Hometown Sports for Oct. 17

By October 17, 2010

Youth soccer


U-6 Boys division

Dragons vs Celtics: The Dragons matched up against the Celtics in a well-played match. Grant Clemena was ferocious on defense for a second straight week, shutting down numerous Celtics attacks. Meanwhile, Dragons teammates Ian Corkey, Max Murray and Kiran Patel teamed together to fight for possession as they chased the ball across the pitch throughout the match.

U-8 Girls Division

Strikers 5, Fighting Daisies 0: The Strikers played a hard-fought first half against the Fighting Daisies with Veronica Medina exhibiting fine defensive play and Isabella McGrogan scoring from the left edge of the box for a 1-0 lead at halftime. In the third quarter, the Strikers offensive attack was not to be denied as a barrage of attackers flooded the zone with solid passing and a breakaway dribble which led to a strong kick and goal by Nigella Moreno. Katie Andersen made it through the defenders to score a goal and finishing the third quarter with a 4-0 lead. The Strikers finished the game 5-0 after another solid breakaway and goal by Nigella Moreno. The Daisies kept the game close in the first half with Vanessa Fortenberry and Madison Denny playing tough at the midfield position. Cadence Reeder and Izabella Pichardo came close to scoring goals in the first half but just missed on their shots. Alexis Barlas and Naomii Manning shared time in the fourth quarter as goalkeeper to help slow down the Strikers attack.

Bombers 3, Wildcats 1: This rematch proved to be a tough battle for the Wildcats. Wildcat defenders played strong and Kianna Baca, Alejandra Andrade, Vanessa Leon and Elena Garcia at forward battled for possession, but no goals were scored. In the second quarter, Kianna Baca made a dozen goal saves and came out of the box to make several defensive kicks that soared deep into midfield, but the Bombers successfully made one goal. In the third quarter Kianna, Alejandra, Vanessa and Elena again teamed up at forward and played aggressively ending the quarter tied after a goal made by Alejandra. In the fourth quarter the Bombers really turned on the pressure scoring two more goals. Kianna, Alejandra and Elena kept battling hard, putting forth amazing effort. Each girl made at least one drive downfield and almost into the goal.

Hummingbirds 1, Dynamite Divas 1: The Hummingbirds and Divas played a close game from start to finish. Jacqueline Paoli got the ‘Birds started in the first half, scoring on a strong shot to the back of the net. Defense ruled the rest of the game with Lauren Moss playing solid at Fullback and Ella Shennan holding the midfield for the ‘Birds. A late fourth quarter diving save in goal by Nicole DeVries kept the score tied at one.

Bumblebees 4, Butterflies 2: The Butterflies and Bumblebees engaged in an energy-filled rematch at Octo Fields. In the first half, the Bumblebees scored twice to swarm out to a 2-0 lead. Early in the second half, the Butterflies executed on excellent passing to tie the score with two well-fought tallies. The first off a steal and assist by Shirley Vazquez-Ayala led to a well-placed goal by Amber Corkey. Corkey then proceeded to notch her second scoring strike off an assist from teammate Katie Garrigan. The Butterflies defense battled the pesky Bumblebees with Garrigan and Elise Patel stopping several scoring chances, but two late goals were the difference – Bumblebees 4 and Butterflies 2.

Lady Lightning 2, Pixie Hollow Fairies 1: The Lady Lightning came out striking in the re-match against the Pixie Hollow Fairies. In the second quarter the Lighting offense came alive with a goal made by attacker Marissa Mills to tie the game. The Lightning defense held their ground against the Fairies’ attack with defensive saves and passes by Left Defender Karis Bailey and Goalie Bella Heffernan. Lightning Attacker Maddie Wheeler put the Lightning in the lead with a strong kick into the Fairies’ goal in the fourth and final quarter to win the game!

U-8 Boys Division

Sonics 3, White Tigers 1: The battle between the Sonics and the White Tigers started out quick with the Sonics stinging the Tigers with two quick goals in the opening minutes. The Tigers came out of their slumber with a roar when Mateo Suarez-Hevia hit a powerful shot from mid field to put the Tigers on the scoreboard. The Sonics scored their final goal end the first quarter. With the Tiger offense knocking on their door time and again, the Sonics offense was frustrated for the last three quarters by the Tigers strong defense led by Alex Maher, Nico Lucio, and Matthew Silva.

U-10 Girls Division

Angels 7, Heartbreakers 1: There was only one word for Saturday’s game: Offense. The Angels were unstoppable routing the Heartbreaker. It was a total team effort when five Angelic players floated the ball between the pearly white goal posts. Jianna San Gabriel scores gave her eight goals in her last three games. Morgan Cruse kick 1-yard from the goal bounced off the goalie. Second effort and the ball crept in for a score. The Heartbreakers had little chance of having any type of offense. The Angels defensive domination lead by Carolyn McKee and Emily Hughes stopped them time after time. The win gave the Angels an impressive fifth consecutive victory.

