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Ann McFeatters

Pierson had no choice but to step down

Bear with me while I get personal. I had a desk in the press room at the White House for two decades. I was as open-mouthed as Congress at the news a man with a knife scaled the fence last month and ran up the lawn and through the front door, the State Hall and […]

October 06, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Growing global ‘religious’ frenzy, and Americans’ search for yesteryear

True or false: A) The United States was founded on the principle of separation of church and state; B) Six out of 10 Americans want politicians with strong religious beliefs; C) Almost half the people want their churches to weigh in on political issues. If you said “true” to all of the above, consider yourself […]

September 29, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Burning issue of the day? Statehood for D.C.

The other day, a few senators remembered they have rather well-paid jobs which they haven’t bothered to show up to for weeks and held a hearing on a burning issue — statehood for the District of Columbia. At this moment, exhausted from reading about beheadings, Ebola, vicious Vladimir Putin and elevator wife beatings and nauseous […]

September 22, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Americans sure have odd ways of dealing with their problems

We Americans are marvelously inventive when it comes to dealing with our piques. That clever Speaker of the House, Rep. John “The Tan Man” Boehner, R-Ohio, figured that by suing the president he could: Anger the White House. Appeal to tea partyers. Look as if he is actually doing something. A lawsuit would be historic; […]

July 20, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Political emails unrelenting

Perhaps, like mine, your inbox is being flooded with emails from Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama. President Obama usually says “hey” or “Ann” or “So, Ann.” Biden says “Here’s the thing, Ann.” And Mrs. Obama (Michelle) says “Hi” or “Hi, Ann.” Obama wants to thank me in person by telling me to enter […]

July 06, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Hillary’s words of wisdom – it’s all about me

I did it! Mere hours after hearing Hillary Clinton say she and her husband had to exploit their public service by earning millions and millions and millions of dollars to pay their mortgages by paid public speeches and memoirs, my finger clicked on “buy” on my e-reader. Disbelieving that her new book, “Hard Choices,” could […]

June 18, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Dollar Tree shoppers vs. billionaire investors

If it weren’t for The Wall Street Journal, we might never know that 47 percent of the shoppers at Dollar Tree earn $25,000 or less a year while a secretive investor known as The Unicorn in Back Bay Boston makes billions of dollars. At first glance there may seem to be no connection. In fact, […]

June 07, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists

Clock is ticking on White House mice

WASHINGTON — “OMG!,” said the White House mice recently. “Our time is running out!” (“Mice” is among the nicest terms used to refer to the aides who scurry around to think up ways the president and first lady might promote their agendas. Think HBO’s VEEP without the laugh track.) The mice calculated that with only […]

May 31, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists

Economy puts squeeze on weeknight dinner

With all the recent turmoil, it may seem the least of our collective worries is the escalating cost of food. But for millions of Americans, this is a daily worry. Prices of beef, pork, fruits and vegetables are rising; current bouts of bad weather will not help. True, we pay a smaller percentage of our […]

May 02, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Why Hillary? The public awaits her answer

Well, Hillary Clinton has given us a lot to think about, again. If someone threw a shoe at you, would you (A) duck; (B) catch it to see what size it is and whether it fits; (C) laugh and say it’s either a bat or you’re at Cirque du Soleil. Choosing C, Hillary is being […]

April 21, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Pay equity is a tough skill

Women! Relax! Former President Jimmy Carter is on your side! That and 23 cents will get you the same dollar for your work as your male colleagues. In his never-subtle way, Carter said he is disappointed with what President Obama has done to equalize pay in the work force, where women still lag, earning 77 […]

April 12, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists

Opening the Internet, or closing it?

Here’s a conundrum for our times. The Internet has opened up free expression to millions of people around the world, including those who live in dictatorships. But the United States just announced it intends to give up oversight of the functioning of the Internet to an as yet unformed international organization. The idea is to […]

March 30, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Putin and his soul are growing tiresome

It’s hard to believe how much time we have spent in recent weeks musing about Russian President Vladimir Putin. And we still don’t have a clue what his end game is. The first (and only) time I met Putin, I tried to look into his eyes to see if I could ascertain anything about his […]

March 07, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

What is it about dictators and bad taste?

