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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Don’t be a beast in the gym but a punk in the classroom

In my classroom, I have a large laminated quote from motivational speaker Les Brown that reads, “Success happens when opportunity meets preparation.” It is in the most prominent location at the front of the class. It epitomizes the theme of my weeklong career preparation class for youth. The same words are just as fitting for […]

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Should O’Reilly criticize Beyoncé?

Hear we go again. Yet another artist is being attacked by who the hip-hop community calls the “hip-hop hater,” Bill O’Reilly. His latest overzealous attack aimed at R&B artist Beyoncé was in various media outlets last week. He accused the R&B artist of being “raunchy,” stating, “She puts out a new album with a video […]

Increased pot use among youth raises concerns

I was asked recently to participate in an online debate about a recent survey that revealed that more teens are smoking marijuana as opposed to drinking or doing other more dangerous drugs such as cocaine. The question that I was asked to respond to was: Should we be optimistic about the recent revelation that more teens […]

You can run but you can’t hide from city issues

What kind of community would you like your family to live in? Is Fairfield-Suisun becoming so undesirable that you are considering relocating? Many folks have begun the mass exodus of Bay Area cities and even California completely. I understand why people choose to move out of the neighborhood when the environment becomes too violent, drug-infested, […]

How does pop culture, reality TV affect your child?

During a conversation with my teenage daughter about her choice of entertainment, we talked about the educational value of shows like “Bad Girls Club.” After her unsuccessful attempt to justify the inappropriate behavior as simply entertainment, that show has been banned in my household until . . . forever. We ended the conversation by talking […]

Which parenting style is better?

Speaking with parents, youth and marriage family counselors, I’ve been engaged by this healthy discussion: Does “old school” or “new school” parenting work best for the proper upbringing of a child? This discussion often gets even deeper when it begin to penetrate the surface into different cultural and socio-economic environments. Parenting styles quite often drastically […]

Is it nature or nurture that molds youth?

After another eventful week of service while working with today’s youth, I was approached by a parent who was concerned about his stepson’s sudden digression into serious anti-social behavior in school and possible criminal acts. The parents are puzzled at this behavior due to the fact that they are very active and involved parents who […]

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Mentoring should be mandatory

To live life without guidance is reckless. The question is; where to find that guidance? We all need a little help navigating through the challenges of life that we all will face at some point. Unfortunately, we all also suffer from the potentially deadly disease called hardheadedness. To our demise, we often fall into self-righteousness […]

Which governs us: Numbers or nobility?

When common sense outweighs policy, what should you do? If something makes economic sense but contradicts morals and ethics, what happens then? What governs our decisions? Is it numbers or nobility? The stock market numbers determine what we invest in and how we handle our money. The unemployment rate determines the strength of our economy. […]

Sound off for Nov. 17, 2013

Deon Price wrote a column last week “School-to-prison pipeline” in our community?” where he questioned whether the school system was mirroring the prison system. Here are some comments about the column on our website: The familial adverse outcomes we all bemoan doesn’t surprise me in the least when you’re dealing with a welfare society of […]

School-to-prison pipeline in our community?

Are our public school grounds beginning to mirror the prison system? Why are law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office so involved in the public the school environment? Is it necessary or justified to protect the community and students? Are today’s youth simply more violent and troublesome than those of previous generations? Here is […]

Season for dangerous entertainment upon us

As we approach Halloween, we should be careful of our entertainment choices. Sure, most of it is just fun and games, but there are some concerns about how we glamorize violence, death and ill-spirited activities. This time of year, you have a healthy choice of immoral entertainment. They include horror films such the remake of “Carrie,” […]

Looking the part a good start for job seekers

“Ugly people should be eligible for disability insurance.” No one is going to hire you if you look raggedy. As a youth career instructor, I use this statement as a humorous attention-grabber for my students, hoping to shock them into caring more about their professional appearance. Today’s youth generation often appears to care more about […]

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ far from harmless

This week I learned that the new release of “Grand Theft Auto V” broke industry sales records by earning $800 million in the first 24 hours of its release, and $1 billion within its first three days, making it the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. The video game also generated significant controversy from reviewers and […]

Why the US should focus on violence at home

As our nation focuses on possible military action against Syria for using chemical weapons on its citizens, the question is raised as to whether the U.S. government should intervene and should it even be a focus of our concern. How often do we hear of violent acts that occur in the Middle East via CNN, […]

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Urban violence: Who cares?

