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Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar

I feel my son and his girlfriend are taking advantage of me

Dear Annie: My son, who is 18, finally has a girlfriend. Even though she is a year older, they are only children. Both are attending college, working toward their associate’s degrees. My son has a part-time construction job, and because it’s seasonal, he sometimes has to work weekends. His girlfriend doesn’t have a job but […]

Our neighbors refuse to take turns driving places

Dear Annie: My husband and I are snowbirds in our late 60s. Most of our snowbird friends are several years older. We have neighbors in the North and in the South and we normally trade off taking turns driving back and forth. Our dilemma is, we have a set of neighbors in our North home […]

Is a verbal request an actual invitation to a wedding?

Dear Annie: I am a 27-year-old woman and have been verbally invited to a few weddings this year. For one, we were told to “save the date” a year in advance. I never received an actual invitation and their wedding was last weekend. The pictures are popping up on Facebook. The second wedding, the bride […]

Minister husband should know to put wife’s needs first

Dear Annie: My husband, “Ben,” and I each lost a spouse and then found each other. We live in the same house with one of his daughters and a granddaughter. Ben is quite attached to this house. The two daughters are the owners now, but their father bought it originally and has always maintained it. […]

Sister needs to assert herself and demand more acceptable behavior

Dear Annie: My heart is breaking for my sister. She has been married to the same man for more than 30 years and he has never been kind or respectful toward her. They have two married sons and a grandchild with health problems. My sister loves that grandchild more than life itself, but she rarely […]

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My now-married ex-fiance wants to stay in contact with me

Dear Annie: Years ago, I was engaged to a man who I thought was the love of my life. But at college, he ghosted me – leaving without an explanation. This was horribly wounding and I never recovered. I am still single, though I haven’t stopped looking for that special someone. My ex-fiance eventually married a […]

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I’m upset my sister hijacked my idea for a mini-reunion

Dear Annie: I recently spoke to my 80-year-old dad about taking him to his home state to attend an upcoming event. I thought it might be nice to see other family members, too. I planned to contact relatives and reserve a pavilion at a nearby park for other group activities. I mentioned the idea to […]

My mother-in-law is upset when her ex’s wife takes care of my son

Dear Annie: I am a 29-year-old married woman with a 14-month-old son. My husband and I live one hour away from his father and stepmother, “Gladys,” and two hours away from my parents. We all get along great. When I decided to go back to work, both my mother and Gladys volunteered to watch my […]

I’m fed up with my husband’s selfish, lazy parenting style

Dear Annie: I have been married for more than 25 years to a highly respected, professional man. He has always worked hard, rarely taking time off. My efforts to get him to vacation have not been successful. Although he no longer enjoys his work, he continues these habits to support the family. Our children are […]

My nephew contacted herpes and is afraid he will spend his life alone

Dear Annie: My nephew recently found out that he has genital herpes. He is a fine young man and had been dating the girl for a while. When they parted ways, neither of them knew she had a sexually transmitted disease. Since finding this out, my nephew has become so depressed. He is convinced that […]

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Sister-in-law plans surprise party on same day as my daughter’s wedding

Dear Annie: My daughter has been engaged for several months. Her invitations for the small, family-only wedding were handwritten and mailed six weeks before the event. The wedding is in two weeks. Yesterday, my sister-in-law announced that she is giving my brother a surprise party on my daughter’s wedding day, three hours after the ceremony […]

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I’m fed up with my husband’s flirting and am thinking of divorce

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our 60s. Recently, he hugged a new neighbor and kissed her on the cheek. She is our age and divorced. We don’t know her well at all. I was shocked, embarrassed and angry. I commented later, asking my husband if he hugged and kissed any of the […]

Readers invited to write patriotic column for next year

Dear Annie: I appreciate the patriotic intent of your July 4 column, but what would my daughter and seven nieces make of the mention of 27 men but just two women? The author overlooked Sacagawea, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the myriad other female contributors to our nation’s progress. Maybe next year you could […]

