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Bud Stevenson

Trouble in China rebounds around globe

My train of thought was just interrupted by a blast from Socialist/Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders. He had me in his sights when he threatened to tear down Wall Street and its billionaires, plus, I guess, any of the predators like me who made a living in the Devil’s den of iniquity. I might ask the senator […]

Va. shooting aftermath reveals politics of murder

It’s happened again – too much news to settle on just one item, so let me start with my favorite characters, one Democrat and one allegedly Republican. Most of you are probably familiar with the Quinnipiac Poll, conducted by the Hamden, Connecticut university of the same name. It is nonpartisan and unbiased and highly respected. […]

Root cause of market sell-off hard to determine

If you follow the market, you’ve seen the headlines: “Global stocks fall further on China worries,” “Oil falls below $40 a barrel,” “Longest losing streak in 29 years,” “Down 60% from high just last year.” This is how it usually goes; first the actual news, then the “reasons why” and then, of course, more predictions. […]

Week’s news hits new low

It’s no secret that I look for stories that are, as they say, grist for my mill. And, most days you-know-who’s name comes up. But there was a narrative Thursday that so far exceeds in its bloody awfulness anything that goes on in our own political arena. If you haven’t seen it, you’re not surprised […]

Week’s business news offers ‘document dump’

Once again, I can’t choose just one story from the world of finance, economics and business, so I’ll do the equivalent of a “document dump.” First of all, I’ve learned that if you say “first of all,” you better have a second or more in mind. And I do. The most important business news in […]

Comments by current, past govt. officials draw attention

Only a nitpicking you-know-what like me would notice this glaring grammatical error in comments from our retiring Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno. Speaking of our involvement in Iraq, the general said, “We shouldn’t a went in there . . . .” If I were retiring as Army chief of staff. I, of […]

Regulations on fuel sources a sure-fire way to drive up prices

I’d love to know how Daily Republic readers feel about this headline from The New York Times: The Markets Dig a Grave for Big Coal. The article continues, “. . . the United States coal industry is reeling as never before in its history. . .” Can you guess why? Coal is “. . . […]

Still some hope in GOP contest

One of the torments of writing a column is that it’s tricky to cover an event that ends when, I would guess, most of the editorial staff of the Daily Republic has packed up and left. In any event, since, as you well know, 98 percent of the pre-debate commentary has been about Donald Trump – […]

Effect of 2016 vote on markets uncertain

We’re getting a very early start on the presidential race, which means that every financial or economic analyst is offering opinions about “what it all means.” So, I’ll join the crowd, in a totally nonpartisan way, if that’s possible. Before looking at likely candidates, Republicans and other conservatives have to admit they were wrong when […]

Hillary Clinton’s character still a question of note

Instead of starting out in my usual cranky, irritable way, how about mentioning the most heart-warming story of the week? You probably saw the incredible demonstration of surgical skills as doctors attached left and right hands to an 8-year-old child. The surgery took 11 hours and was accomplished by a 40-person medical team. Nice going to […]

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Age no barrier for this new hedge fund owner

I don’t want my wife Clare to see this article from Friday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal. Since I retired two years ago, I’ve claimed that 71 is too old to do anything useful except to shop at Raley’s or Trader Joe’s and fix dinner. Now I see that George Zweig, an experienced market […]

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Week’s news offers irritation, fearful prospects

This week’s events have been anywhere from irritating to life-threatening. Let’s look at the annoying events first. If you’re not familiar with Martin O’Malley, he’s the former governor of Maryland who is trying to replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. O’Malley is as left-wing as they come in the Democratic Party. The other day, O’Malley […]

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Precious metals claims amount to naught

Don’t blame me. Blame William De Vane, the gold huckster whose face is on cable TV perhaps more than any other “celebrity” salesman. Of course, it’s a close call between De Vane and the oily Chuck Woolery who sings the praises of the Willow Curve, the “miraculous” invention that is almost guaranteed to relieve joint […]

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Greece, Fed news sways markets

Before I get into a serious look at the world of finance and investments, let me Greece the wheels with a different kind of business story. It’s from Denver, Colorado, and it was the headline that caught my eye: “Mary Jane Group expands Bud & Breakfast brand with addition of third property in Colorado Springs.” […]

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SF’s sanctuary law under the microscope

If you’re wondering why and when San Francisco became a sanctuary city, a 1989 law, the City and County Refuge Ordinance, “prohibits city employees from helping federal immigration enforcement efforts unless compelled by court order or state law . . . .” We have a reaction to that moronic law from Julie Myers Wood, an […]

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Greeks go to polls with welfare on their minds

Have you seen “Never on Sunday?” Or “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? How about “Zorba the Greek?” There may be a “sequel” to “Never on Sunday” called “Bankrupt on Sunday” depending on the outcome of the referendum in Greece. As you know, there’s an historic choice for Greek citizens, whether to agree to more austerity, which […]

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What’s the greater threat?