There is an alarming number of recent homicides in urban communities across the United States, including here in the Bay Area. Oakland has had a stream of killings that has drawn national attention, moving the Bay Area city into the same disturbing spotlight as Chicago and Detroit. The windy city had a recent crime spree […]

Is your child playing the dating game?

What is the proper age to allow a child to begin dating? As a parent of a teenage daughter, I have had the unpleasant debate more times than I could stand. I have also asked different parents and youth in the Fairfield/Suisun community this question and have yet to receive a clear answer. I presume that […]

Young folks should watch their mouths

Why is it so hard for young folks to control their tongue? Offering old-school advice to “watch your mouth” seems a waste of breath. I’ve notice that there seems to be a lot more foul language used by minors these days. Some don’t even care if their foul language is in the presence of an adult. […]

Life lessons from Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant

Through current events in mainstream news – particularly two high-profile incidents, there is a plethora of life lessons that should be diligently presented to today’s youth. The George Zimmerman trial and the new film “Fruitvale,” the story of Oscar Grant, are both great discussion-starters and include potential life-skills messages that should be delivered to young […]

Graduates should heed this advice

Well, class of 2013, congratulations! You have just completed the first stage in your career endeavors. That’s right. I said your career. I know that’s probably the last thing on your minds right now. You’re 17 or 18, and your priorities are upgrading your cellphone and getting a vehicle. Those of you with a bit more […]

College may cost you more than you know

This week we have high school and college graduates crossing the stage. Does a college degree secure a job and a career? Today’s job market is beginning to change. Are employers eager to hire new college graduates or individuals with experience in a particular field? There are certain careers that are reasonable exceptions. No matter […]

Mom’s lesson in proper speech still valid

There was a time when speaking correct English was mandated and not negotiable. I recall being literally popped in the mouth by my mother if I used a double negative or spoke out of turn. She would have a cigarette in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other, hear me say something wrong […]

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Tips for youths as they seek jobs

Although the economy is showing signs of recovery, the job market is still a struggle for youths who are seeking employment. Given the current economic environment, what are the chances for a young job seekers? The job market has become more competitive, with even more applicants hoping to land the few positions available. How can you better […]

Help youth bounce back

How do we help youth with the challenges that they face? What is the best way to empower them to bounce back from issues, disappointments and setbacks? The climate of our environment could be saturated with discouraging information or negativity. Mature adults may be more emotionally equipped to recover from disheartening comments than younger people. […]

Cuts threaten successful youth job training program

As the federal government struggles through a budget crises caused by fiscal mismanagement, youth will suffer the impact based on selected funding cuts. On the chopping block of federal cuts is a program that has proven to be effective. With the current unemployment rate for youth nearing an all-time high, the last thing we need […]

When should you allow your child to date?

What is the proper age to allow a child to begin dating? As a parent of a teenage daughter, I have had the unpleasant debate more times than I would like. I have also asked parents and youth in the Fairfield/Suisun community this question and have yet to receive a clear answer. I presume that […]

True value of fear often ignored

This week, I had a very troubling conversation with a group of young men. We raised the issue of fear and when it is good to fear. Most of them were convinced that they were fearless and that was the absolute way to be. How many young men would still be alive and free if […]

Does turning 18 make you grown?

Why do teenagers act so peculiar at times? Is there something wrong with my child? What on Earth were you thinking? What did you think was going to happen? Why would you do such a thing? These are very common questions and responses to the behavior of most young people under the age of 25. […]

The harsh reality of youth work

I have often ask young people what they think is the greatest resource in the world. The most common responses I get are money, oil, gold and land. I believe the greatest resource is people. You can obtain, sustain and maintain any other resource in the world through human beings. So if human beings are […]

Think before you ink

Over the past 10 years or so, the body-art craze has intensified among this generation of youth. The tattoo obsession is hindering young people’s capacity to find work and disqualifying them from career opportunities. In recent years, tattoos have also become a fashion accessory – and even a necessity to some. It has become a […]

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