Let’s ruminate about dictators and their stuff. Specifically, the things they leave behind when they flee, die, are ousted or captured. We have been seeing pictures of the huge palace and gardens of Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich, who fled after Ukrainians revolted under his repressive leadership. While the political situation is intense, we’re all fascinated […]

March 03, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

As easy as 1, 2, 3, proof the government is nuts

Sometimes the federal government makes us a tiny bit nervous. Actually, sometimes the government seems completely bonkers. A new study, by the always-conscientious Congressional Budget Office, finds that if impoverished Americans struggling to survive on $7.25 get a raise in the minimum wage so they can get out of poverty, 500,000 other Americans will lose […]

February 24, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

In Washington, doubletalk persists

In your nation’s capital, things are not always what they seem. There is great excitement that an actual “budget” has been hammered out in Congress, averting another government shutdown. This is the first budget since 2011. Even though it is Congress’ job to devise an annual budget, this once-in-three-years development is hailed as remarkable. Never […]

January 17, 2014 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Resolutions for all of us

No sir. This is not going to be a column about New Year’s resolutions for Congress. We all know that the paper they would be written on, or the digital energy, would be wasted. This is about resolutions for the rest of us, we the people, regarding our civic duties. This is going to be […]

December 29, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Blame Canada? Or should we merge instead?

In the 1995 movie “Canadian Bacon,” the U.S. president (Alan Alda), distressed by low opinion polls, starts a war with Canada on the theory that the public rallies around war-time presidents. Recently we have seen that theory isn’t necessarily true, but the movie was funny because comedian John Candy was in it and the idea […]

November 30, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Out of the mouths of politicians – huh?

It turns out that the one-syllable expression “huh?” is universally understood, no matter the continent, the country or the culture. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands said that even “mama” doesn’t translate as widely as everyman’s “Huh?” While linguists ponder the wonder of this, it occurs to us that politicians […]

November 17, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Obama action on coal-fired plants heartening

Not too long ago, the world watched in disbelief as hundreds of thousands of Chinese were enveloped in dense smog that stopped traffic, forced pedestrians to don masks and left a layer of black gunk over everything outdoors. The Chinese government told its people not to worry, this was an anomaly caused by weather patterns […]

November 03, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

In energy production, US is No. 1

I know you are so disgusted with what is going on in your nation’s playpen, er, capital, that it doesn’t seem possible there might be any good news out of here. But according to analysis from the U.S. Energy Information Administration and The Wall Street Journal, there is a fascinating development in something every one […]

October 05, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Ted Cruz talkathon puts a stop to climb to top

Anyone who reads to children knew right away that Ted Cruz, the Texas tea partier who for some unexplainable reason is in the Senate, read Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” with just the right emphasis and depth of feeling. Sadly for Cruz, few, if any, children were listening as he droned on for 21 […]

September 28, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists

‘Obamacare’ support declines, not surprisingly

Poor President Barack Obama. Days before a key element of “Obamacare” takes effect, only 39 percent of Americans say they approve of it. Despite the president’s many burdens, notably the mess in Syria, the Affordable Care Act is his signature act in office — his legacy. And it isn’t looking as if many more big […]

September 15, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Students need year-round school to compete

If there’s one thing we should not be dealing with right now, it’s the back-to-school blues. As President Barack Obama insists, the biggest problem we face is re-creating the middle class. As thousands of fast-food workers strike across the nation for a living wage, we have to ask why we think we can make economic […]

August 31, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists

Climate-change warning grows in urgency

If life were a movie, this is the part where the hero and heroine realize their worst nightmare is coming true: The entire earth is being threatened with disaster. Some time ago, scientists changed the name of the phenomenon of “global warming” to “climate change” as a more accurate description of what is happening because […]

August 24, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists

What can we do about Congress? Plenty

Apparently, Congress is now about as unpopular as it’s ever been in our history. This is shocking. Once there was a congressman who caned a colleague on the floor. There were times when sex scandals were rampant (even before Anthony Weiner). There have been decades of open, awesome corruption. Legislators have sold their votes. And […]

July 27, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists

Affordable Care Act delay jeopardizes Obama legacy

When the history of the 2010 Affordable Care Act is written far in the future, the major conclusion is likely to be: How could the Obama administration have handled it so poorly? The latest kerfuffle came in the closing hours of an ordinary business day, when the administration quietly posted on its websites the mind-blowing […]

July 07, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

What was the Supreme Court thinking?

After the tumultuous days before the U.S. Supreme Court adjourned for the summer, you are probably asking yourself what on earth those justices were thinking. They made it more difficult for millions of people to vote by gutting the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Then they overturned the 1996 so-called Defense of Marriage Act, saying gay […]

June 28, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Obama guiding us toward a slippery slope in Syria

We’ve heard the term “slippery slope” at least 10,972 times in recent days. Sometimes we should pay attention to clichés. After more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Barack Obama says he’s directed the Central Intelligence Agency to start coordinating the supply of some sort of weapons to rebel factions in […]

June 22, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists | Tagged ,

Are we awake yet?

As the nation grapples with one costly natural disaster after another, Washington’s politicians systematically have been cutting funds for disaster preparedness. Even as the nation laments the deaths of children in Oklahoma’s tornado alley, where two schools hit in devastated Moore could not afford safe rooms at a per-room cost of $1.4 million, national money […]

May 25, 2013 | Posted in State, national columnists
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