Yes, the claim made both by our president and his secretary of state still resonate with me. I’m talking about their insistence – time and again – that the biggest threat to mankind – pardon me – humankind, is climate change. I’d like to pose a question to readers of this column: Do you think that the British people, […]

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Subsidies show government’s penchant to promote favored tech

Here’s a question for my Sunday audience: If a technology turns out to be a flop, should taxpayers increase the subsidies that potential buyers receive? I’m talking about the would-be “miracle on asphalt,” the electric car. California taxpayers have contributed more than a quarter of a billion dollars so middle-income and even high-income eco-nuts can […]

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Was president’s use of racial slur OK?

One of the big Obama stories this week was his interview on the Marc Maron Internet show, in which the president discussed race. First of all, I was a little put off by the 67-minute interview on a program called “WTF with Marc Maron.” Do any readers of this column not know what WTF stands for? […]

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Elder Paul jumps into Fed-bashing fray

In the world of economics, there’s something that rears its ugly head all too often. It’s the doom-and-gloom scenario, which I’ve been hearing about for more than 40 years. Forgive me for talking about it again, but recently a glaring example of it showed up online. If you haven’t noticed, I envy you, but this time […]

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Touchy-feely analysis does not serve public well

I planned at first to write about the racial fraud of Rachel Dolezal, and I will get to her. But then, we had – literally – one of this country’s crimes of the 21st century. No, I can’t add to the condemnation of the alleged shooter, Dylann Roof, in the killing of the nine parishioners in the AME […]

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Ladder of success broken in many regions

The biggest economic news of the week was the House vote on the trade bill. As the Los Angeles Times reported, “President Obama’s trade agenda unraveled Friday in a stunning setback delivered by his own party . . . .” I have mixed feelings, since I’m a firm believer in competitive advantage when it comes […]

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News grab bag from home, from afar

I still don’t have an answer to my perennial question, and now I have a new one. Years ago, I asked readers of the Daily Republic, when a clam gets divorced, does it have to pay abalone? Now another mystery entered my feverish, aging brain: When a crow checks in at the airport, does he […]

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Greece in midst of ‘beautiful’ financial dance

You may have seen the movie “A Beautiful Mind” and remember the subject, John Nash, who, sadly, was killed in an automobile accident two weeks ago at the age of 86. He was considered one of the most brilliant mathematicians in modern history. Now, let me skip forward to Thursday’s and Friday’s stock market and […]

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Power, money key to Clinton’s ethics

If you haven’t heard this one, it’s a doozy: When asked about her refusal to sit down with White House reporters, one of Hillary Clinton’s handlers said of her speech at Texas Christian University, “Her speech will be her interview.” None of the usual media suspects reported this “rule” for asking Her Majesty questions. There has […]

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GDP numbers spark interest rates talk

Since everyone else is talking about this piece of economic news, I guess I will, too. The “closely watched” (I used quotes, because they always say “closely watched” about this number) quarterly Gross Domestic Product came in at an uninspiring contraction of seven-tenths of one percent. The consensus had been a contraction of two-tenths of one […]

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‘Control’ the name of the White House game

In keeping with my week-old tradition of starting with a true story totally unrelated to what I planned to write, I offer this: Did you hear about the thief in Seattle who broke into a car and stole a pair of sunglasses? If he hadn’t been in such a hurry, he might have noticed that the […]

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Yellen comment spawns stock market ripples

I was told many years ago, before I became a stockbroker, that you can get your best ideas from events in the real world, wherever that is. If that’s the case, I’m going to break my rule about not giving advice in this column. Here’s my tip: Buy the airline stocks. So what piece of […]

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Huckabee’s scientific beliefs hard to fathom in 2015

You might be wondering how a discovery in Kenya of stone tools believed to be 3.3 million years old could possibly have any bearing on this year’s presidential election. Then again, you might think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written in this column, but, let me explain. The discovery, announced this week, said […]

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Hybrid vehicle ‘fruits’ wither on vine

It was to be The Next Big Thing, at least in the world of transportation. If all-electric vehicles were not ready for prime time, certainly hybrid cars and light trucks would have their day in the sun. Wait – the day in the sun would be solar-powered cars, which are still in automotive fantasy land […]

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