfield facility. We talked almost […]

Another cat a victim of a shooting?

I did a double-take when I read the letter from the resident in Castle Rock who lost her cat to some irresponsible character who shot her pet on March 16. As it happens, my wife and I, who also live in Castle Rock, had been looking for our pet cat Junior since the morning of […]

God grabbed Flight 370

For fiercely religious people such as me and others, there is only one possible and reasonable explanation for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370/Boeing 777 without a trace. Since there has been no oil slick to follow and since there are no airports in the vicinity of where Flight 370 disappeared or where an […]

It’s testing season: Opt out

It’s the time of year when our teachers and students share in the anticipation of the state standardized testing; STAR testing is out, Common Core is in. This yearly ritual has become the basis by which all of our teaching has been geared toward, especially for the past dozen or so years. Teaching revolves around […]

Nature abhors a void

President Barack Obama surely is aware of the natural law that nature abhors a void. In fact, this natural law also is valid in politics. When a great nation stops acting in its normal historical role as the leader of the free world, another power will naturally assume this position. We are witnessing this in […]

Heartfelt thanks

Heather House Homeless Shelter would like to acknowledge the wonderful and outstanding contributions of the Suisun City Oddfellows Lodge No. 78. A special thanks to Wesley Mitchell and Vince Thompson for their tireless spirit of giving. They do food drives for us on a timely and continuous basis. They gave us dining chairs when we […]

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