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Letter to the Editor

Response to proposed 2016 budget

You’ll meet many like me on life’s busy streets. Some of us were paupers and some were kings, but in our shame, we’re all the same, souls whose hearts were broken. You don’t have the right to criticize or condemn: But for the grace of God, it could be you, instead of them. Our governor and Legislature continue […]

What’s Brown really after?

I have read recently that Gov. Jerry Brown wants to tax Californians to oblivion. He’s set to propose another increase in gas and vehicle tax for “infrastructure.” My question is, where did all the other increase money go? Some people may say we need it because we don’t have enough. Well, with all these extra drivers […]

Hold on to your wallets, people

Hold on to your wallets, citizens of Fairfield. We have seen articles in the past week informing us that all levels of government want more of our money. Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a $65 additional fee for auto registrations. There is also the looming funding scheme for 16 miles of bypass pipe to move water […]

The mighty Mississippi

I was very surprised when I opened the Daily Republic newspaper on Jan. 1 to see a familiar site on Page 4. The picture of downtown Alton, Illinois, showed the flour mill where trains and trucks have brought many a load of wheat from the outlying farms to be ground into flour. In the picture, […]

In support of Gabe Griess

I would like to openly state that I recommend and wholeheartedly endorse Gabe Griess as my choice for state senator. During the many years that I have known him, he has stood out in my mind as a very knowledgeable, sincere and dedicated individual who can be relied upon to get the job done. He […]

Thank your for supporting servicemen

Just a heartfelt thank you to Chick-fil-A for recognizing the active and retired veterans on Tuesdays. The owner, manager and staff have and are doing a wonderful job of showing honor and respect for our service personnel. Please stop by and say thanks to Chick-fil-A for their contribution in supporting our servicemen and servicewomen and […]

Call him Trump the Chickenhearted

What happened to Donald “the master of the universe” Trump? The guy who plans to “bomb the sh-t” out of the Islamic State group, kill the families of terrorists, build a wall across Mexico and single-handedly bring Russia and China to their knees? Apparently, Trump the Bravehearted isn’t so brave after all. It seems that […]

Sunday comics downgrade

Did I miss the memo? Suddenly two of my favorite comics are missing from the Sunday paper: Prince Valiant and Mutts. Color comics on Sunday are part of what makes America great! Well, OK, at least they’re part of what makes it fun. Perhaps, like the disappearing Tuesday edition, this was an effort to save […]

Commenters should use real names online

Letters to the editor are a very good way to correspond to the public. I write many letters to the editor. One of the very disturbing parts is when the letters to the editor go online. Anyone can comment back with a fake email address and also use someone’s identity and even name. I believe the first […]

Why I support Gabe Griess

I’m an international student at Solano Community College and I support Gabe Griess’ state Senate campaign because I am convinced he can make a difference for our communities. When I became friends with the Griess family four years ago, Gabe was on active duty and spent lots of time away from home. He successfully managed […]

Winners and losers

I’ve lost track of how many times the recent Powerball lottery jackpot has been an item of front page news. And I don’t know how winning of a lot of money will affect the lives of the winners. What I do know is that there is no amount of money that can bring back the […]

What does this dream mean?

It was 1:30 a.m. Christmas Day, after having been connected to the peritoneal dialysis machine for my nightly treatment, and I was struggling to fall asleep. A sleeping pill did finally succeed in putting me into a much-needed rest. About half an hour later, I drifted back to my awake state in silence from a […]

Parkway Gardens still doesn’t have board of directors

Parkway Gardens homeowners association board of directors did not begin with a good start: One board member resigned within a month, after Peter Martin, receiver, appointed the five-member board of directors. Martin asked Judge Paul Beeman to block the election, preventing me from running as a candidate, therefore discriminated against me. I was denied my constitutional […]

Bail bond lawsuit takes wrong approach

The recently reported class action lawsuit proposing to abolish the state’s and then the country’s cash bail bond system as being discriminatory to poor suspects appears to be an attempt to expand the Lawyers Employment Sustainability Act. The fundamental function of bail bonds is to diminish the overcrowding of jails and cut costs associated with housing inmates […]

Unpleasant dining experience

I decided recently to have a relaxing breakfast at a restaurant in Suisun City. I understand the challenging business environment in Solano County, so instead of going out of area I try to support and endorse area businesses. I commute daily to San Francisco where I am involved in a restaurant business downtown as a […]