When I try to point out her bad behavior my mom gets defensive

Dear Annie: My mom is 83 years old. She wants to speak to me daily, but only to hear herself talk. She lists ingredients for the stew she is making, items on the menu at the restaurant she was at, the play-by-play about a TV show, or minute details about the neighbor’s daughter’s ex-husband’s mother. […]

My sister acts like were’ joined at the hip, and I’m tired of it

Dear Annie: I have four siblings. One of my sisters thinks she has a right to invite herself to our homes, join us for dinner and attend other functions, whether we invite her or not. It’s like she thinks we are joined at the hip. For example, “Ginny” will call and ask, “Where are we […]

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My son is opposed to contacting his father after more than 40 years

Dear Annie: I was divorced in 1972 and was given custody of our 2-year-old son. As much as I didn’t want the divorce, my husband was an alcoholic who refused help. I finally realized it was the only way to protect my son. My ex did not use his visitation rights and never paid child […]

It’s not uncommon for some seniors to focus on their younger days

Dear Annie: It is a modern kind of problem to have such a long life expectancy. My husband and I are in our early 60s. His parents are in their early 90s. They still live independently and are fairly healthy. We often have family get-togethers with his parents, our children and our grandchildren. My husband’s […]

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Can I ask my cousin if it’s OK to bring boyfriend to wedding?

Dear Annie: My cousin is getting married soon and another cousin’s girlfriend was invited. They have been dating for years, and I really like her. The problem is, my boyfriend was not invited, even though we, too, have been dating for years. A lot of that was long distance, so many of my family members […]

How can I get my husband to keep his seatbelt on?

Dear Annie: My husband likes to unclick his seatbelt as soon as we get out of traffic. Then the seatbelt-violation warning starts pinging, and goes on and on while we drive up our driveway or into a parking lot. I do most of the driving. I told him once that if he wants to ride […]

I’m worried about my grandchildren living in a unkept house

Dear Annie: My son and daughter-in-law have two beautiful children, ages 6 and 7. Since my retirement, I’ve taken care of the children while the parents work. I also gave them a large sum of money for the down payment on their home in an area with good schools. Over the past couple of years, […]

My mother thinks I made up my vision problems

Dear Annie: About three years ago, I did something very stupid. I looked at a solar eclipse. I thought it would last only a minute and, not wanting to miss it, I ran outside and squinted at it through my sunglasses. I fully acknowledge that I can only blame myself for that. The next days […]

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Dad stuck me with a bill for a party neither of us could afford

Dear Annie: I had my high school graduation party at a local restaurant (because our house is too small). My father claimed he was unable to pay for it, and insisted I cover the bill, close to $1,100, saying he will pay me back later. I realize that my parents’ business sometimes goes through hard […]

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Son upset his parents expect him to ‘perform’ for guests

Dear Annie: Whenever I’m at my parents’ house and they have guests, they expect me to “perform.” I don’t mean playing the piano or tap dancing. I mean they insist I “tell them that story you told me.” Any story they select. I feel I’m being treated as some kind of circus freak. This makes […]

I am more endowed than my very petite wife can handle

Dear Annie: I am 30 and my wife is 27, and we are completely in love. My wife is a very spiritual woman and wanted to wait until we were married to have sex. I respected her choice and we were engaged for almost two years. No problem. Then comes the wedding. Big problem. We simply […]

Woman needs to tolerate children for husband’s sake

Dear Annie: My sister, “Helen,” and her first husband never had children. He died eight years ago. Helen has since remarried a wonderful man, a widower with two sons, a daughter and several grandchildren. He wants my sister to be a real grandmother to them. Helen is an extremely buttoned-up person. The daughter recently phoned […]

My father’s bullying behavior is straining our relationship

Dear Annie: My father has been a bully for as long as I can remember. He has unending excuses for his behavior, but the bottom line is, he thinks nothing of browbeating people to get what he wants, sometimes to the point of being cruel. He never sees it as wrong. It is always someone […]

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