U-10 Boys Division

Tigers vs Knights: Minutes after the opening whistle blew speedy forward Johnny Gallegos slammed in a goal for the Tigers. Gallegos went on to boot in a second goal later in the game. Defender Cecilio Vega charged up to the ball moving it away from the goal and stopping the Knights in their cleats. Aggressive forward Mark Carnesecca kept the ball in constant motion playing keep away from the other team before kicking in a goal. Carnesecca went on to play goalie where he blocked every goal attempt. Midfielder Blake Ackerman moved effortless up and down the field with his fancy footwork keeping the ball from the knights at every possible turn. Abraham Zepeda got the crowd fired up near the end of the game when he sent the ball sailing past the goalie and into the net sealing a Tigers victory.

Panthers 3, Jaguars 1: The Panthers got a grasp of the Jaguars and never let go till the game was over. Alex Padgett took control of the ball and centered in the first goal in the first half. Anthony Flores provided some good kicks aiming the ball away from the Jaguars. David Vallente demonstrated excellent defense skills and helped keep the other team from scoring. The second half was full of excitement as Riley Dorcy scored the second goal for the team. Antonio Ruiz Vera scrambled his way back and forth across the field as midfielder and provided much assistance to the players. Finally, Steven Baca challenged the Jaguars goalie and took possession of the ball and scored the amazing final goal. By the end of the game, the Panthers were on fire and were full of confidence that was pleasantly earned.

Revolution 2, Cobras 0: The Revolution were ready for their big match up against the high scoring offense of the Cobras. The Revolution got the scoring started early with a nicely placed shot by Charles Taylor. He blasted a ball to the far post where the Cobra keeper could not handle it. Jake Peppard scored the second goal off a corner kick. He blasted the ball high into the glaring sun where the goal keeper could not maintain control and fell in to make it 2-0. JR Laski and Dominic Bailey combined in goal for the shut out pushing away Cobra shots on goal. Trevor Preuss and Zac Johnson stopped many attacks down the middle of the field by clearing the ball wide and forward to start the transition attack.

U-12 Boys Division

Chivas USA 3, Crushers 2: The trio of Jonathon and Peter Tavenier and Javind Grewal led a great first half offensive attack for two goals for the Crushers. Tyler Chang was outstanding in goal. The Crushers lost a heartbreaker as Chivas USA pulled ahead for a come from behind win.

Fireballs 3, Blackhawks 1: The Blackhawks came on strong despite the wet slippery ball and field conditions. Jonathan Soto’s amazing skills as goalie were shown the entire game with numerous saves. The Fireballs offense was strong, but Jonathan continuously grasped the ball despite the slick conditions. Jonathan’s best effort was a powerful sideways dive that impressed us all. The Blackhawk defense was determined and worked as a well oiled machine. Defenders Bryce Woodson, Kasey Calmell, Jacob Christianson and Carson Merodio played throughout the entire game and never once let up on the pressure. They communicated well and covered each other as only seasoned well-trained veterans could. Their determined team work and our skilled goalie kept the Fireballs at only three goals.

Fireballs 3, Blackhawks 1: A strong offensive attack gave the Fireballs a two-goal lead early in the game as Devin Times and Gabe Zepeda each found their way past the defensive line. Kai Villanueva ran the field from both sides, attacking the ball on offense and chasing down would be attackers on defense. The defense was on fire, anchored by Kaidden Coleman, who dominated the backfield and never gave up. Jaden Mullins and Devon Lea also defended the goal aggressively and battled for every ball that came their way. Ryan Frid ended the game by kicking one in for the team, with just a couple of minutes left to go.

Red Raiders 3, Quick Stars 1: The Quick Stars played strong even though they did not have any substitutes because of missing and/or injured players. Antonio Montiel scored the only goal of the game with an assist by Muhindo Kapapa. Owen Moore made a dramatic header while Jake Alspaw blocked a potential goal. Walter Mendoza and Zane Watson played strong and continually moved the ball towards the goal. Ryan Badger and Dylan Davidson were persistent in defense. The Quick Stars stayed together and showed a lot of team spirit.

U-14 Girls Division

Cosmos 4, Blazers 0: Although this was a tough loss for the Blazers, they showed true sportsmanship. They played hard and kept coming at their opponent with several goal attempts. Hats off to Kayla Garland and Hayley Garnick, always on the move, not backing down to any opponent. Natalie McLaughlin, hustled and gave a great effort, giving her all. Alize has been consistently great, as are both of our goalies. Taking their all out on the field, showing no apprehension to go after everything coming their way.

