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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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A quick, easy coconut pudding perfect for Easter

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Hispanic bakery that changed my understanding of what a delicious pudding could be. When I think pudding, I think mostly of rice- or egg-based recipes made with milk. Rich and sweet, creamy and smooth, these puddings ooze comfort. But this bakery offered something entirely different. Stacked in […]

Sweet-and-sour chicken that’s a little less sweet

The trouble with sweet-and-sour chicken is that the flavor is mostly sweet – too sweet, at that – and weirdly acidic. It never seems to deliver on the satisfying balance of gently sweet and teasingly sour that I hope for. But a recipe in a British food magazine recently inspired me to create a better […]

A speedy, robust take on a classic: shepherd’s pie

When it comes to shepherd’s pie, there are those who toe a rather strict line, and there are those who go with the comfort food flow. The former group will maintain that shepherd’s pie must be made with only certain meats and certain toppings, and must be prepared in a certain way. I fall into […]

A mandoline helps pair potatoes with baked haddock

This past summer I fell in love with a kitchen gadget that has been relatively slow to catch on in the U.S. – the mandoline. I’ve had several of these kicking around my kitchen for a while now, but I never quite saw the need for them. For those not in the know, a mandoline […]

Teriyaki chicken wraps for an easy Oscar party

Whether you’ll be hosting a crowd or watching solo, Oscar night calls for dinner with a bit of panache. So let’s reverse engineer this. To help you get in the mood, you’ll want to drink something with bubbles. Sparkling wine is the obvious choice, though don’t forget the sparkling cider for those abstaining. But you […]

A rich, saucy steak you’ll eat with your hands

Like it or not, it’s best to simply embrace that chocolate must play a key role in any Valentine’s Day dinner. But a chocolate tart or truffles or bonbons or even chocolate-dipped strawberries are so . . . cliché. Maybe think a little outside the chocolate box this year. Maybe slip the chocolate in as […]

Deliciously combining 2 classic Super Bowl dishes

Super Bowl party food is supposed to be indulgently heavy and satisfying. It should be rich and savory and totally over the top. So to satisfying all of those criteria, I created a mega mashup that draws on two classic party foods – Buffalo chicken wings and nachos. The resulting buffalo chicken nachos are easy […]

Healthy haddock that doesn’t taste healthy

We all know that baked white fish is a fast and healthy way to get dinner on the table, particular during this annual time of dietary vow renewal. What isn’t always quite so clear is how to prepare that white fish without adding tons of fat and calories or rendering it a tasteless hunk of […]

A one-skillet chicken dinner packed with flavor

This simple, one-skillet dinner needs neither much time nor skill to deliver rich, deep flavors. And it all starts with that most ubiquitous of American meats – the boneless, skinless chicken breast. Traditional saltimbocca often is made with veal cutlets, which are pounded thin, then topped with fresh sage and prosciutto before being wrapped into […]

A holiday cookie for those of us who hate baking

The trouble with the holiday season is the baking guilt. The issue is that I don’t like baking. It’s too precise a practice for me to enjoy. I prefer the little-of-this-little-of-that approach to cooking, which works fine for pasta dinners, but generally is a disagreeable way to bake. But at this time of year, we […]

What if the Italians had given us hummus?

What would happen if hummus had been invented in Italy, rather than the Middle East? I decided to answer the question for myself with this simple reimagining of the classic chickpea puree. And it’s not as discordant as you might think. Many of the same flavor profiles can be found across both Italian and Middle […]

Crossing chicken Parmesan with pasta puttanesca

  A chicken Parmesan that’s big on flavor, but not on fat? It’s easier – and more weeknight-friendly – than you might think. I started with a basic breaded and baked chicken breast. For speed, I cut the breasts into thin cutlets. And that speed isn’t just a convenience. It also pays dividends on texture. […]

Marshmallow spread to take you back, and forward

As sandwiches go, the Fluffernutter never really did much for me as a kid. I love peanut butter in so many ways, but it always seemed to taint the billowy, sticky sweet wonderfulness of the Fluff. So I was more prone to eating Fluff the way it was intended to be consumed – by the […]

A ham and cheese French toast built by the loaf

  How do you make a big, bold, savory French toast even bigger, bolder and more savory? Instead of building it a slice at a time, you build it by the loaf. My inspiration was a pillow-soft loaf of unsliced sandwich bread. Looking at it, I wondered what would happen if instead of cutting it […]

A pancake that’s robust enough to serve for dinner

As families try to get back into their school year routines, there will be many cool autumn nights when the comfort and speed of warm breakfast foods would be just the thing to finish the day. But having breakfast for dinner doesn’t mean the meal can’t have a savory side. When we think of one-pot […]