Live by the gun, die by the gun

This new year starts with the same old inconveniences for President Barack Obama: his emotional pleading with the good old boys to help save our most special goods – our children and our American future. The good old boys will not cooperate with President Obama. Their capital is too great, but guns and drugs bring […]

Gun violence stopped by following Bible’s teachings

Some of the strictest gun control laws are in places like Chicago, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Mexico. How’s that working out? The common denominator in all U.S. mass shootings is that they were committed in gun-free zones. It should be obvious to all that strict gun control not only emboldens the criminal element and the […]

We are all open to public comments

I have in the past year or so been a commenter on your blog. I am a conservative with conservative views. I have noticed over that time that the other commenters who are not conservative very much disagree with my views. I have no problem with that. The one thing that stands out is their […]

Downtown theater puts on stellar show

Tony Wade (DR, Dec. 25, 2015: “New heights”) gets it right. Fairfield’s downtown theater’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” is 4-stars for sure. What a delightful time my extended family had at the Sunday matinee Dec. 27. The only disappointment was a theater less than half-full. Come on, Solano County! Support this community jewel! Low prices, […]

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Be careful: You may not want what you wished for

In the Dec. 10 edition of the paper, I skimmed through the Stars and Stripes insert because there was no USA Today available and a few things caught my eye. Well, it looks like a woman will be able to do any job a man can do in the military as long as she is qualified. […]

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Holiday Thanks from Main Street Association

The Fairfield Main Street Association has been making great progress this year and the plans for 2016 look even brighter. This year’s Christmas Tree Lighting and Holiday Festivities in downtown Fairfield had the best attendance we’ve seen in years. Of course, the weather was finally on our side. We want to take a moment to […]

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Good people, everywhere

I went to pay a bill at Macy’s and was waiting and waiting but instead of being upset I decided to step back and realized this was what my Pastor Todd Bertani has been telling us of “watching and waiting” for the Christ child to be born. I noticed people were helping other people. Bernadett was […]

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Check truthfulness with polygraph

This letter concerns a current crisis concerning allowing Syrian and others immigration without extensive vetting due to lack of access. I direct the attention of immigration authorities to the Federal laws that allows all Federal law enforcement and security agencies to use polygraph (lie detector) examinations as part of pre-employment screening of applicants as do may […]

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Show mercy for the dying

The Catholic bishops of California are promoting a ballot measure prohibiting the implementation of a law enacted Dec. 7, 2015. Despite their opposition to the End-of-Life Options Act, also known as SB128, when it is implemented the law will have a major role in reforming medical practice. The time has come to confront the limits of medicine’s power with […]

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A few points to make

Four things: 1. People who make the comment that we are all immigrants are sadly mistaken. Myself and millions of other Americans are descendents of ancestors who came here and founded the U.S.A. I am a four times DAR, Daughter Of American Revolution, that means four of my ancestors fought to establish this great country. So while immigrants are a great […]

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There is no fair affordable housing

Is Fairfield falling apart? This year the local government has continued to use the police department in its fight to rid Fairfield of the homeless problem. The mounting evidence is Fairfield police using armed, confrontation, i.e. ultimatums, that targeted the homeless population has not only remained, but reassembled, and found other ways like encampments. The […]

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Thankful for our paper carriers

It’s a time of the year when peace and love are given and although that should happen all year long, it becomes much more so during Christmas. I don’t know how many of you even think about your “paper carriers ” but you really should. They are delivering the news to your door during the […]

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Support your local arts

Please support the arts in our local area, Fairfield and Suisun City. The art gallery at the mall ended with the final days of the 52nd Annual Juried Art Show. Local artists and the public need a venue to mutually enjoy local art. Artists create in different areas: ceramics, painting, photography and mixed media, etc. […]

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Consumer choice matters

As the United States is built on a free-market, capitalist-style system, I wonder why there are still quasi-monopolies in business. I’m talking about the local cable and satellite companies. Over the past several years, I’ve noticed many of my neighbors have gone back to the antenna because they are not satisfied with cable or satellite. […]

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Save the dresses for Operation PROMises

A chill is finally in the air and many teens in our community are making plans to attend their winter balls. We have a request for the young women lucky enough to afford a special gown this winter: Donate it when you’re done to Operation PROMises. Operation PROMises last spring was able to provide 70 gowns […]

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