Blue Angels 1, Tornados 0: In tough game in the heat, the Tornados battled to the last minute. Kourtney Sweeney was flawless at goalie in the first half making great stops and attacking the ball at the right times. Arisbeth Rangel’s hustle on defense made the difference on many plays against some of the Blue Angels’ best forwards. Allie LaRonge played her first game at forward and had a stand out performance, pushing the ball and passing well and nearly scoring with a powerful strike. And Paulina Bedolla was another offensive force for the Tornados as she ran hard to get in on every play on her side, then moved the ball down the sideline before making smart passes.

U-16 Boys Division

Gunners 5, Elites 0: The Gunners remained undefeated following their hard-fought victory over the Elites. Sharp-shooter Brandon Hernandez scored two impressive goals, one directly in from a corner kick (his second this season) and another from about 25 yards on a direct kick. Richard Palmer tended goal throughout the game, allowing nothing to get past him. Midfielders Daniel McCaleb and Jonathan Hernandez showed a lot of hustle, advancing the ball with speed and finesse. The Elites had a tough time getting through the Gunner defense. Nico Perez was among the Elites who constantly attacked the ball and made a strong effort to score. Pedro Perez-Martinez used his ball control abilities to make smart passes that came close to some scores. Joseph Thompson did a fine job of playing aggressively and stripping the ball from defenders before moving it up the field. And Carlos Reyna was all over the field as defensive sweeper and midfield, getting in on countless defensive stops. Despite the loss, the Elites played well against a high powered Gunner attack.

U-19 Girls Division

Earthquakes 1, Rebels 0: Erika Hoak performed with another nice game as goalie for the Rebels, turning back multiple shots on goal and deflecting a very good shot by the Earthquakes. Tara Anderson supported the Rebels with high energy and several stops on defense. Diana Carrillo-Valle pushed the ball forward and turned back several scoring attempts by the Earthquakes. Jessica Sanchez provided push for the offense with some great passes and ball control pushing the ball downfield.

Earthquakes 1, Capitols 1: Both teams put on a defensive show. The Earthquakes’ goalkeepers Corina Escobedo and Kristina Coleman were dazzling as they punched and dived to block shots at the goal. Headers from fullback Emma Roberts drove the ball into midfield, while midfielder Kendra Monterrosa attacked and passed up field. Natalie Davis scored for the Earthquakes in the first half with a soaring kick from midfield.

NorthBay Elite FC

U-11 Girls division

NBEFC Barcelona 4, Mill Valley Rockers 1: NBEFC Barcelona U11Girls rocked the first half of the game against the Mill Valley Rockers, displaying a solid sense of teamwork. Leigh Hull started things off scoring from a headed-assist by Jisell Diaz. Nadiah Martinez followed suit, netting a goal, assisted by Mikeila Martinez. Then, Nadiah Martinez assisted Jisell Diaz in her swift kick past the keeper, trailed by Jazmine Carranza-Martinez’s all-powerful goal-kick, clearing the field, assisting Forward Jisell Diaz to score, again. Reina DelCastillo dribbled and passed the ball up the line, defying her opponents, while Alysia Foley controlled the middle with chesting ball-stops and smart passes setting up the forwards. Rockers scored in the second half.

Solano Soccer Club

U-10 Boys Division

SSC Rangers 5, Sierra Gold Strykerz 1: The Rangers’ defense, Julian Simlin, Carlvesi Light and keeper CJ Laui kept their opponents to a single goal. The Strykerz blocked a shot on goal but Dominic Cintas followed up by beating two players before putting the ball in the back of the net. Nilesh Sandhu put four more in the net. His fourth goal of the game came after beating the last defender and rounding the goalkeeper to walk the ball into the open goal. The goals were successful due to the fantastic play by the midfield Jaime Ramirez, Alex Velasco, Miguel Grimaldi and Leobardo Villalobos.

U19 Girls

Solano Sol 2, WS Aguilas 0: Gigi Sanchez netted her first goal of the season in the first half of a tough battle in Dixon against West Sac Aguilas. Her second followed shortly after and provided all the offense needed for a victory. Jessica Barker dominated the midfield while Toni Araya was instrumental with her break-away plays. Relentless defense by Sierra Forester and Jonette Chamberlin cut off many scoring opportunities, while keeper Stephanie Smith preserved the shutout for the victory.

Solano Kaos 3, Fair Oaks Pride 0: After a scoreless first half, the Kaos put the ball in the net three times in the second, defeating Fair Oaks Pride. Jennifer Deleon’s header off an Allie Mangini corner kick provided Kaos with its first goal. DeLeon later provided the assist on a goal by Jaclyn Nielson. Erika Bernal put the game away for good, scoring on a pass from Nielson. Suly Pelayo, Mackie Delorefice, Jenna Rhodes and keeper Lacey Konstantinopoulos kept the Pride scoreless.



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