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Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar

No one has a monopoly on baby names, even close relatives

Dear Annie: Last fall we had a baby girl, and at the last minute, I decided on the name “Jane.” Unaware of this, my husband’s cousin’s wife commented that she had always loved the name “Jane” and that she and her husband had picked it out as the name they would someday give their child. Had […]

Woman puts up with verbal abuse because she doesn’t want to move

Dear Annie: I have been with “Joe” since his wife died nine years ago. The problem is, we have different styles of communication. At first, it wasn’t too bad. I have tried to analyze our fights to see what I could do differently or what we could do together to make it better. But I […]

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None of my daughter’s attendants gave her a wedding gift

Dear Annie: My daughter recently married for the first time. Her attendants were her three best friends. Their friendship goes back 20 years, and they still regularly get together for a girls’ night out. My daughter attended all of their weddings. For each, she hosted a bridal luncheon. At her rehearsal dinner, my daughter presented […]

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I want to start my own business without input from husband

Dear Annie: I’d like to start a small business, but I’m afraid to mingle my finances with my husband’s. We have a house, which is paid off and in both of our names. I have money in my retirement account and about $10,000 in savings. When I spoke to a banker about using home equity […]

Wife wants to put up a fence to get away from her rude neighbors

Dear Annie: My next-door neighbor has made my husband and me feel like prisoners in our own home. The day we moved into our house, she stood in our front yard and asked where each piece of furniture was going to be placed in the home. When we have family and friends over for a […]

My friend won’t allow me to have my own opinion on politics

Dear Annie: My best friend, “Clara,” and I have known each other for 30 years. We’re both retired and live in the same town. Neither of us has a husband. We talk on the phone every day. We get along fine, except we have never been able to talk politics. If I don’t agree with […]

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Hotel inconvenienced both of us, but my friend is keeping the free coupon

Dear Annie: I have a problem with one of my best friends, and I hope you can help. “Monique” and I recently split the cost of a hotel room so we could enjoy a weekend of shopping and relaxation. We experienced a few problems with the room, nothing major, but Monique complained to the manager […]

In public places, one has the obligation to be considerate

Dear Annie: Last week, my husband and I were able to secure tickets to a movie that had been sold out for several weeks. We looked forward to a nice evening until the lady with the popcorn and icy drink sat next to me. As soon as the movie started, she began to chomp and […]

Man afraid he is the rebound guy for the woman he loves

Dear Annie: Many years ago, “Hazel” sat next to me in high school and apparently had a crush on me. (I had no clue.) She married someone else, and her husband passed away 20 years ago. Four years later, she met “Larry,” who is married and says he can’t divorce because of his religion. He […]

Tell all the mothers that you are thinking of them today

Dear Readers: Happy Mother’s Day. Today would be a good time to phone your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, stepmother or foster mother and wish them the best. And please don’t forget those for whom this day is filled with sadness. Please give them a call and say you are thinking of them. Every year, salary.com prints […]

My sister is a hoarder and I worry about the effect on her kids

Dear Annie: I have seen my sister gradually change from a simple packrat into a full-on hoarder. When I mention my concerns to her, she gets defensive and tells me it’s OK, that is just how they live now. I am especially worried about her children growing up in such clutter and filth. To further […]

Don’t use mother’s fretting as excuse to go off the rails

Dear Annie: I am 17 years old. I have a job that requires I work only a few times a month, and the staff can trade shifts if they choose. I have been at this job for two years, and I enjoy it. During my first year here, I was taken advantage of quite a […]

Woman tired of playing third fiddle to boyfriend’s adult daughters

Dear Annie: I have been in a relationship with “Ted” for the past eight years. We each have adult children from previous marriages. Ted has always put his daughters ahead of me and our relationship. When they were younger, I completely understood, but they are adults now, and he still does it. Ted has to […]

Case of date rape from 30 years ago preys on husband’s mind

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Before we met, I coerced a woman into having sex. I did not use physical force, but she did not give consent. By today’s standards, this was, I think, a clear case of date rape. I have never told anyone about this, and […]

I’m afraid my daughter will spend all her inheritance on her boyfriend

Dear Annie: I am an 83-year-old widow in good health. My daughter lives about two hours away. She is 50 and well educated and has been in a long-term relationship with an older retired man. She does a lot of care-giving for him and his family members. Three years ago, my daughter lost her job […]

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Family member has still not paid for commissioned artwork

Dear Annie: My husband graduated from a very prestigious art college. Early in his career, he gave away some paintings to close friends and family members. Recently, he did a beautiful portrait for a family member who insisted on paying my husband. He happily agreed and quoted them a reasonable price. They told my husband […]

My 67-year-old husband won’t stop viewing porn on his computer

Dear Annie: I am 63, and my husband, “Jake,” is 67. Jake has been watching a lot of pornography. He lies over and over about how he is no longer doing it, and I slowly forgive him. But years have gone by, and I keep catching him through the history on his computer. He’ll deny […]

My girlfriend is a nasty binge drinker. Should I let her go?

Dear Annie: I’ve been dating my girlfriend for four years, and she’s almost perfect. She has only one flaw: She rarely drinks, but when she does, she becomes verbally abusive and physically destructive. The following morning, I always get blamed for her being so drunk and not stopping her, but every time I try to […]

I’m worried that my son’s future in-laws don’t know about his gay brother

Dear Annie: My youngest son is engaged to “Carol,” a lovely young lady. My oldest son, “Mitch,” lives out of state with his partner, “James.” Both are in the wedding party. Carol has known Mitch for years, is well aware that he’s gay and has no problem with it. However, I’m relatively sure her parents […]

Sending money to son’s ex-wife only rewards her negative behavior

Dear Annie: My son’s marriage broke up after 10 years. Twice they attended counseling because his wife wanted to see other men. The third time, she was actually dating another guy. He and “Mandy” share custody of their three children. Mandy had a troubled upbringing. Her mother neglected her, and she ended up in state […]

It is never OK to expect guests to help pay for a wedding

Dear Annie: My brother is 42 and getting married for the first time. His bride-to-be has been married before. My mom and I would like to give her a bridal shower, but it seems they have most of what they need. However, they don’t own their own home. How do we send out invites and […]

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Suspicions aren’t a good enough reason to mention possible affair

Dear Annie: I believe my sister’s husband, “Roy,” is having an affair. He and I have been flirting for several years, and we’ve had several occasions where we could have been together, but because of my sister, we never have. My sister’s marriage has been troubled for years. The two of them live together, but […]

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How can I trust my husband after he texted a younger woman behind my back?

Dear Annie: Several years ago, my then middle-aged husband worked for a company that employed several young attractive girls. He became friends with one of them, and they became texting buddies. Even when they both later left the company, they continued to text. I found this out after the fact. When I confronted him, he said they were […]

Daughters’ ex is determined to turn their children against her

Dear Annie: I am so sad watching the devastating effect that parental alienation is having on my grandchildren, and I feel powerless to help them. My daughter is the target of an ex-husband who is determined to turn their children against their mother. My 13-year-old granddaughter attempted suicide last week and went to a facility for […]

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My late husband’s brother still has drum set meant for my son

Dear Annie: My husband died 11 years ago. Our son, “Marcus,” was 6 at the time. His dad was in intensive care for two months, and because of his young age, our son was not allowed to see his father. Before he died, my husband asked his younger brother to keep his drum set until […]

Lack of information about boy’s suicide fuels speculation at school

Dear Annie: Last week, our son came home from high school and told us that a boy at his school had killed himself. The boy had been a friend of his since the fifth grade. The school had a moment of silence over the public address system, but never mentioned the boy’s name. Most of […]

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