Lunch boxes 101: How to buy them. How to fill them

    Selecting lunch gear used to be simple. Stuff your lunch into a paper bag or pick the box decorated with whichever movie, television or toy character your kid was most smitten with. Done. Things are a bit more complicated today. Lunch box styles vary from soft-sided cooler bags to Japanese-inspired bento boxes, even […]

A cheesy, buttery take on grilled corn on the cob

When I was a kid, corn on the cob was prepared one way, and only one way. My mom would husk the ears and pile them – sometimes having to jam them – in a large stockpot. She’d add about an inch of water, cover the pot, then bring it to a boil and steam […]

Tortilla chips are easy, delicious to make at home

Most of the time, we live in a chip-free home. No potato chips. No tortilla chips. Not even any vegetable chips. It’s not that we don’t enjoy them. Just the opposite, really. And that’s why we don’t buy them. If we have chips in the house, we will eat them. I’m also not thrilled with […]

Moving nachos out of the microwave, onto the grill

When I was a kid, one of my go-to fend-for-myself meals was nachos. Heap tortilla chips, refried beans, olives, meats, cheeses and whatever else struck me onto a giant dinner plate. Sprinkle a most liberal amount of cheese over everything, then pop the whole thing in the microwave for a minute. Done! And delicious. It […]

A fresh take on Father’s Day surf and turf

When I think surf and turf, I think rich and overwrought. It’s not that I mind big and bold. It’s just that I prefer them when paired with fresh and vibrant, especially as we head into summer. So for Father’s Day I decided to rethink the classic surf and turf. My goal was to retain […]

Mac and cheese and pulled pork — together at last!

Casseroles have never really had much of a place in my culinary repertoire. It’s a time thing mostly. I’d rather sear something off in a few minutes than stand around while it slowly bakes. I’ve also never been much of a fan of dishes in which everything sort of just oozes together. Though I wasn’t […]

The careless art of the wonderful summer cocktail

The art of the summer cocktail is something I take most seriously. Because several years ago I realized what surely is obvious to most people . . . But I can be a bit slow. Summer is better with a signature cocktail. Not a fancy dinner cocktail. Not a party cocktail. And certainly nothing that […]

Demystifying a Mother’s Day ham and cheese quiche

Quiche has a reputation as a complicated dish. And I’m not sure why. Home cooks worry about the crust. They angst over the fillings. Do they have the right mix of meats or veggies? Which type of cheese? And how much is too much? And then there is striking the balance of egg and dairy, […]

Big flavor – not effort – in honey-paprika chicken

Sweet and smoky and spicy are three flavors that work wonderfully together, and this recipe for roasted chicken thighs is a fast, easy and delicious way to make that point. I start by combining a mess of dry seasonings with honey to use as a wet – though very thick – rub for the chicken. […]

Fresh take on how to eat too many hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs always seem to go to waste in my house. It’s my own fault. When I think to make them, it somehow strikes me as silly to go to the trouble for just two or three eggs. And since it requires no more time or effort to boil up a dozen, I usually go […]

Giving asparagus a crunchy “bake-fried” treatment

What I wanted? A simple recipe – any recipe, any trick, any technique – that would entice my 8-year-old son to embrace broccoli. What I got? A simple recipe that ended up so good, so crispy, so delicious I no longer cared if he ate the broccoli (he did), because I wanted it all to […]

A simple, stunning tart for a sweet Easter treat

Easter dinner isn’t generally the sort of meal we try to rush. The whole point is to savor the meal, not sprint through it the way we do most weeknights. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the easy, time-saving trick here and there. In this case, I’ve applied the same technique to both the […]

A sandwich that gives a reason to love anchovies

Stay with me on this one. We’re going to make an open-faced anchovy sandwich. And you’re going to love it. Admittedly, that’s a tall order for a sandwich that sports an ingredient many people tend to be skittish about. But you simply have to try this. My inspiration came from eating many (and as far […]

Coffee is the secret ingredient in roasted pork

Coffee has become my new favorite ingredient when roasting meat. It’s an effortless way to add gobs of flavor to whatever I am making. All I do is add whole coffee beans to whatever spice blend I am using as a wet or dry rub, then grind it to a powder and apply to the […]

Simple, versatile, sticky and sweet weeknight pork

My goal was simple – a weeknight-friendly pork dish that was all about sticky-sweet-savory deliciousness. Neither take-out nor heavy lifting would be allowed, and versatility was a must. The solution called for something that could marinate all day – or even all night and all day. That way I could prep it the night before, […]

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